I Copy Talents | Chapter 785 | Let Your Master Come Out To Meet Me

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Chapter 785 Let Your Master Come Out To Meet Me

 In the eyes of the disciples on Bihe gate square, ye Chen is absolutely unable to catch the big elder Zhao Lin's fist.

I saw, ten yuan force condensed into the devil wolf toward the leaf dust fly past.

Just in an instant, they came to the body of Ye Chen.

All the disciples on the square looked at Ye Chen with pity, just because they had thought of the end of Ye Chen.


However, when the magic wolf formed by ten heads of Yuan Li was only a line away from ye Chen, ye Chen raised his fist and waved a fist at will.

This one!

There is no attached element force.

In the eyes of the disciples in the square, the fist was too weak.

But what they would never think of in any case is that this is going to happen next!

I saw that ye Chen did not have a fist with any yuan force attached, and hit the demon wolf formed by the condensation of ten yuan forces!

All of a sudden, the power of the demon wolf condensed from the ten yuan force disappeared!


Looking at such a scene, all the people present were shocked.

They would never have thought that it would be such a scene!

Originally thought that ye Chen could never resist the big elder Zhao Lin's attack, but now it seems that they are not only wrong, but also to the point of irrefutable error.

This, this, this

All the disciples on the square could not say a complete sentence. They were all stunned.

Zhao Lin, the great elder, naturally stayed, unable to return to God for a long time.

Quiet, the needle can be heard.

The elder Zhao Lin looks at Ye Chen in horror. After a long time, he says something.

"You How can you be so strong? "

In the eyes of the great elder Zhao Lin, ye Chen can never be so powerful.

Lin Na on the side is also shocked. She thought Ye Chen was so arrogant in Bihe door that she didn't know the height of heaven and earth.

But now she knew that ye Chen was such a terrible warrior.

"Now," Ye Chen looked at the elder Zhao Lin lightly, "can you go and let your master come out to meet me?"

Hearing this, the elder Zhao Lin could not help but feel extremely cold.

"Maniac, look for a fight!"

Sound falls, big elder Zhao Lin a dart step, toward leaf dust fly to attack to go out.

Ye Chen's face is naturally calm as water, only because the elder Zhao Lin is just a two star war emperor, in front of him is really nothing.

I saw that the great elder Zhao Lin's speed was extremely fast, but in an instant he reached Ye Chen's body.


Big elder Zhao Lin one fist toward leaf dust to hit to go out.

However, he failed in this blow.

Everyone in the square didn't expect that such a close-up punch would fail.

The elder Zhao Lin's whole body is one of shock, they quickly look for ye Chen's figure!

However, ye Chen has reached the left side of the elder Zhao Lin.

Ye Chen punches out.

Elder Zhao Lin is just a two star war emperor. How can he resist such a blow.


Only listen to, the elder Zhao Lin screamed, the moment is fly upside down to go out.

After heavy fall on the ground, the people on the square took a breath of cold air and were tongue tied.

In their opinion, ye dust is too terrible, it is too terrible to add.

You know, the elder Zhao Lin is a two star war emperor!

In front of this person, it is so vulnerable?


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