I Copy Talents | Chapter 806 | The Angry Sea

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 806 The Angry Sea

 Ye Chen looks at Feng Hai faintly. He finds that Feng Hai's talent is very good.

"Name: Feng Hai."

"Cultivation talent: against the sky level."

"Hidden talent: Dragon talent, power talent."

"Realm: the three-star God of war."

In front of ordinary warriors, the three-star God of war is absolutely terrifying.

But in the eyes of Ye Chen, there is not enough to see.

"My name is Ye Chen."

Ye Chen said slowly. He told the truth about his name and felt that there was nothing to hide.

Leaf dust?

Feng Hai of course did not hear ye Chen's name, and his slightly handsome face couldn't help but sneer.

"Ye Chen, why do you dare to enter the fire god challenge?"

In the eyes of Fenghai, this is too funny.

"You guess," leaf dust light looking at the sea, "I will answer you?"


After hearing the conversation, all the people under the fire god challenge gasped because they had never seen such a arrogant person as ye Chen.

Didn't he know that he was facing the first day of the fire god gate to seal the sea?

"You Do you know who I am? "

Feng Hai was very angry and said to Ye Chen.

In his opinion, ye Chen must not know who he is, otherwise he would not dare to be so arrogant.

All the onlookers heard the speech and understood. They thought that if ye Chen knew that he was facing the first day of Huoshen gate, the God of war of three stars, he would be scared out of his wits.

Can let all people in any case also did not think of is, leaf dust is to say such words next.

Ye Chen looked at the sea and opened his mouth slowly:

"aren't you a mole ant?"


Hearing this, all the people present could not stop exclaiming.

The first day of the fire god gate, the seal of the three-star God of war, actually regarded him as a mole ant?

They only felt that they had heard words that would never have been heard.

"I was the first day of the fire gate!"

Feng Hai was furious at the leaf dust.

Huoyun evil god, the head of Huoshen sect, was also very upset. Of course, he didn't expect that ye Chen was so arrogant.

"The first day of the fire god gate," Ye Chen smiles, "is a mole ant."

Hearing this, all the people present were shocked as much as their faces.

They thought Ye Chen didn't know Fenghai, so they dare to be so arrogant.

But what they didn't think of in any case was that ye Chen felt that the sea was a mole ant even though he knew the identity of the seal sea.

Does he not know that Fenghai is a three-star God of war?

You know, this is the three-star God of war!

"Leaf dust!"

Feng Hai stared at Ye Chen angrily, and his eyes were filled with anger!

"Come here," Ye Chen pointed at the seal sea and hooked his finger. "Let me fly you."

The fire god gate first day seal sea hears speech, can't bear the arrogance of Ye Chen any more.

"Looking for death!"

See, seal sea a step then toward leaf dust fiercely rushed over, the speed is extremely fast, like rush thunder general.

All the people under the fire god challenge saw Feng Qiang's attack, and they could not help but open their eyes.

Just because they all want to see how ye Chen is so arrogant.

Most people think that ye Chen is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of the sea!

The first day the fire god gate closed the sea, has reached Ye Chen's body.


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