I Copy Talents | Chapter 841 | Finale 2

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 841 Finale 2

 Liu Xun gets into trouble with Ye Chen, who goes to Liu's house with Liu Xun because he knows that there are fierce beasts in the Liu family.

After the success of the Liu family, the powerful Jingye beast showed its strength.

The martial arts schools in the city center of the world attacked the Liu family. Ye Chen helped the Liu family when the Liu family was in a state of anxiety.

Ye Chen showed his terror power and defeated the top ten martial arts school masters.

Ye Chen is well-known in the middle of the city, and they all know that the city of the world has come to a supreme terror.

The master of Qinglong martial arts school invited Pan Jun, one of the top ten strong men in the city of the world. Pan Jun wanted to fight ye Chen in a month.

This war has become the focus of the whole world city residents.

Ye Chen practiced madly. A month later, he fought with Pan Jun. when everyone thought Ye Chen was not an opponent of Pan Jun, he defeated Pan Jun, and the city of the world was in an uproar.

Gao Xingyun, the leader of the wuzhe alliance in the city of the world, met Ye Chen in person. Ye Chen showed a strong talent, which surprised the senior members of the alliance.

Gao Xingyun, the alliance of warriors, tells Ye Chen that there is a trial in the alliance of warriors. After the trial, they will be able to accept the long river of vitality.

Ye Chen moved, he began to pass the test, and not long after, he passed the test with a super strong posture.

Accepting the spirit of the long river, ye Chen came to the realm of God of war.

In the city of the world, he copied time talent and space talent.

Ye Chen practices in the yuan tower of the Martial Arts Alliance. He is crazy to absorb the vitality in the yuan tower. He wants to impact the strongest realm.

At this time, the world is full of storms!

Fierce animals have broken through countless countries, and all the ocean island countries have been spared, countless deaths and injuries, and the sea has been dyed red by human blood.

Hundreds of millions of fierce beasts are coming inland.

Many countries in the hinterland are in danger and are calling for help.

The city of the world is the center of the world, and the alliance of warriors, as the highest symbol of the world's warriors, existed after the meeting of the world government.

The strong men of the world city began to lead their teams to other countries.

A great war broke out!

There are too many fierce beasts. The war lasted for three years.

Three years later, the fierce beast retreated. When everyone thought that the fierce beast gave up its attack, it caused a greater crisis.

A huge crack was torn in the sky, and the top ten fierce beasts appeared from the sky.

The top ten fierce beasts gathered together the fierce beasts of the world and attacked the countries all over the world in a lightning like manner.

In a short time, countless countries were destroyed by fierce animals, the corpses piled up like mountains, and the bloody gas spread for thousands of miles, just like human purgatory.

After the meeting of the world government, it was decided to establish a world alliance to bring all countries together to build a super base.

After the completion of the super base, led by the top ten fierce beasts, countless fierce beasts attacked the super base.

The rise and fall of mankind, this war!

However, the super base can not resist the fierce beast's attack.

At the critical moment, ye Chen broke through the mysterious realm and achieved invincible results.

He summoned countless powerful talents, holding artifact, like the God of war, to fight against the top ten fierce beasts in the sky.

The ten most powerful beasts were killed by Ye Chen!

After the battle, we will open the gate of the city and fight against the beast base!

In the end, all the fierce beasts are destroyed.

Ye Chen also returned to the place where the dream began and lived with his wife poor spirit.


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