I Copy Talents | Chapter 770 | Windy Horror

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 770 Windy Horror

 See, countless fierce beasts to fire spirit holy city!

Among these fierce beasts, there is an extremely large fierce beast.

This fierce beast is too terrible to look at!

It's like an iron tower!


With the roar of this terrible beast, countless fierce beasts quickened their pace.

"Well That's the senior beast God level fierce beast, butcher the sky giant rhinoceros

Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, said in horror.

Ye Chen is definitely not his opponent.

However, he knew that Tu Tianju rhinoceros, a senior beast of the rank of animal emperor, was in front of fengcang's predecessors, which was just like a mole ant.


Feng Cang sighed. He thought he should let these people not be afraid, but they didn't seem to listen to him.

But see: the wind Cang spread out the hand!

With a big hand, there is the power of magma talent!

Suddenly, fengcang threw the power of magma talent up!

All of a sudden, the power of the magma talent flies to the sky, just like the wind.

High level beast God level fierce beast Tu tianjuxi and countless fierce beasts will soon be under the fire spirit holy city.

I saw that the power of magma talent was in the air.

In mid air, suddenly appeared a huge fire red vortex!

And the fire red vortex began to spin fast!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Numerous magmatic meteorites flew out of the fire red vortex.


Looking at such a scene, the fire spirit sky birds and the sky snake people in the holy city of fire spirit all gasped.

Their eyes have been opened for the biggest time ever!



The numerous fierce beasts under the holy city of fire spirit began to scream. It's really frightening to hear!

Huo Kun and Tian xukong, the patriarch of the Huoling Tianniao clan, looked at such a scene. They were all frozen in place like clay sculpture.

They thought Is this the terrible power of the Ten Star God of war?

In the mid air fire red vortex, countless magmatic meteorites are still frantically smashing to the ground!

Under the holy city of fire spirit, it seems like a sea of fire!

The fire spirit birds and snakes on the wall opened their eyes for the biggest time in history, and their mouths were open enough to swallow an oversized bowl, and they could not return to God for a long time.

They know the terror of the Ten Star God of war, but even if they want to break their heads, they will not think of such terror!

When the sea of fire disappeared, the fire spirit of the city wall of the fire spirit birds and snakes quickly look down!

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it!

Only because, except for the top beast God level fierce beast Tu tianjuxi, the rest of the fierce beasts have fallen to the ground.

This, this, this

"Xiaochenzi, is my strength OK?"

Wind Cang light looking at the leaf dust.

"The strength of the forehead is really terrible."

Ye Chen said to the wind Cang.

He really did not say wrong, the strength shown by fengcang really let him suffocate.

"You say," Feng Cang suddenly looked at Huo Kun, the head of the fire spirit sky bird clan, and Tian Xu Kong, the head of the sky snake clan. "How long will it take me to kill that senior beast God level fierce beast?"

Huo Kun and Tianxu were surprised. Of course, they didn't expect Huo Kun to suddenly say such words.

"Master, we..."

But their words have not finished, the wind Cang has disappeared in place.


Then, they heard the scream of the senior beast God level fierce beast Tu tianjuxi.


The sky and sky are busy, and the sky is full of fire.


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