I Copy Talents | Chapter 811 | Elementary Beast God Level Fierce Beast

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Chapter 811 Elementary Beast God Level Fierce Beast

 Ye Chen's face was as calm as water. He said to Zhou Shun:

"let's go up the mountain."

Then, a group of people will go toward the crazy devil mountain.

It wasn't long before they got to the mountain.


But as soon as they arrived at the demon mountain, countless fierce beasts attacked them.

Zhou Shun, Wang Cheng, Lin Yun and Zhang Xue began to kill the fierce animals.

Although the number of fierce beasts is a little more, the strength is too weak.

In just a few seconds, all these fierce beasts fell to the ground.

"These fierce beasts are so weak."

Zhang Xue said sarcastically.

She is the only girl in the group.


But let Zhang Xue in any case will not think of is, her words just finished, a terrible roar into her ears.

Zhang Xue's whole body could not help but be shocked, because she just heard such a terrible roar, her whole body could not stop a shiver.

This, this, this

Zhang Xue is not a fool. She knows that there must be some terrible beast.

The faces of Zhou Shun, Wang Cheng and Lin Yun are not very good-looking.

I saw, a very terrible beast appeared in front of several people.

This is a fierce beast that looks like a mantis. It's too scary to watch.

"Primary beast God level fierce beast?"

Zhang Xue's tone trembled.

Of course, she didn't know that there would be such a terrible beast in the mountain.

Zhou Shun's face also appeared a deep shock color, intuition told her, this fierce beast is extremely terrible!

He is a star God of war, but he can never be the opponent of this terrible beast in front of him.

"Are you afraid?"

Ye Chen was stunned, thinking about being with him, he still needed to be afraid of a small beast, a fierce beast at the God level?

Zhou Shun, Lin Yun, Wang Cheng and Zhang Xue were, of course, afraid. They were not only afraid, but also scared to the point of no more.

"Master, this is the first level beast God level fierce beast."

Zhang Xue said to Ye Chen with great fright.

"I know that this is a primary beast God level fierce beast, but it is just a primary beast God level fierce beast. There is nothing to be afraid of."

Several people smell speech all a Zheng, they all know ye Chen is a powerful warrior!

However, they did not think that ye Chen was so strong that he was not afraid of the fierce beasts at the primary level.


The fierce beast of the primary animal God level was staring at the group of people, as if they were looking at whether they were easy to provoke.

Zhou Shun several people know that this primary beast God level fierce beast is about to come.


Just listen, the primary beast God level fierce beast roared again, and then rushed to the group.

Zhou Shun several people, they are all shocked, have backward.

Of course, ye Chen didn't retreat, just because a primary beast, God level fierce beast, was still a little bit of meaning in front of him.

I saw that the speed of the primary beast God level fierce beast was extremely fast, but in an instant, he reached Ye Chen's body.

Just after the primary beast God level fierce beast opened its mouth and prepared to swallow Ye Chen into his stomach, ye Chen punched out.

On his fist, there is still no element force attached.


Zhou Shun looked at the scene in front of him, and he was shocked.

He thought that when ye Chen defeated him, his fist did not have any yuan force attached to it. Now he wants to leave with the primary beast God level fierce beast, but he still does not have any yuan force attached to his fist.

Is ye so strong?


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