I Copy Talents | Chapter 786 | Little Two Star War King

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 786 Little Two Star War King

 All the disciples on the square were shocked and looked at Ye Chen.

If they can, they'd rather believe it's not true!

Just because of the strength of Ye Chen, it is too terrible!


Ye Chen walks slowly to the ground of the elder Zhao Lin, and opens his mouth slowly to the elder Zhao Lin.

The elder Zhao Lin looks at Ye Chen in horror. He is not a fool and knows that he can never be the opponent of Ye Chen.

"You Don't be too arrogant. Aren't you Bihe here

Elder Zhao Lin's meaning is very clear. This is Bihe gate. If you continue to be arrogant, all the disciples of Bihe sect will attack in groups!

After all, Qianlong has always been a bully!

But how do they think that ye Chen is a dragon crossing the river?

"I repeat, let your master come out to meet me," leaf dust light looking at the elder Zhao Lin, "don't let me say the second time."

When Zhao Lin heard the speech, he was shocked.

It was just because he found that ye Chen had a thousand layers of murderous air in the corner of his eyes and a hundred steps of authority in front of and behind him. It was too terrible.

"Good, good, I'll let our headmaster come out to meet you."

Elder Zhao Lin knows that if you keep the green hills, you won't be afraid to burn without firewood.

Immediately, the elder Zhao Lin quickly got up and walked toward the hall.

All the people in the square looked at each other, and they could not imagine how terrible Ye Chen's strength was.

"Here comes the master!"

Suddenly, a disciple exclaimed.

All the disciples in the square looked at the past one after another, and found that the headmaster and the elder Zhao Lin had stepped forward.

"Name: Wu Hu."

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: great power talent, high speed talent."

"Realm: three stars war emperor."

The talent and realm information of Bihe sect leader appears in Ye Chen's retina.

Ye Chen looks at Wu Hu beside the elder Zhao Lin lightly. Of course, there is no fluctuation on his face.

"Is that you?"

Bi and Wu Hu, the head of the gate, stare at Ye Chen's cold mouth.

"You should call me elder."

Ye Chen said faintly to Bihe.

Bi and the head of the gate Wu Hu are surprised. Of course, he didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing. He looked at Ye Chen with consternation.

"You What do you say

The disciples on the square were also shocked.

This man Is it so arrogant?

How dare you let the headmaster call him the elder?

"You are no more than a three-star war emperor. Please tell me that you are not disgraced." Ye Chen opened his mouth slowly to Wu Hu.

Bi and Wu Hu, the head of the gate, naturally froze.

"Younger generation, in front of you, is the three-star war emperor very low-level?"

Bi and Wu Hu, the head of the gate, look at Ye Chen.

As the head of Bihe gate, when did he get so despised.

All the disciples on the square looked at Ye Chen and wanted to know how ye Chen would answer.

Ye Chen pondered for a few seconds, then slowly opened his mouth to Wu Hu, the head of Bihe gate:

"the three-star war emperor is like a mole ant in front of me."


The people on the square were shocked to hear this.

They just want to break their heads and can't believe it. Ye Chen dare to say such a thing.

Ye Chen's meaning is very clear to them, that is to say, their headmaster is a mole ant in front of him!


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