I Copy Talents | Chapter 768 | I Am The Great Elder Of The Supreme Temple

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 768 I Am The Great Elder Of The Supreme Temple

 Ye Chen looked at the wind Cang realm, he could not help but be shocked.

Ten Star God of war, such a realm is too terrible.

"Copy or not!"

At the same time, there are four more characters on his retina.

Without any hesitation, ye Chen copied fengcang's magma talent!

"Xiaochenzi, why are you just the four-star God of war? You are so weak."

A look of discontent appeared on the dirty face of the wind.


The fire spirit birds and snakes in the hall were shocked.

You know, when they first saw Ye Chen, ye Chen was still the two-star God of war. How long has it been since Ye Chen was the four-star God of war?

But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the old man seems to despise the four-star God of war?

Huo Kun, the head of Huoling Tianniao clan, and Tianxu, the head of tianshe clan, all have a dignified look on their faces.

They can't see through fengcang at all, but their intuition tells them that fengcang is not only terrifying, but also extremely terrifying.

"Master, are you..."

Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, asked fengcang in a respectful voice.

"Me?" Wind Cang smell speech to think, "I am the great elder of the supreme temple."


Hearing this, the fire spirit birds and snakes in the hall all screamed out. Where can they still sit on their chairs, they all rise up fiercely.

Their faces were as frightened as if they had heard words that would never have been heard.

The supreme god of the temple Elder?

They are all important figures of the fire spirit sky bird or the sky snake family. Naturally, they are the supreme Temple of the city of knowing the world.

The supreme temple, that is the supreme power!

Such existence, actually appeared in front of them?

What's more, such existence seems to have a good relationship with leaf dust?

Until now, the fire spirit bird and snake in the hall finally understand why Ye Chen's talent is so terrible.

It's from that place!

"Master Feng, why did you come here all of a sudden?"

A look of doubt appeared on Ye Chen's face.

"I just came to see you. I'm disappointed to see that you are just the four-star God of war."

Said, the wind Cang shook his head, dirty face actually appeared a look of disappointment.

Ye Chen can't help but feel helpless.

He met many people who would say to him:

"Ye Chen's talent is to look at the whole world, which is also a rare existence."

But in front of the wind elder, ye Chen felt extremely small.

"Master, can you..."

Suddenly, Huo Kun, the head of the fire spirit bird family, tentatively looks at fengcang. His words have not been finished, but the meaning of the following is self-evident.


Feng Cang curled his lips and said, "isn't it a small high-level beast God level fierce beast?"

Ye Chen smiles to himself. He thinks that the senior beast God level fierce beast is nothing in front of the wind master.

After all, master Feng is the Ten Star God of war!

The fire spirit birds and snakes in the hall saw that the wind Cang agreed to come down, and their faces all appeared a touch of joy.

"By the way, ye Chen, are you also from the supreme temple?"

Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, suddenly thinks of something and says to Ye Chen.


Ye Chen nodded. He felt that there was nothing to hide.


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