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Chapter 783 Bihemen

 See, three star wars King dead staring at leaf dust, they are naturally angry.

Ye Chen doesn't want to argue with the Three Star Wars kings, because they are too weak in his eyes.

"Boy, do you know what will happen to you when you say that?"

A star wars King spoke coldly to the leaf dust.

"Stop talking nonsense and let your headmaster come to meet me." Ye Chen said lightly.


Hearing Ye Chen's words, all the disciples in the square were stunned.

"You What do you say

Three Star Wars king of course also stay, for a long time can not return to God.

Let the headmaster come to meet He?

How dare he!!!

All the people in the square don't understand in any case that ye Chen has the courage to say such a thing.

"Boy, I make you crazy!"

A star wars king is finally unable to bear the arrogance of Ye Chen, he raised his fist!

I see, this star wars King's fist, already Yuan Li fully shows up.

The disciples on the square naturally know that a star wars king is ready to fight ye Chen.

At the same time, they also know that ye Chen will not be the opponent of Star Wars king in any case!


The Star Wars king raised his fist and hit Ye Chen heavily.

Linna looked at such a scene, her white face could not help but be shocked.

At the time of Star Wars King's fist, ye Chen also gave a punch at will!

He didn't attach any strength to this punch, nor did he have any talent for strength!

Otherwise, the Star Wars king will have no chance to live!

He has never been a killer.

I saw that a star wars king with Yuan Li's fist and ye Chen's fist hit each other heavily!

All the disciples of Bihe gate in the square have even thought about the end of Ye Chen!

What they didn't even dream about was that this was what shocked them.

Only because a star wars king with Yuan Li's heavy fist and ye Chen's fist collided together, ye Chen didn't fly backward

Fly out of the inverted is, a star wars king!!!


All the people in the square looked at a star wars King flying backwards, and their faces were shocked.

You know, this is a star wars king!

It's so cannot withstand a single blow?

They blinked their eyes in a hurry, only to think it must be wrong, but they blink anyway, the result is the same.

In front of Ye Chen's body, the two Star Wars kings were also greatly shocked, and could not say a complete sentence for a long time.

"Now," Ye Chen looked at the two Star Wars kings in front of her eyes, "but did your master come to meet me?"

After hearing the words, the two Star Wars kings came back to their senses one after another, and they were furious at Ye Chen and said, "look for death!"

The voice falls, two Star Wars king then toward leaf dust attack come over.

Ye Chen's face is very calm, the two Star Wars king in his eyes, is too weak.


Just as the fists of the two one star wars kings were about to reach Ye Chen's body, ye Chen once again swung out. There was still no element force attached to the fist, nor any strength talent attached to it.

There's no doubt that the two one star wars kings all went upside down.

This How is that possible?

All the disciples on the square were frozen in place like clay sculpture.


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