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Chapter 153 - War Friend - Part 2


After the quest was completed, in order to tune-up momentarily, Ian's party scattered.

As they hunted so intensely for such a long time, the durability of their equipment had almost reached the end, and they were also all out of Recovery Potions.

However, it wasn't a matter that was applicable to Ian.

This was because his Familiars mostly fought for him, and for recovery, Familiar Healing and the healers took full charge of that.

The only thing he really used was Spirit Magic Recovery Potions, but even those, he still had quite a bit of.

Even after Ian sent off his guild members, he continued to hunt alone, and thanks to that, his EXP even filled up quite a bit.

'Soon, I'll probably be able to hit lv 136.'

Ever since the central continent opened up, because a lot of high-level hunting grounds that give a lot of EXP appeared, the top-ranking users' leveling-up speeds had grown quite fast compared to before.

However, it wasn't comparable to Ian's leveling-up speed, and the result of that was a situation where Ian was almost caught up to the top-ranking group.

'When I checked yesterday or so, it looked like the level cut for the top 100 was 141…'

The ranking that Ian was talking about was not just the class-specific ranking, but the general user level ranking cutline of the Korean server.

In front of the eyes of Ian, who started as a latecomer, the end of the top 100 rankings was finally visible.

"Keu, shall we keep the steam up and hunt again?"

However, just then, a system message that drained Ian of his strength popped up.

- All 7 days for the dungeon's first discoverer's buff has passed.

- From now on, all reward values will return to normal.

After his guild members left for maintenance, Ian had been hunting inside the grave dungeon again.

Ian, who even checked that the buff icon at the top of his view disappeared, licked his lips.

"Tsk… I guess it can't be helped."

At Ian's mumbling, Hoonie, who was in the back, immediately asked.

"Are we finally done hunting?"

Because Hoonie was affiliated with Kaizar, he basically came attached like a 2-for-1 set menu in Ian's hunting, and thanks to that, the dark circles of Hoonie, who completely went through Ian's hard hunting schedule, reached down to the end of his chin.

"Hmm… We'll need to go out and hunt instead now, I guess."

Hoonie sighed deeply,


And Death Knight Ballam let out a sigh next to him as he helped out.

- Ah… As expected, an evil human.

However, Ian didn't even cast a look towards their complaints, and he moved his feet towards the exit of the dungeon.

Kaizar, who saw that, smirked as he mumbled.

"Our Lord guy, even though he lacks in other aspects, his spirit alone is acknowledgeable."

Hoonie just shook his head.

* * *

While he was out on the ground anyways, Ian thought that he should explore here and there as he searched for a base that they could occupy before the other guild members returned.

"But where should I start…"

An area with a lot of complicated paths was a pain as well, but maps that were completely open like this to the point the end wasn't visible were also a structure that also easily brought difficulty in choosing for the users.

While Ian was contemplating like that, Bbakbbak, who was next to him, opened his mouth.

- Hm, I do remember. I came out on the ground for the first time in a while, but it's as familiar as if it was just yesterday.

Bbakbbak raised his three heads with his long necks as if he was stretching.

Ian, who turned his gaze towards him, asked.

"Then, Bbakbbak, you probably also know the geography quite well, right?"

Bbakbbak nodded his head as he replied.

- That's right, owner. I don't know all of the central continent, but I remember almost all of this middle area.

Ian's eyes shone.

This was because the thing that he needed immediately was information on the geography.

'I wish there was a honey-like base hidden somewhere…'

Ian asked Bbakbbak with eyes full of anticipation.

"Bbakbbak, then by any chance, do you know where a base is near here?"

However, Bbakbbak wasn't able to meet Ian's expectations.

- Base? I don't know what that is, owner.


Ian scratched the back of his head.

'Is it because base is a word only used by users? Then how should I explain it so that Bbakbbak will understand?'

While Ian was contemplating like that, Bbakbbak opened his mouth again.

- By any chance, is the place called a base somewhere where a lot of people are gathered and it's noisy?

At Bbakbbak's question, Ian quickly nodded his head.

"Yeah, it's exactly that. I think it's right!"

While looking at Ian, who was happy, Bbakbbak slowly nodded his head.

- If it's a place like that, there is a place that I remember that isn't far off. I don't know if it will still be there, though, as so much time has passed.

However, Ian was basically sure that the place that Bbakbbak was talking about was a base.

"Let's go there, Bbakbbak. Show us the way!"

After Bbakbbak nodded his head, he began to slowly move his large body.

- Understood, owner.

* * *

"Is it not awkward to go about like this, Shyakran?"

At the entrance of the Tower of War that stood majestically, two men shared a conversation while facing each other.

The two people were none other than Ilahan, the Guild Master of the DarkRuna Guild, and Shyakran, the Guild Master of the Titan Guild.

From the outside, it looked like they were sharing a quite conversation, but between them, severe nervousness flowed.

Since this was the central continent, and in the central continent, there was no restriction on PK amongst users of the same nationality.

If even one of the two sides were to attempt to attack first, an uncontrollable large-scale battle would occur.

And as much as it was a battle between the 1st place and 2nd place guilds, the aftermath would be incredible.

Shyakran was overly chatty as he opened his mouth.

"Haha, Ilahan. This is a misunderstanding. This is a place that we just discovered in the morning today as well, so we were about to give you the information shortly after as well."


They both knew of each other's intentions, but as they were Guild Masters that needed to move based on thorough relations of gains and losses, they paid close attention to their actions and words.

Ilahan slightly looked at the Tower of War as he asked Shyakran.

"Then, it would certainly be alright for us to use it right about now, right? The Tower of War, that is."

While looking at Ilahan, who spoke with strength in his words, Shyakran could do nothing else but nod his head.

This was because if they were to clash with the DarkRuna Guild right now, there was too much to lose.

"Of course, Ilahan. You probably also have a lot of Specialty Points that you've saved up until now, so you should use it quickly."

As Shyakran made a hand motion, the guildmembers of the Titan guild opened up a path on either side, and the entrance to go into the Tower of War entered Ilahan's field of vision.


Ilahan, who stared at Shyakran for a while, slowly started moving his feet, and following him, the guild members of the DarkRuna Guild entered the Tower of War quickly.

* * *

"Bbakbbak, is the place that you were talking about… here?"

- That's right, owner. As expected, as too much time has passed, there's no one left. A thousand years ago, it was an incredibly crowded place. Either way, the place that I remember is here.

The place that appeared in front of Ian's eyes was a building large in size that was wide from side to side.

'Even just by looking, it's not a base, but… What is this?'

Ian checked the information of the building.

- War Trading Post

A trading post that warriors of the ancient central continent traded and sold goods. Goods in the trading post can be purchased using 'Specialty Points', and artifacts or food, as well as gold and so on can also be purchased with 'Specialty Points'.

And Ian's two eyes widened.

'What, what the hell, there was such a place? I was wondering where I was supposed to use Specialty Points, but it was to use it here!'

Ian didn't know of the existence of the 'Tower of War' yet. Because of that, this was the first time he discovered a place where he could use his Specialty Points.

With the middle area of the central continent, where both sides of the empire army were facing each other, as the reference point, the Tower of War was in the west, while the War Trading Post was in the east.

Because of that, the DarkRuna Guild and the Titan Guild, who came in through the west, discovered the Tower of War, while Ian was able to discover the War Trading Post.

'Let's just go in first.'

Ian, whose heart became elated at the exciting discovery, moved his feet and stepped foot into the entrance of the trading post.

As he did so, a system message rang out.


- You have discovered the War Trading Post for the first time.

- Your Specialty Points have increased by 3 thousand.

- With the Specialty Points obtained, you can trade it with goods inside the trading post.

- You can only enter the War Trading Post once per day for 30 minutes. Do you wish to enter?

Ian nodded his head as he opened his mouth.

"I'll enter."

And following behind Ian, Hoonie also entered.

Kaizar and Celia, as well as Ballam and others entered as well, but aside from Kaizar, because they weren't able to gather much Specialty Points, he didn't think there would really be a meaning.

'Is this a place that you can purchase things like items with Specialty Points?'

As he had a time limit of 30 minutes, Ian began to poke around the inside of the building as quickly as possible.

And he was able to conclude one thing through that.

'They don't sell stuff like artifacts. It's mainly made so that you can trade food and war goods.'

The Specialty Points that Ian had gathered up until now was a tremendous amount close to 50 thousand.

He didn't know exactly, but with this much, he was anticipating that he could possibly buy something like a decent artifact, yet was slight disappointed.

However, as it was an obvious that a lot of resources would be lacking in order to grow a base in this barren central continent, he was sure that the War Trading Post, where food could be received through battle, would be a big help.

While Ian was thinking of this and that, Hoonie, who looked around the trading post, opened his mouth.

"How disappointing. I was hoping it was the Tower of War."

At Hoonie's words, Ian asked with a quizzical expression.

"Tower of War? What's that?"

It was only then Hoonie wore an expression showing that his tongue slipped.

Ian approached Hoonie and began to interrogate him.

"What is that? By any chance, you aren't trying to hide it, right?"

However, before Hoonie even replied, a voice that resolved Ian's curiosity was heard from somewhere else.

That was Kaizar's voice.

"The Tower of War was a place where you can purchase ancient artifacts or items with Specialty Points from war. It's a little different from this place."

"I see, why are you telling me this only now, retainer?"

At Ian's complaining, Kaizar smirked as he replied.

"Even if you knew the location of the Tower of War, it's in a place where you cannot go."

"Why is that?"

"That's because it's in the west side, where the Kaimon Empire army is stationed."

"I see."

For now, disappointment is just disappointment, and Ian began to think about what would be the best way to use this War Trading Post.

'For every 100 Specialty Points, it's 50 Food Points… If I pour in all of the Specialty Points I have right now, how many soldiers can I produce? If it's in reference to the northern continent, then I think I'll be able to make close to about 200…'

For now, Ian decided to hold off using his points. He felt like he should first occupy a base before checking the cost and mapping out a plan.

'Since I'll be able to come back tomorrow again anyways.'

Ian looked around his surroundings.

Thanks to the geography, where it was surrounded by tall sand hills, he felt like it wouldn't be discovered by other guilds for a while.

Since if it wasn't for Bbakbbak, Ian wouldn't have been able to find it either.

'If I knew this was the case, should I have occupied a base first instead of hunting as soon as I finished the quest? If I did that, then I wouldn't have failed the Base Occupying Quest either.'

However, if he had moved that quickly, he knew well that he would have already become a target of the Kaimon Empire soldiers and guilds, so Ian quickly set aside his lingering attachment.

'For now, let's wait until the others log back in.'

Ian came out of the trading post and began to move towards the place that the guildmembers and he decided on meeting up at.

However, just then.

A world message that was sent to all users in the same continent popped up at the top of Ian's view.


- User 'Ilahan', the DarkRuna Guild Master, has obtained the 'Mark of Magenta'.

- From now on, 'Desert Warriors', which have appeared as 'Neutral NPCs' have formed an amicable relationship with the 'DarkRuna' Guild.

- As the nationality of the 'DarkRuna' Guild is the Kaimon Empire, the Desert Warriors will now have a hostile relationship with the Luspel Empire.


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