I Copy Talents | Chapter 810 | Crazy Mountain

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Chapter 810 Crazy Mountain

 I saw that ye Chen's fist was about to collide with Zhou Shun's.

As everyone knows, leaf dust is about to fly out.

But let everyone in any case did not think of is that the following is a scene.

After ye Chen's fist and Zhou Shun's fist collide together, ye Chen not only does not fly backward, but also stands still like a bell.

How can it be!!!

It is absolutely impossible for this to happen in the public square.

You know, Zhou Shun was the first day of their supreme temple.

"You, how could you be so terrible?"

After Zhou Shun flies upside down, his face is also startled. Even if he can't dream of it, ye Chen actually beats him to fly with one fist.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water without any fluctuation.

"Is there anything to be surprised at?"

Ye Chen said slowly.

"Since you are here, come in."

A sound came into the ears of leaf dust.

Ye Chen knows that this is the voice of the elder Feng.

Then he walked slowly towards the hall.

Before long, ye Chen saw the wind Cang and the elders.

"Ye Chen, what do you think of the supreme temple?"

Feng Cang said to Ye Chen with a smile.

"Not bad."

Ye Chen said slowly.

"By the way, there is a field test. You can find some disciples to go with you. It's in the crazy devil mountain."

Feng Cang suddenly said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was stunned, thinking that he had just come to the supreme temple, so he came here?

Not to mention, it's a bit interesting.

However, he wants to hunt and kill fierce animals, which is also very good.

"All right."

He agreed.

Then he walked out of the hall.

At the moment, all the disciples of the supreme temple in the square are looking at Ye Chen with mutual respect.

They already know the horror of leaf dust.

I saw that ye Chen came to Zhou Shun.

All the disciples on the square were surprised at what they saw, thinking that it was this man who did not feel relieved and wanted to fight Zhou Shun?

Zhou Shun looked at the coming leaf dust, and how frightened his face was.

"You What do you want to do? "

Zhou Shun swallows saliva and looks at Ye Chen in amazement.

Ye Chen's face was naturally calm as snow. He spoke slowly to Zhou Shun:

"are you going to go to the crazy devil mountain test?"


Hearing this, the disciples of the supreme temple in the square were shocked to the extreme. They would never have thought that ye Chen would say such a thing.

"Devil mountain trial?"

Zhou Shun was also surprised.

After a long time, Zhou Shuncai came back to his senses and said to Ye Chen, "I I'll go. "

Leaf dust nodded, "look for a few people, we go together."

"Good, good."

Zhou Shun quickly nodded at the smell of speech.

Before long, Zhou Shun found three disciples, two men and one woman.

These people, their faces are very shocked, as if very afraid of leaf dust.

"Lead the way. I don't know where the devil mountain is." Ye Chen said slowly.

When Zhou Shun hears the speech, he quickly takes the road to Ye Chen, and the party goes to the crazy devil mountain.


Crazy devil mountain.

Before long, ye Chen and several people arrived at the foot of the crazy devil mountain.

"Master, there are many ferocious beasts on the mountain."

Zhou Shun said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen takes a look at the mountain. Of course, he knows that there are many fierce beasts on the mountain.

But the beast

After he crossed into the world, he did not know how many fierce beasts he had killed.


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