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Chapter 775 Spike Absolute Spike

 At this time, all the children of the Lin family all looked at the elder Lin Wu.

Just because they all want to know if what Lina said is true.

"Ha ha!"

Suddenly, the elder Lin Wu is a cold smile.

"Yes, so what!"

"Lin Shan, I don't think you deserve to be the master of my Lin family!"

Lin Wu, the eldest elder, saw that the matter could not be concealed, so he had to have a showdown.

"Yes, we don't think you are suitable to be the owner of our Lin family."

The elders behind the elder Lin Wu also said.

Hearing this, Lin Shan couldn't help being extremely cold, "you! What do I do to you on weekdays

Speaking of this, Lin Shan is really unable to say.

"Wake up, Lin Shan. There is no one in the Lin family to support you!"

Big long old Lin Wu said to Lin Shan triumphantly.

"Who do you support?"

Suddenly, a lazy voice came into everyone's ears.

The crowd was stunned, and they all followed the voice.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. All of you are shocked.

It's just because he's talking about a young man with a lot of talent.

Of course, they don't know ye Chen.

"Boy, are you here to speak?"

The elder Lin Wu stares at Ye Chen and says that in his eyes, ye Chen is just a little generation who doesn't know the heaven and earth.

"I ask you again, who do you support?"

Ye Chen looks at the elders behind the elder Lin Wu.

He sighed to himself, thinking that it was no wonder that Lin Shan wanted to invite him to the Lin family because of this.

He didn't want to do it, but after thinking about it, he felt that it was not good.

All the elders behind the elder Lin Wu were stunned. They did not expect Ye Chen to question them.

"Who are you, boy? Are you qualified to speak to us? "

These elders of the Lin family, of course, don't take ye dust seriously.

How disdainful their faces are!

"Ha ha."

Ye dust shook his head, "I just want you to answer, why don't you answer?"

The sound falls, he urged the blink talent!

Suddenly, the leaf dust disappeared in place!

Ah, ah, ah!

But all the elders behind the elder Lin Wu all flew out.


The elder Lin Wu and the children of the Lin family all look at such a scene, and they all turn pale.

They blinked their eyes in a hurry, only to feel that they were wrong.

"Now," leaf dust light looking at the Lin family elders who hit the ground, "tell me, who do you support?"

All the elders of the Lin family on the ground have been stupefied. They have not seen how ye Chen made his move.

This man Is he such a powerful warrior?

They finally understand why the owner of the house can have such confidence, and it turns out that there is such a help!

At the moment, all the disciples of the Lin family were frozen in place, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

"You, you, you, you..."

Elder Lin Wu, where can he say a complete sentence? He looks at Ye Chen in horror.

"In fact, let people respect," Ye Chen looked at Lin Shan, "better than let people fear."

The voice falls, and ye Chen hits the big elder's yuan wheel with a heavy blow.


The elder Lin Wu immediately sent out a scream of astonishment.

Scream, listen, it's too tragic!

Elder Lin Wu's Yuanlun was destroyed, so he became an ordinary man!


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