I Copy Talents | Chapter 825 | Im Here To Destroy You Beijiangshan

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 825 Im Here To Destroy You Beijiangshan

 Several men heard the names of Ye Chen and Liu ruxu, and they all had some doubts.

Only because they have not heard the name of Ye Chen and Liu ruxu.

"What can I do for you to come to my Beijiang evil organization?"

"Of course, we are here..."

Ye Chen's words have not finished, was a panic voice to interrupt.

"No, more than a dozen of our gatekeepers are dead!"


Dozens of men from the evil group were all shocked. Of course, they didn't expect such a thing to happen.

Suddenly, a few men in front of Ye Chen and Liu ruxu were all shocked. They had already thought of something. They looked at Ye Chen and Liu ruxu in amazement.

"Yes Are you? "


Ye Chen nodded.

"Brothers, these two men killed it!"

Only listen, a man a big drink.

Then, dozens of men will put leaf dust and Liu ruxu to the group surrounded.

Ye Chen's face is naturally calm as water. In his eyes, these dozens of men are too weak to be pitiful.

"What are you doing?"

Leaf dust's face appeared a puzzled.

"Ha ha!"

A man with a cold smile said coldly to the leaf dust:

"you killed a dozen of my brothers in beijiangshan. Now, what are we doing

Dozens of men who surround Ye Chen and Liu ruxu feel that ye Chen is too funny.

Leaf dust smell speech understand come over, "go tell your leader, say I want to destroy your North River Mountain, ask him you are suicide, or how."


Hearing this, dozens of men couldn't help but turn pale. They wanted to break their heads, but they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You Are you going to destroy our North River and mountain? "

A man was very surprised to see ye Chen, he only felt that he must have heard wrong.

"Yes, is there anything strange about it?"

Leaf dust's face appeared a touch of indifferent expression.

"But I don't think that's going to work."


Ye Chen wants to hear why he says his idea doesn't work.

"Why are you going to die

Dozens of men heard the speech, their faces can not help but appear a sneer.

"Is it?"

Leaf dust indifferent smile, "since you think I am about to die, then what are you waiting for?"

Dozens of men were stunned, they would not think of it in any case. They all came to such a scene, and ye Chen's face did not appear any frightened fluctuation.

Although they all know that ye Chen is about to die, they still admire Ye Chen's courage.

"Boy, since you are determined to die, if we don't fulfill you, we will not say that I don't know how to treat guests in beijiangshan?"

The sound falls, dozens of men then besieged up.

It's a pity that these dozens of men are too weak in front of Ye Chen and Liu ruxu.

Just in an instant, dozens of men fell to the ground, there is no life.


Ye Chen looked at the corpse on the ground, and he shook his head.

At this time, there is still a person standing in place!

This man is the man who just talked with Ye Chen.

At this time, the man has been scared out of three souls, two souls, seven souls, six souls.

"Are you afraid?"

Ye Chen looked at the man lightly.


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