I Copy Talents | Chapter 788 | Bihe Gate Master

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Chapter 788 Bihe Gate Master

 All the people on the square heard Ye Chen's words and were shocked to the point that they could not add more.

Of course, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing. Their eyes were wide open.

Bi and Wu Hu, the head of Bihe sect, had been sweating like rain because he had never seen such a terrible warrior as ye Chen.

"Well, in that case, you should treat her well in the future. Otherwise, you should know the consequences."

Ye Chen slowly opens his mouth to the master of Bihe gate, Wu Hu.

Bi and Wu Hu, the head of the gate, nodded quickly when he heard the speech. He didn't dare to refute it.

"You can practice hard in the future and become a powerful warrior."

Ye Chen looked at Lin Na on one side and said to her lightly.

Linna nodded. She knew Ye Chen was leaving.

Although she is reluctant to give up in her heart, she knows that ye Chen is not a person in her world after all.

Ye Chen leaves Bihe door.

His trip, of course, is to the legendary city of the world!


City of the world!

Half a month later, ye Chen finally arrived at the city of the world.

It's really the big dust of the world!

As for the size, he did not know.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent information of passers-by constantly appears on the retina of leaf dust.

"Look, the eldest lady of the Jin family is bullying people again."

Suddenly, everyone rushed to a place.

Ye Chen's face is naturally calm as water. He doesn't know who the eldest lady of the Jin family is, but he knows that there must be a good play to watch.

He is not in a hurry to go to the supreme temple!

Then he followed the crowd to a place.

Found that a girl about his size was staring at several men!

These men are all martial arts, their faces are also very ambiguous.

Obviously, none of the men knew who the girl they were facing.

"Apologize to us, or you won't be able to leave."

A man said to the girl.

The girl, named Jinling, is the eldest daughter of the Jin family in the city of the world.

Jin family is a good family in the world city!

Jinling's white face naturally does not have any frightened fluctuation, on the contrary, still has a faint smile.

"Do you know who I am, you punks?"

In Jinling's opinion, these men must not know who she is, or they would have been scared out of their wits.


Several men in front of Jinling smile coldly. They look at Jinling with pride.

"Who are you, then

A man said lightly to Jinling.

"My name is Jinling! It's the first lady of the Kim family

As soon as the words came out, the smiles on the faces of several men suddenly froze, as if they had heard something that would never have been heard.

"You, you, you Who do you say you are? "

"Ha ha!" Jinling said with a cold smile, "my name is Jinling!"

Several men were greatly shocked at the speech, and they went back several steps. If they wanted to be more frightened, they would be more frightened.

Just because they wanted to break their heads, they didn't think that the girl was actually the eldest lady of the Jin family!

Although their families are all good in the cities of the world, compared with the Jin family, it is one heaven and one earth.

"Now," Jinling is very proud to look at the men in front of her, "do you still want me to apologize?"


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