I Copy Talents | Chapter 787 | Defeat The Great Elder Zhao Lin

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 787 Defeat The Great Elder Zhao Lin

 Bi and the door master smell speech, can't help but get angry, looking at Ye Chen.

"Younger generation, do you know what will happen to you when you say that?"

In the eyes of Wu Hu, the head of Bihe sect, ye Chen is too ignorant of the heaven and earth.

In the side of Lina, white face is naturally exposed a deep shock color.

She just wanted to be a disciple of Bihe gate. Naturally, he didn't even dare to think about it.

When ye Chen hears the words of Wu Hu, the master of Bihe gate, he can't help sighing.

When thinking about him telling the truth, why does no one believe it?

"You don't mean to hit me, do you?"

Leaf dust light looking at Bi and door Master Wu Hu said.

Wu Hu sneered, "younger generation, you're right. I'm ready to fight you!"

Hearing this, all the disciples on the square were excited.

They have already been unable to bear the arrogance of leaf dust!

Now the headmaster

However, their heart is up and down.

Because the elder Zhao Lin was almost defeated by Ye Chen in an instant. You should know that the elder Zhao Lin is a two star war emperor!

The sect leader is the three star war emperor. Can you really defeat Ye Chen?

All Bihe disciples in the square all look at Ye Chen and want to see what ye Chen will do next.

Ye Chen pondered for a few seconds, then slowly opened his mouth to Wu Hu, the head of Bihe sect:

"if you want to attack me, what are you waiting for

Bi and the head of the gate Wu Hu hears the speech, and the top of his head can't help but burst out of anger!

Just because he was so angry!

"Young generation, watch the move!"

The sound falls, Bi and the door head Wu Hu then toward leaf dust to rush over.

Of course, there is no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face. He looks at Wu Hu lightly.

Why does Wu Hu not understand?


When Bi and Wu Hu, the head of the gate, was about to come to him, he boxed out.


Just listen to, Bi and door Master Wu Hu issued a burst of startled scream, he then flew out.

This, this, this

All the people in the square took a breath and were tongue tied.

Even the sect leader was defeated instantly?

They did not dare to think how terrible Ye Chen's strength was.

Directly now, the disciples on the square found that ye Chen's strength had reached the point that they could not look up to.

Ye Chen walked slowly to the place where the master of Bihe gate fell to the ground and opened his mouth to Wu Hu slowly:

"can you be convinced?"

Leaf dust light to Bi and door Master Wu Hu said.

Bi and Wu Hu, the head of the gate, were already frightened. He looked at Ye Chen with great horror.

"You, you, you..."

Where can Wu Hu say a complete sentence.

"Would you like her to be the first disciple of Bihe sect?"

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

In his mouth, she naturally refers to Lina.

Bi and the sect leader Wu Hu know that he is not the only one, even ten will not be ye Chen's opponents.

Of course he dare not refuse!

"I I promise

Just listen, Bi and the door Master Wu Hu quickly agreed to come down.

"That's right. If you don't agree, you Bihe door will disappear in this world forever."

Ye Chen said faintly to Wu Hu, the master of Bihe gate.


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