I Copy Talents | Chapter 809 | Zhou Shun

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Chapter 809 Zhou Shun

 Looking at Zhou Shun's talent and realm information, ye Chen thinks that this man should be the favored son of the supreme temple.

Zhou Shun walks to Ye Chen's body.

"Go ahead."

Zhou Shun's tone is very indifferent, no doubt general.

"I'm looking for elder Feng. I have something to do." Ye Chen replied.

When Zhou Shun heard the speech, he frowned.

"What's the matter?"

Ye Chen is stunned, thinking that this person is not finished?

All the disciples of the supreme temple on the square also looked at Ye Chen and wanted to know what ye Chen was looking for the elder.

"I don't want to talk to you." Ye Chen said slowly.


When Zhou Shun heard the speech, he couldn't help being stunned. Naturally, he didn't think that ye Chen dared to refute him.

"Do you know who I am?"

Zhou Shun stares at Ye Chen.

Leaf dust smell speech, he secretly sighed a, think to come again.

Why does someone always like to show his identity to him?

"I'm not interested in who you are. Get out of the way."

Ye Chen doesn't want to continue to talk nonsense with Zhou Shun.

The faces of the disciples of the supreme temple on the square were shocked.

Only because they didn't expect that the new man was so rampant.

Zhou Shun was the first day of their supreme temple!

"Ha ha."

What ye Chen didn't expect was that Zhou Shun gave a cold smile. He looked at Ye Chen with great disdain and said:

"what if I don't get out of the way?"

As the first genius of the supreme temple, Zhou Shun has not heard his peers speak to him like this for a long time.

"How can you get out of the way?" Ye Chen asked.

"It's easy. Beat me." On his opponent's face, he never knew that his opponent's smile would appear.

All the disciples on the square shook their heads and looked at Ye Chen with pity.

They thought that when they first came to the supreme temple, they offended Zhou Shun, which was a very bad thing.

"Beat you?"

Hearing the speech, ye Chen pondered for a few seconds, and then said to Zhou Shun:

"you are not my opponent. Get out of my way."

He thought that Zhou Shun was no more than a star God of war, and could not be his opponent at all.

"You What are you talking about? "

Zhou Shun was shocked when he heard the speech. He would not even think of breaking his head. Ye Chen would say such a thing.

The disciples of the supreme temple on the square also froze.

The first day of the supreme temple, is not this man's rival?

Who believes this?

"I repeat," leaf dust light looking at Zhou Shun, "get out of the way."

Ha ha ha ha!

Zhou Shun burst out laughing, as if he had never heard such a funny joke.

"What are you laughing at?"

Ye Chen looks at Zhou Shun lightly.

"I laugh at you for being too much of yourself

Sound fall, Zhou by the way to leaf dust a boxing out.

All the disciples of the supreme temple in the square did not expect that Zhou Shun would suddenly attack.

But they all know that Zhou Shun will do it sooner or later, because ye Chen is too arrogant.

All the disciples in the square know that ye Chen's fate must be very miserable.

Not because of anything else, but because he offended the first day of the supreme temple.

I saw that Zhou Shun's speed was extremely fast, and his fist was just a moment before ye Chen's body.

But ye Chen also made a fist.

There is no force attached to his fist!

All the people in the square were astonished, and they thought that ye dust was really beyond his capacity?


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