I Copy Talents | Chapter 818 | Its Hard To Be A Man

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Chapter 818 Its Hard To Be A Man

 Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, nodded and then sat on the throne just above.

"Sit down, little friend."

Leaf dust smell speech to nod, he also sits down.

"Master, is he..."

The elder looked at the Liu family leader Liu Shan and asked.

Liu Shan a smile, "this is a little friend."

Little friend?

All the elders in the hall were stunned. They thought that there was such a strange name in the world?

"I don't know how powerful this little brother is?"

The elder Liu asked.

"Very strong." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

He only said these two words, the others did not say much.


In the hall, all the elders of the Liu family were shocked. Of course, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"Very strong How strong is it? "

In the eyes of Liu family elder, ye Chen is definitely not a strong warrior. After all, he looks too young.

"I don't want to say that."

Leaf dust's face appeared a look of indifference.

All the elders of the Liu family are a bit stunned.

"Why don't you want to say that?"

The elder Liu asked again.

Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, also looks at Ye Chen because he also wants to know what kind of state Ye Chen is.

"Because," leaf dust light swept the hall inside the elders, "I'm afraid to frighten you."


All the elders of the Liu family were shocked, and then they all burst into laughter, as if they had never heard such a funny joke.

Ha ha ha ha!

"What are you laughing at?"

Ye Chen glanced at the elders, his face appeared a touch of ignorance.

"Younger generation, where do you think this is? Your strength will frighten us?"

Elder Liu's face is much more funny.

"I mean it." Ye Chen said.

He thought that no one would believe the truth now?

"Even if what you say is true, it will not frighten us."

Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, also laughed. He knew that ye Chen was definitely a genius!

But it's just a genius. How can you frighten them.

Ye Chen looked at the expressions on the faces of the people in the hall. He could not help sighing and slowly opened his mouth:

"do you really want to know my strength?"


All the elders in the hall nodded.

"I am the five-star God of war."


Hearing this, all the people in the hall could not help but take a breath of cold air and became tongue tied.

Of course, their eyes were opened for the biggest time in history, and they couldn't recover for a long time.

Five stars God of war?

They just think they must have heard it wrong.

"Little friend, you say What state are you

"The five-star God of war," Ye Chen looked at Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, "is there anything to be surprised about?"

People in the hall of the Liu family heard this. They looked at me and I looked at you. They all looked at each other for a while.


They were relieved.

Why do you believe this person?

He said the five-star God of war is the five-star God of war?

If we want to make them believe that ye Chen is the five-star earth God of war, unless the sky horse is about to collapse.

"Little friend, don't be kidding. Tell me your real state."

Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, said to Ye Chen.

"My God of war."

Ye Chen has some helplessness secretly, thinking that he doesn't say it. You must let it be said, and then you don't believe it.

How hard it is to be a man!


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