I Copy Talents | Chapter 777 | Tell Me Who Do You Support

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Chapter 777 Tell Me Who Do You Support

 Of course, Huang Xiong was shocked. He didn't expect that ye Chen would dare to say such a thing to him.

"You Do you know who I am? "

In Huang Xiong's opinion, ye Chen must not know who he is, otherwise he would not dare to do so!

When the crowd heard Huang Xiong's words, they were all relieved.

Thinking of Huang Xiong, as long as he says his identity, he will certainly frighten Ye Chen.

But let them want to break the head also did not think of is that ye dust will say such a sentence.

See, leaf dust light looking at Huang Xiong.

"I'm not interested in knowing who you are. I just need to know that you are a poor little ant."


All the people present were stunned.

Huang Xiong is a poor weak Ants?

Doesn't he know that Huang Xiong is a great master of seven stars?

Of course, Huang Xiong didn't expect that ye Chen thought he was a mole ant!

"My name is Huang Xiong. I am the young master of the Huang family."

Huang Xiong yelled at the leaf dust!

When Huang Xiong said his identity, all the people present looked at Ye Chen.

Only because they all know that the look on Ye Chen's face at the moment must be incomparably wonderful.

But ye Chen's face was as calm as water, as if he had not heard anything at all.

All the people present were in a daze, unable to recover for a long time.

"You Are you not afraid of my Huang family? "

Huang Xiong was shocked.

In Nanling base city this place, in addition to the Lin family, who heard that the Huang family is not afraid!

But in front of this man, his face did not appear any fluctuation?

Huang Xiong thought he was not dreaming.

"Huang family," Ye Chen looked at Huang Xiong faintly, "I haven't even heard of it. Is it terrible?"


All the people present were shocked.

In Nanling base city this place, have not heard of Huang family unexpectedly?

They can't believe it. They can't believe it!

"I don't want to talk nonsense with you. I'll say it again and apologize to me!"

Huang Xiong stares at Ye Chen.

"I will never apologize to anyone."

Leaf dust light said, his face is still calm like water.

Looking at the look on Ye Chen's face, Huang Xiong can't help but get angry. He really can't understand what ye Chen has to be arrogant!

"Since you don't choose to apologize to me, lie on the ground."

Huang Xiong flushes the leaf dust a cold drink, immediately erect the heavy fist, toward the leaf dust fierce hit came over.

Ye Chen's face is still as calm as water, because this kind of respect is too weak in Ye Chen's eyes.

Just after Huang Xiong's heavy punch, he also randomly waved a punch out.

The fist of two people, heavy impact together!


What all the people on the scene did not expect was that when Huang Xiong's heavy fist collided with Ye Chen's fist, Huang Xiong flew upside down.

How could it be?!

All the people present were shocked. They thought Ye Chen could not be Huang Xiong's opponent in any case.

Can see here, they found themselves not only wrong, but also wrong to the point beyond the limit!

Huang Xiongru, a pig with a weight of 200 Jin, hit the ground heavily, and the pain made him roll all over the ground.

"Ah, ah! It's killing me

Ye Chen walked slowly to Huang Xiong's falling place. He looked at Huang Xiong rolling all over the ground and slowly opened his mouth:

"do you still need my apology?"


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