I Copy Talents | Chapter 819 | The Anger Of The Elder Liu Family

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 819 The Anger Of The Elder Liu Family


Liu family big elder smell speech is some angry get up, he stares at leaf dust dead.

But who do you think you are joking with Liu family? Do you know who we are? "

Leaf dust smell speech, his face did not appear any frightened color, is still calm like water.


All the people in the hall were stunned, thinking how could ye Chen not be afraid?

Ye Chen did not speak.

"Younger generation, if you must say that you are the five-star God of war, then we can fight. What do you think?"

The elder Liu said coldly, staring at Ye Chen.

Leaf dust however shook his head, slowly opened his mouth: "forget it, you are not my opponent."


Hearing this, the elder of the Liu family couldn't help but hit by the fire, staring at Ye Chen with great anger.

"You say I'm not your opponent?"


Ye Chen nodded.

"Ha ha!"

The elder Liu gave a cold smile because he thought what ye Chen said was too funny.

"If you knew I was a six Star Warrior, would you still say that?"

In the eyes of Liu family elder, ye Chen is not afraid of nothing but that he does not know his own realm. Now he talks about the realm, ye Chen will undoubtedly be scared to death.

However, what he would never think of was that when he said his realm, there was no fluctuation in Ye Chen's face, as if he had not heard any words at all.

"You, you, you..."

The great elder of the Liu family has been shocked.

"Since you want to fight with me, come on," Ye Chen looked at the elder of Liu family faintly, "but first, I only use one finger."


Hearing this, all the people in the hall of Liu's house were stunned. They couldn't imagine why Ye Chen dared to be so arrogant.

Trying to beat their great elder with just one finger?

This man Isn't it a madman?


Liu's elder promised, "I'll let you know that you can't despise our Liu family."

The voice falls, Liu family elder a palm then toward leaf dust to hit come over, the speed is extremely fast!

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water. He knew that such a palm could not create any danger to him.

When the palm of the elder Liu family is about to reach Ye Chen's body, ye Chen inspires blink talent.

Elder Liu's hand is defeated!

How could it be?!

Inside the hall, all the people of the Liu family were shocked.

How can such a distance be avoided?

They would never have thought that ye Chen could escape.

Is it

They suddenly thought of a surprising possibility, that is, ye Chen has the talent of blinking.

At this time, ye Chen has reached the left side of Liu family elder.

"You Do you have the ability to blink? "

The elder of the Liu family spoke coldly to the leaf dust.

"Yes, is there anything to be surprised at?" Ye Chen said quietly.

"Ha ha!"

Liu's elder sneered, "even if you have the talent of blinking, the gap of strength can't be made up for!"

As the voice fell, the elder of the Liu family rushed to the leaf dust again, and the speed was as fast as the wind.

Ye Chen's face is still as calm as water. The elder of Liu family is only six-star warrior. In front of him, he is really a little weak.

However, this time, he did not continue to stimulate the blink talent.


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