I Copy Talents | Chapter 770 | You Are Not Qualified To Know Who I Am

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Chapter 770 You Are Not Qualified To Know Who I Am

 After a burst of screams from Tu tianjuxi, the senior beast God level fierce beast, Huo Kun, the head of huolingtianniao clan, and tianxukong, the clan leader of tianshe clan, quickly look at them.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. All of them are shocked to the extreme.

Only because Tu tianjuxi, a fierce beast of high level, has fallen to the ground and has no vitality.


Looking at such a scene, the fire spirit birds and snakes on the wall outside the holy city of fire spirit could not help but gasp, but could not believe it was true.

A high level beast God level fierce beast, so dead?

They didn't even have time to see clearly how Feng Cang made his move.

For a moment, all the fire spirit birds and snakes on the whole wall were stupefied.

"Little dust."

Leaf dust in the moment of consternation, the voice of the wind Cang into his ears, he came back to God, found that the wind Cang is already in front of his eyes.

"Master Feng."

Leaf dust to the wind Cang respectfully called.

"I'm leaving. I'll see you in the city of the world."

Said, the wind Cang then disappeared in the fire spirit city wall.

Huo Kun, the head of Huo Ling Tianniao clan, and Tian xukong, the head of Tian she clan, were shocked to see such a scene.

"Master, are you going?"

Of course, they didn't expect that fengcang left like this.

However, they can't stop getting excited because Tu tianjuxi, a senior beast God level fierce beast, has died, which means that the Fire Spirit Island is no longer threatened.

"Two patriarchs."

Ye Chen called to huokun and Tianxu.

Huokun and tianxukong both look at Ye Chen and want to know what ye Chen will say.

"Since the fierce beast has been destroyed, I will go back." Ye Chen said.

Huo Kun and tianxukong, the head of huolingtianniao clan, pondered for several seconds and then nodded.

In this way, ye Chen returned to the gate of the endless war.

After a day at the infinity gate, he was ready to leave.

"Master, I'm ready to leave."

Ye Chen said to yunzhan, the leader of Wuji battle gate.

Yunzhan, the leader of the Wuji battle gate, was surprised. Of course, he didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"Ye Chen, you What do you mean

"Just leave."

Is it difficult for ye Chen to understand his words?

"Ye Chen, you Do you really want to leave? "


He nodded.

The master Yun Zhan dark sighed, "well, I know that the Wuji Battle Gate doesn't belong to you after all."

Ye Chen bid farewell to the master cloud war, and then quietly left the door of the Infinite War.

Although others have left the wujizhan gate, there are still endless legends about him.

Nanling base city!

Ye dust to the fire spirit Holy Island, a place called Nanling base city.

This base city is very big, at least much bigger than the blue ocean base city.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting a random treasure chest. "

Suddenly, the sound of the system appeared in his mind.

Ye Chen was stunned. He thought that he had not obtained the treasure chest for a long time, but now he got it again. Who should he argue with.

Without much thought, he opened his random treasure box:

"healing talent."

"Ding! Are healing talents integrated? "

The sound of the system appears in Ye Chen's mind.


“10%… 30%… 50%… 100%?”

"The integration was successful."

With the sound of the system falling, ye Chen also has the talent of healing.

He thought to himself that after he had the talent of treatment, he would be able to heal himself if he was injured.


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