I Copy Talents | Chapter 824 | Do You Think Im Dead

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Chapter 824 Do You Think Im Dead

 I saw that the golden back chopper was about to reach the top of Ye Chen's head, and ye Chen still had no intention of dodging!

A dozen men watched such a scene, and they all couldn't help laughing.

Because they all know that ye Chen gave up the treatment.

As long as the golden back chopper heavily cuts on his head, his life will disappear forever from this world.

But then came a scene that they would never dream of.

I saw that when the golden back chopper heavily chopped on the top of Ye Chen's head, it made a steel collision sound with the top of Ye Chen.


More than a dozen men were shocked, their eyes have been opened to the largest ever!

"You You

The man with a gold back chopper on the top of Ye Chen's head could not say a word. He could be as frightened as he could.

"Did you just think I was dead?"

Ye CHENFENG, God Junlang's face appeared a touch of fun, he looked at the man in front of him.

"Go ahead."

To the top of the man's voice!

Where can the man block the leaf dust a blow, suddenly, his skull will be broken up.


Looking at such a scene, the remaining ten men could not help but gasp, and their faces were naturally shocked.

"Come here."

Ye Chen slowly opened his mouth to a dozen men in front of him.

Hearing the speech, the more than ten men could not help but be shocked because they did not know what ye Chen was going to do.

"Don't hesitate. Come here and let me kill you."

As soon as this was said, all the people present understood.

They know that ye Chen killed them all.

"Boy, you're not afraid that the wind is too strong and your tongue is flashing!"

A man spoke coldly.

"Let's go together! Kill the boy

As the voice fell, more than a dozen men all held up their golden back mountain knives and rushed towards Ye dust.

Of course, there is no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face. In his eyes, these ten men are naturally so weak that they can't be increased.


Just after more than a dozen men were about to arrive at him, he raised his fist and stormed out.


All of a sudden, more than ten men all issued a scream.

When more than a dozen men fell to the ground, the sound of fists roaring came, and a burst of crackling in the air!

This is the so-called sonic boom!

Liu ruxu hasn't responded yet. She looks at more than ten men on the ground.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. You can't help but be astonished.

Only because, these ten men have no life.

Seeing this scene, Liu ruxu's heart can not help but be shocked, because she found that ye dust is really too terrible.

"Let's go in."

Ye Chen looked at the side of Liu ruxu light said.

Liu ruxu smelled the words and nodded heavily, then followed the leaf dust to walk in.

They went into the evil organization of beijiangshan!

Many people inside all have some doubts, just because they don't know ye Chen and Liu ruxu.

"Who are you?"

Immediately, a few men came over and asked for the leaf dust and Liu ruxu plate.

Ye Chen and Liu ruxu said their names truthfully, and they felt that there was nothing to hide.


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