I Copy Talents | Chapter 778 | Why Should I Apologize To You

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Chapter 778 Why Should I Apologize To You

 Although Huang Xiong is stupid, he is not a complete fool!

If he didn't know ye Chen was a powerful warrior, he was a pig head!

"I, I, I No need for your apology. "

Where does Huang Xiong dare to ask Ye Chen to apologize? His face has been scared to the extreme.

Immediately, Huang Xiong got up from the ground, looked at Ye Chen and said:

"are you a strong warrior?"

Of course, the onlookers also know that ye Chen is a powerful warrior, but they still want to see how ye Chen will answer.

"Do you think," Ye Chen looked at Huang Xiong lightly, "will I tell you?"

Huang Xiong sneered, "although I'm not your opponent, but do you dare to go to my Huang family?"

In Huang Xiong's opinion, ye Chen is not a member of the Lin family. In Nanling base city, in addition to the Lin family, they are the Huang family.

Everyone looked at Ye Chen. They knew that ye Chen would never dare to go to Huang's house!

But what they would never dream of is that ye Chen would agree!

Ye Chen looked at Huang Xiong calmly and said slowly:

"OK, just go to your Huang's house."


As soon as this word came out, all the people present were shocked and pale. In any case, they would not think that ye Chen would say such a thing.

They were stunned, they swore, really shocked!

"You What are you talking about? "

Huang Xiong was also shocked. He didn't expect that ye Chen would agree.

"I said, go to your Huang's house," a look of doubt appeared on Ye's handsome face. "Is there anything to be surprised about?"

Huang Xiong was more than surprised. He was more than surprised!

"Do you really dare to go to my Huang's house?"

Huang Xiong still can't believe it.

"Ha ha," leaf dust shook his head, "you always have so much nonsense?"


After a few seconds, Huang Xiong opened his mouth coldly.

After that, Huang Xiong went to Huang's home with Ye Chen.

All the onlookers were stunned and froze in place. They would never have thought that ye Chen's courage was so strong.

Before long, ye Chen and Huang Xiong went outside Huang's house.

"Ye Chen, this is my Huang family!"

Huang Xiong said coldly to Ye Chen.


Ye Chen nodded.

Then he went in.

Looking at Ye Chen's back, Huang Xiong couldn't help gnashing his teeth.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not believe that there would have been such arrogant people in this world!

Huang Xiong followed him in.

"Somebody, surround him for me!"

Huang Xiong, who has just entered the Huang family, immediately makes a big noise.

Hundreds of Huang's children surrounded Ye Chen.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Huang Xiong burst out laughing.

"Ye Chen, aren't you very strong? What do you do now?"

But what Huang Xiong didn't think of was that there was no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face.

"You, you, you..."

Huang Xiong can't believe it. Ye Chen is not afraid.

"You wait for me!"

When the sound fell, Huang Xiong walked to the hall of the Huang family.

When he got to the hall of the Huang family, Huang Xiong saluted the master of the Huang family and the elders, and then he told the whole story of the matter.

Huang Shunhe, the head of the Huang family, and all the elders were shocked.

They think there are still people like this in Nanling base city?


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