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Chapter 807 End

 On the first day of the fire god gate, he closed the sea to Ye Chen, and then he raised his fist and struck Ye Chen fiercely.

In Feng Hai's opinion, ye Chen can never block such a blow.

Many people feel the same way under the challenge of the God of fire.

But what everyone would never have thought of was that there was a scene like this.

I saw that, just when the heavy blow from the sea was only a line away from the leaf dust, the leaf dust disappeared in place.


All the onlookers were shocked. Of course, they didn't expect that ye dust would suddenly disappear in place.

Is this

Blink talent?!

At the thought of this, all the people present were shocked.

Where did they think that ye Chen would have the talent of blinking!

Feng Hai was also stunned. Of course, he also knew that ye Chen suddenly disappeared in place, which must have the talent of blinking.

"I'm behind you."

When Feng Hai is looking for ye Chen's figure, his voice appears behind him.

Feng Hai hears the speech and turns back quickly, but it's too late.

When Feng Hai just turned around, ye Chen's fist had already hit him.

"Not good!"

Feng Hai was shocked because he found that he could not escape such an attack.

There is no doubt that ye Chen's fist hit the body of Fenghai.

Of course, there was no element attached to his fist.

Otherwise, the fire god gate first day seal sea life will disappear forever in this world.

I saw that when ye Chen's fist hit the body of Fenghai, Fenghai flew out.

The body of the first day of the fire god gate sealing the sea flew out of the fire god challenge.

This, this, this

All the people present were shocked. They couldn't believe it was true.

The first day of Vulcan gate, was defeated like this?

You know, Fenghai is a three-star God of war.

Quiet, the needle can be heard.

For a moment, all the people present were afraid to speak, and their faces were shocked to the extreme.


Huoyun evil god, the head of the Huoshen sect, was also shocked. If he could, he would rather believe it was not true.

Of course, he did not expect such a genius to appear in the supreme temple!

"Let's go!"

Immediately, huoyun evil god, the head of Huoshen gate, looked cold and left the place with a big stride.

Ye Chen's face is very calm. Fenghai is just the three-star God of war. He will not be his opponent at all. There is nothing to be happy about defeating a Fenghai.

"Master, it's terrible."

The body of Jin Shou, the owner of the Jin family, was already shaking. It was excited.

Ye Chen walked slowly down the fire god challenge, his face is very boring.

He thought he could see the war between the Ten Star Gods of war, but this is it.

"Ye Chen, you are getting stronger and stronger."

Fengcang is very satisfied and says to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiles.

He thought that although he did have some terror at present, but compared with the wind, it was still a sky and a ground.

"Now that the matter has been settled, we are going back."

With that, fengcang took all the people of the supreme temple and left here.

All the people under the fire god challenge, their eyes are wide open, still have not come back to God, like the clay sculpture in place.

Ye Chen, of course, ignored these people and walked away slowly.


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