I Copy Talents | Chapter 839 | Girl Riding A Beast

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Chapter 839 Girl Riding A Beast

 All the people in Qinglong martial arts school are looking at Ye Chen in amazement.

In their opinion, ye Chen is too terrible.

You know, Lin long, the leader of leiteng martial arts school, is a two-star God of war, but he is so vulnerable in front of Ye Chen?

"Master, you are God and man!"

Xu lianxiong says to the martial arts school.

Ye Chen's face is naturally calm, just because Lin long, the leader of leiteng martial arts school, is just a gene warrior of the two-star earth God of war. Naturally, he can't be his opponent.

He didn't stay much in Qinglong martial arts school!

It's in the wild!

To his surprise, he saw a base city after walking in the wild for two days.

Ye Chen's face has some doubts. He thought there was only a world city, but he didn't expect there was a base city.

Without any hesitation, ye Chen went to the base city.

After arriving at the base city, ye Chen learned that the base city was called crazy blue base city.

"Here comes the fierce beast!"

Suddenly, a voice came into his ears.

Ye Chen is stunned. He thinks that there will be fierce beasts in the base city?

When he looked back, he understood in an instant.

It turned out that a girl was riding a fierce beast and began to run into each other.

Crazy blue base city street passers-by look at this situation, can not help but all shocked, quickly avoid!

I saw that the girl riding the fierce beast was about to come to Ye Chen's side.

But ye Chen did not have any appearance of dodging!

"Get out of the way

Riding on the back of the fierce beast, the girl saw that ye Chen was not ready to dodge, and she was also a little flustered.

Ye Chen's face is as calm as water. He can think of it with his toes. The identity of this girl must be not simple!

In the base city can ride fierce beast, that is to say can also think of.

I saw, riding a fierce beast of the girl has come to Ye Chen, but ye Chen still does not have any meaning to dodge.

"What do you mean?"

The girl stopped the fierce beast and looked at Ye Chen. Her white face was full of displeasure.

"I've never been in the habit of giving way to others." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

At the same time, the girl's talent and realm information also appeared in his retina.

"Name: Liu Xun."

"Cultivation talent" mysterious level. "

"Hidden talent: water talent."

"Realm: Seven Star War emperor."

Looking at the girl's talent and realm information, ye Chen can't help laughing.

"Ha ha!"

Liu Xun gave a cold smile to Ye Chen. In her opinion, what ye Chen said was too ridiculous.

All the onlookers also felt that ye Chen was a man who did not know the height of heaven and earth!

Didn't he know that he was facing Miss Liu?

"I'm in a good mood today. I don't want to see you all the same. Get out of my way!"

Liu Xun said to Ye Chen.

What Liu Xun didn't think of anyway was that ye Chen said such a sentence.

Ye Chen looked at Liu Xun faintly and spoke slowly:

"I have already said that I don't have the habit of giving way to others."

As soon as this was said, not only Liu Xun, but also all the onlookers were stunned. How could they expect Ye Chen to be so arrogant.

"Who do you know?"

Liu Xun got angry and said, staring at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head secretly, and he thought why everyone would ask him this question?


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