I Copy Talents | Chapter 820 | Liu Ruxu Also Belongs To The Liu Family

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Chapter 820 Liu Ruxu Also Belongs To The Liu Family

 I saw, just before and after the big elder of the Liu family was about to pounce on Ye Chen's body, ye Chen pricked up his fingers.

Above the fingers, the horror of the yuan force began to show.

At the same time, he has a high strength talent on his fingers.

Not good!

Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, looks at the terrible waves on Ye Chen's fingers. He can't help but cry out.

The rest of the elders were shocked.

Only because they would never have thought that such terrible waves could condense on Ye Chen's fingers.

The pupil of elder Liu's family is also a fierce contraction. Of course, he also saw the terrible fluctuation on Ye Chen's fingers.

But it's too late.

Only because ye Chen's fingers have gone to the top of the head of the elder Liu family.

"My life is dead!"

When ye Chen's fingers were about to hit the top of the head of the big elder Liu family, the elder of the Liu family cried out.

He knew that his life was about to disappear from the world.

It's a pity that ye Chen didn't intend to kill the elder Liu family. He stopped his finger when there was only a line between his finger and his head.

Quiet, the needle can be heard.

At this time, all the people in the hall of the Liu family were afraid to speak.

Only then did they know that ye Chen was such a terrible warrior.

Is it possible that

Is it true that the five-star God of war is not possible?!

At the thought of this, the elders could not help but be frightened.

Because it's the five-star God of war!

Compared with the five-star earth God of war, they are undoubtedly one heaven and one earth.

"Master, it's terrible."

Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, dare not call ye Chen Xiaoyou any more.

He thought that if ye dust was really the five-star God of war, he would certainly be worthy of the word "elder".

"This, this, this..."

At this time, the great elder of the Liu family had been frightened to the point that he could not have imagined that ye Chen was so terrible.

If he had known, he would have given him ten courage. He did not dare to provoke Ye Chen.

"Now," Ye Chen looked at the elder of Liu family lightly, "do you think it's still my opponent?"

Liu's elder swallows his saliva and looks at Ye Chen in horror.

"Master, I, I, I I'm wrong. I really know I'm wrong. "

Elder Liu is not a fool. He knows that he can never be the opponent of Ye Chen. He apologizes to Ye Chen.

"It's OK. Of course I won't argue with you." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

He is a five-star God of war. Of course, he will not question a six-star warrior.

Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, could not help but let out a breath.

"Master, it was my Liu family that offended me so much..."

Liu Shan, the leader of the Liu family, was interrupted by Ye Chen.

"It's OK."

Immediately, the leaf dust then walked freely in Liushan.

But what he didn't expect was that he saw Liu ruxu.


Is Liu ruxu from the Liu family?

Thinking of this, ye Chen can't help shaking his head secretly, thinking that there are too many coincidences in this world.

There is no doubt that Liu ruxu also saw him.

"You You...! "

Liu ruxu gaped.

She would never dream of seeing ye Chen in the Liu family.

"Is there any surprise?"

Leaf dust walked slowly to Liu ruxu's side, said to her lightly.

Liu ruxu's heart has endless shock, she still did not come back to God, still a dull face in situ.


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