I Copy Talents | Chapter 791 | Jin Ling

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Chapter 791 Jin Ling

 Jin Ling, the eldest daughter of the Jin family, is about to hit Ye Chen with Yuan Li's palm. In the eyes of the onlookers, ye Chen's fate must be very miserable. They have even thought of Ye Chen's fate.

But what they didn't think of in any case was that this was going to happen next!

I saw that when Jin Ling's palm was only a line away from the leaf dust, the palm was lost.

All of us didn't expect that under such a close distance, Jinling's palm would be defeated!

Their eyes were wide open because what remained in front of them was only a shadow.

Jin Ling, the eldest daughter of the Jin family, was stunned. She never dreamed that ye Chen would suddenly disappear.

She quickly looked for the figure of the leaf dust, but when she responded, the leaf dust had come to her back.

When Jinling reacts, it's too late.

When she quickly returned to her body, ye Chen's fist had already hit her.

All the onlookers looked at such a scene, and they were all dumbfounded.

Seeing ye Chen's fist, Jin Ling couldn't help but shrink her pupil, and she was terrified.

She knew that she could never catch such a terrible blow.

Just when Jinling thought he was about to die, ye Chen stopped his fist.

He didn't want to kill Jinling, he just wanted to teach Jinling a lesson.

He wants the Jinling to know that there are many people in the world that she can't afford, so don't be so ignorant about heaven and earth in the future.

Jinling looks at Ye Chen in horror. She has never been so close to death. Her whole body is shaking.

"You You

Jinling swallows his mouth and wants to say something to Ye Chen, but he really doesn't know how to open his mouth.

The onlookers were petrified in the same place, and they didn't realize until now that ye Chen's speed was so terrible that he had the legendary talent of blinking.

"Now," the leaf dust light looks at in front of the golden spirit, "you still want to let me die?"

Until now, Jinling knew the gap between her and ye Chen, just like a sky and an underground!

After a long time, Jin lingcai spoke. Her white face was deeply shocked and said to Ye Chen:

"master, you You are terrible. "

Jinling only felt that as long as ye Chen stood by her side, she felt the pressure like an iron tower, which made her breathless.

"A lot of people say that. It's nothing to be afraid of." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Although Jin Ling was extremely frightened, she was also very curious.

She did not expect that, in the north of the city, there would be such existence as ye Chen.

Is it possible that

Suddenly, Jinling thought of an amazing possibility.

That is, leaf dust has a startling background.

Thinking of this, Jinling looks at Ye Chen and says:

"master, our Jin family is willing to make friends with you, you Can you come to my king's house

Jin Ling asked tentatively.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water, because he thought that the words of Jinling were too interesting.


He thought about it for a while, so he might as well go to the king's house.

Then he nodded and agreed.

Jin Ling, the eldest lady of the Jin family, actually agreed with Ye Chen. She couldn't help shaking her whole body!

She thought Ye Chen would refuse. Even if she agreed, she would not agree so happily.

Looking at Ye Chen's nod, she knew she was wrong!


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