I Copy Talents | Chapter 816 | Liu Ruxu

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Chapter 816 Liu Ruxu

 The leaf dust hears speech some Leng God, thought this girl how also not to give up.

"What else do you want?"

"Unless, you kneel down for me!"

Liu ruxu said coldly to the leaf dust.

Leaf dust smell speech to understand come over, he thought this Liu ruxu must be a proud person.

However, since he crossed into this world, he has met more than one or two people like Liu ruxu.

"I'm not going to kneel down for you. Leave." Leaf dust to Liu ruxu slowly open mouth.

Liu ruxu smelled the speech and looked cold, "do you want to live?"

Leaf dust a happy, "difficult not become you still dare to kill me not to become?"

At this time, there are already many people watching.

They all pointed.

"How can this man be so ungrateful and dare to offend Liu ruxu?"

"I guess I don't know who Liu ruxu is, or I'm scared to death at the moment."

"This man's fate is terrible. After all, he offended Liu ruxu."

All the onlookers cast a pitiful look to Ye Chen. They even thought of the end of Ye Chen.

Liu ruxu stares at the leaf dust, her silver teeth can't help but bite.

"You mean I dare not kill you?"

Liu ruxu of course did not meet such a person as ye Chen!


Leaf dust nodded, did not say much.

All the onlookers were stupefied. It was the first time that they had ever seen such a calm person facing Liu ruxu.

"What would you do if I said you were going to die soon?"

In Liu ruxu's view, leaf dust is completely in the forced calm, in fact, the heart has been flustered.

"You can't kill me." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

He thought Liu ruxu was a genius, but after all, he was just a three-star warrior.

He is now a true spirit treasure body, big complete, even if standing to let Liu ruxu kill, Liu ruxu also can't kill him.

Liu ruxu smell speech, white face can not help but get angry, she looked at Ye Li.

"Do you really think I dare not kill you?"

"Whatever you want."

Ye dust skimmed her mouth, and a dull color appeared on her face.


Liu ruxu looks at the look on Ye Chen's face, can't help but get angry to the point that can't be added.

The onlookers looked at such a scene, and they were also astonished.

Suddenly, they all thought of an amazing possibility.

That is what serious illness Ye Chen has caused. He should leave the world immediately. Otherwise, how could he die like this?

"You want to die!"

Liu ruxu wants to be more and more angry. She hits Ye Chen's body with one hand.

Of course, Liu ruxu doesn't choose to kill Ye Chen, but this palm is enough to make ye Chen drink a pot.

As everyone knows, leaf dust will fly out immediately!

I saw that Liu ruxu's palm hit the leaf dust's body heavily.

In any case, the next scene did not appear!

Only because, when Liu ruxu hits Ye Chen's body, ye Chen doesn't fly backward, not even half a step back.

Just like, nothing happened at all.

"How could that be possible?"

Liu ruxu couldn't help opening her mouth and tongue. Her white face was full of shock!

The onlookers naturally froze in the same place like clay sculptures. They thought Ye Chen was seriously ill, but now it seems that ye Chen is a powerful warrior.


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