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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 774 Its Just A High Level Beast

 Lin's, the hall.

"Elder elder, the head of my family is seriously injured in Dongzhen. I'm afraid..."

An elder said to an old man without anger and self-esteem. Although he did not finish speaking, the following words were self-evident.

"I know."

The old man, who was not angry and self-confident, was the elder of the Lin family. A cold smile appeared on his face.

He had long wanted to be the owner of the Lin family, but he never had a chance.

Now that the opportunity came, he would not miss it.

"Elder, you are going to be the master of the house. Congratulations!"

The elder said to the elder again.

The elder laughed and said nothing.


Suddenly, a Lin family member ran in.

"What's the matter?"

The elder asked quickly.

Lin's son's face is very happy, "the master, the master is back."


As soon as the words came out, all the elders in the hall all exclaimed and were shocked.

"Master Back? "

The news they got was that the owner had been seriously injured and could not live for a few days. Did he come back with a breath left?

If so, they can understand.

"Is the injury serious?"

The elder asked the Lin family.


The Lin family's son was stunned and touched his head, "the master is not hurt."

How could it be?!

Hearing this, the elders in the hall were stunned. In any case, they would not have thought that the Lin family's son would say such a thing.

"You You said the owner wasn't hurt? "


This Lin family's son is naturally a monk of zhanger. He thinks that the master of the family is not hurt. How come these elders don't seem to be very happy?

"Elder elder, do you see..."

The elder who had just spoken looked at the elder again, and a look of horror appeared on his face.

"Go out to meet the owner of the house!"

As the elder's voice dropped, all the elders in the hall went out.

Before long, the elder and the elders saw the master of the house.

"It's great that you're OK, master."

The elder squeezed out a smile and said to Lin Shan, the owner of the family.

When Lin Shan heard the speech, his old face could not help getting cold, "Lin Wu, you should miss me very much, right? After all, if I die, you will be able to take the position of householder. "

Lin Wu is the elder of the Lin family.

Lin Wu's talent and realm information also appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

"Name: Lin Wu."

"Cultivation talent: high."

"Hidden talent: second power talent."

"Realm: Ten Star War general."

The realm of the elder Lin Wu is the same as that of Lin Shan.

Hearing the owner's words, Lin Wu couldn't help but draw a smile and said: "master, what do you say? I always hope you come back. I'm..."

But the elder Lin Wu's words did not finish, then was interrupted by Lin Na on the side.

"Elder, you are really good at pretending. I told you to save my grandfather, but you didn't go. Now when my grandfather comes back, you say such words."

Lin Na said angrily to the elder Lin Wu.

"Xiaona, you What are you talking about? "

Elder Lin Wu is a little flustered.

"Ha ha, isn't that the case, elder?"

Lin Na interrogated looking at the elder Lin Wu said.


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