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Chapter 163 - A Dangerous Gamble - Part 3


The words of the commander continued.

"It's predicted that the resistance of our opponents will most likely be more violent than ever before, carelessness is forbidden."

Standing up from his spot, he turned his gaze toward Ilahan.

"Marquis Ilahan, come up here and give us an analysis on the opponents that our army will have to face."

Using the Mark of Magellan, Ilahan consistently made contributions, and because he did that, he was able to obtain the trust of the commander.

Ilahan, who wore a satisfied smile as he stood up, went up to the front and while pointing to the map, he began to explain.

"This is the area that the main force of the Luspel Army is stationed. It's exactly the geography where we can meet if we move forward just 1 kilometre."

The gazes of the whole assembly were fixated on the map.

"However, as the geography is east high west low, if we were to fight here, we would have to fight unfairly where we would be forced to have to look up to our opponents."

The commander nodded his head in agreement.

"It definitely would end up like that."

Ilahan's words continued.

"On top of that, as the entrance is not that wide, it is also not a suitable geography for a lot of troops to enter at once."

"That is also correct."

Ilahan, who approached the map one step closer, went back and forth putting red ink on the parts above and below the section he was pointing to with his finger.

"That's why we must divide our military troops and enter through these three places."

One officer, who was listening to Ilahan's words, opened his mouth with a puzzled expression.

"Hmm… If we do that, wouldn't we lack too much with military troops compared to the Luspel Empire military that is stationed in the middle area?"

Ilahan nodded his head.

"That would definitely be the case. That's why, in the middle area, we're just going to 'act' like we're fighting."

"What do you mean act like we're fighting…?"

"In the middle area, we will attract the gaze of the main force of Luspel with the least number of troops, while sending the main force troops from the top and bottom and penetrate through the line of defense at once."

The commander, who silently listened to his explanation, slowly opened his mouth.

"It's a good tactic. However, in the area that you marked, bases of guilds affiliated with the Luspel Empire are blocking it off at every strategic point. The tactic that you talked about will only be possible if those bases are first occupied, so do you have a plan?"

As if he was waiting, Ilahan nodded his head as he replied.

"Of course. Our DarkRuna Guild and Marquis Shyakran's Titan Guild will take responsibility and attack the bases."

This was a part that he had already talked about with Shyakran beforehand.

The two giant guilds had peacefully agreed to divide the awkward bases of the Luspel guilds, which definitely wouldn't even have proper Defensive Power.

The commander turned his gaze towards Shyakran as he asked.

"Marquis Shyakran, is it alright for me to believe in you?"

Shyakran slightly bowed his head as he showed his manners.

"That's right, Commander. We will not disappoint you."

After the strategy meeting was done, Shyakran and Ilahan, who were in charge of attacking the guild bases of Luspel Empire, were slowly walking around the camping ground as they shared a conversation.

It was in order to organize how the two guilds will share the troops and divide everything up.

"So, the DarkRuna Guild will attack the north… Is that what you're saying?"

At Shyakran's words, Ilahan nodded his head as he replied.

"That's right. We will take care of the north area."


With a suspicious look, Shyakran slightly stared at Ilahan.

'Exactly what does he have up his sleeve? The access way to the north will be much harder than attacking the south…'

The Lotus Guild's base blocked off the access way to the north.

It was a situation where the word that the Lotus Guild had invested a large sum of money and was building an impenetrable defense was already widespread, and because of that, Shyakran couldn't help but be puzzled.

'Of course, compared to other bases, there are a lot more buildings already built, so it would be nice to obtain the Lotus base, which has already been established, but I don't think it's enough to endure the risk…'

It was definite that Ilahan also collected information beforehand and had already investigated the Defensive Powers of the front-line bases of the Luspel Empire.

'Of course, no matter how many defense towers the Lotus Domain has built, it won't be to the point it will be impenetrable, but the damage will probably be quite big, so there's definitely something that I don't know…'

For now, Shyakran hid his thoughts and nodded his head.

Since, on the surface, it was more beneficial to take care of the access way to the south, which was obviously easier to attack.

The Defensive Power of the bases that blocked the south access way were so weak to the point it could be considered ownerless compared to the base of the Lotus Guild.

"Well, if the DarkRuna Guild will take care of the more difficult attack route, we would be grateful."

Ilahan wore an indulgent smile as he opened his mouth.

"Haha, thanks to the Mark of Magellan, we gathered quite a lot of troops, and wouldn't it be the honour of the number 1 ranking guild to sacrifice once at a time like this? Huhu."

Shyakran felt his mood turn unpleasant, but he wasn't a naïve-enough person to show that.

"Then, good luck to you, Ilahan. Penetrate the northern access way safely and let's see each other three days later."

Ilahan nodded his head.

"Yes, I also pray for good fortune in battle for the Titan Guild."

Shyakran smirked as he turned his footsteps.

"As the access way to the south is just going to be filled with scarecrows… Anyways, thank you."

As Shyakrans form slowly grew more distant as he walked towards the camp of the Titan Guild, Ilahan, who momentarily watched his backside, mumbled with a low voice.

"Huhu, he's probably wondering why I'm insistent on the access way to the north."

Truthfully, Ilahan was also planning on a bloodless victory with the access way to the south at first.

However, through a spy that he had implanted in the Luspel Empire camp, he had heard incredible information.

'I had no idea that a scrappy guild that's not even in the top 100 of the guild rankings would be monopolizing the War Trading Post.'

It was the information that the War Trading Post was located in the inside of the base of the Lotus Guild.

Despite having obtained the Mark of Magellan, as the Titan Guild was practically monopolizing the Tower of War, the fact that he wasn't able to create a huge gap between them was constantly a frustration of his.

In a situation like this, the opportunity to obtain the War Trading Post, which was a neutral facility that came close to the Tower of War, was worth more than a thousand pieces of gold.

'Huhu, the Lotus Guild, was it? Foolish people. No matter if they build a rampart and defense towers, a guild in the top 100 will not be able to overcome the difference in fighting power, tsk.'

Because the building of the Lotus Guild's defensive wall had become an issue even in the community quite a number of times, Ilahan also knew of it.

However, to Ilahan, it just looked like cute tricks.

The corners of Ilahan's mouth rolled upwards as he mumbled.

"It looks like I'll have to properly show them the difference in our strength."

* * *


• All requirements needed to promote the rank of the Lotus Village to 'Domain' have been satisfied.

• Because the name 'Lotus Domain' already exists, a new name of the Domain must be set up.

• Based on the name of the place, the name 'Pyro Domain' can be assigned. Will you assign it/

Ian nodded his head.

"We'll do 'Pyro'."

• The name of the base has been set to 'Pyro'.

• In order to promote the base rank to 'Domain', a lord with an aristocrat title is required.

Because it was a Village rank up until now, a normal user had been taking charge of the village leader position temporarily, but now, a lord that would take care of the domestic affairs of the domain continuously needed to be appointed.

Ian turned his head towards Herz and Fiolan, who stood next to him, as he asked.

"Herz, do you want to be the lord here?"

After entering the central continent, because they consistently received empire quests from the empire army, it was a state where several executive members, including Herz, have received at least Baron title.

"Or do you want to do it, Fiolan?"

As Ian looked back and forth at the two people while asking, after contemplating for a moment, Herz opened his mouth.

"Hmm… Wouldn't it be better if Fiolan did it? It's already a pain in the neck for me to take care of guild business."

The fact that the number of things that the Guild Master had to do the bigger the size of the guild got couldn't be helped.

Because of that, Herz didn't want to be greedy for the lord position as well.

"Then Fiolan?"

At Ian's question, Fiolan slowly nodded her head as she replied.

"Sure, I'll do it. Since I'm definitely freer than Herz."

As soon as he heard the reply, Ian nominated Fiolan as the lord of Pyro Domain.


• The base rank of Pyro Village has elevated to 'Domain'.

• User 'Fiolan' has been nominated as the Lord of Pyro Domain.

• As three bases that are 'Domain' rank have been retained, the Guild Fame has increased by 50 thousand.

• One of the requirements to promote to a 'Great Domain' has been satisfied.

Fiolan read through the messages that popped up one after another as she smirked.

"Still, I feel good since I have an important title. Although I don't know how long I'll have it."

She said that as it would become useless if they lost the Domain to the Kaimon Empire Army.

And Ian also knew what the meaning of her words were, so he burst out into laughter.

"Don't be so negative about it, Fiolan. You should be thinking about protecting it until the end."

"That's true, but since the troops on that side are so incredible, I was just saying it."

Along with Fiolan's words, the three people turned towards the flag of Kaimon Empire that could be seen from far away.

Even by looking at the army of the Kaimon Empire, who were encamped like a colony of ants, from far away, their dignity was incredible.

Herz opened his mouth.

"But, why are they just staying still all day there? If they raided us like that during the evening without rest, the battle would have begun without us even having completed constructing the fortress."

Like Herz's words, thanks to the Kaimon Empire Army not having moved for a day, the fortress of the Pyro Domain was able to complete construction safely.

Ian replied.

"Well, either way, it's better for us."

However, just then, in the eyes of Ian, who was studying the camp of the Kaimon Empire Army from far away, a large-scale movement began to be captured.

Ian abruptly stood up as he opened his mouth.

"Oh, it looks like they're moving now?"

At the place that Ian was pointing at with his finger, sandy clouds of dust were rising up. As it was too far, he couldn't see exactly, but it looked like the first groups have begun to move.

Fiolan, who checked that, quickly ran to the telescope that was installed on the rampart and shoved her eye against it.

"You're right, they began to move."

Herz asked.

"Fiolan, by any chance, do you see their flag?"

"Hmm, one second."

Fiolan, who moved the telescope here and there as she looked for the flag, slowly opened her mouth after fixating the telescope on one location.

"Hmm… I think that's the DarkRuna Guild flag."

This time, Ian opened his mouth with a quizzical expression.

"Huh? Are you sure it's not the flag of the Kaimon Empire Army's commander?"

Fiolan nodded her head.

"Yes, it's definitely the flag of the DarkRuna Guild. They're coming towards our Domain."

Ian wore a strange expression.

'Why's that? I did think that rather than attacking the geography where the Luspel Empire Army is defending, they would attack easy guild bases, but I had no idea that the guilds, not the empire army, would move first.'

However, because it would be easier to face the fighting power of a guild rather than the empire army, Ian let out a sigh of relief.

'I can only interpret it as the DarkRuna Guild wants our Domain… Well, it doesn't matter.'

While looking at Herz, Ian opened his mouth.

"Yoohyun, please contact everybody to get ready for battle, and call back the guild members that are logged off right now. It probably won't take them over thirty minutes for them to reach here from there."

"Okay, understood."

And he turned his head towards Fiolan.

"Fiolan, please let the outside users that are still inside the Domain that a battle will begin soon."

Because not a lot of time had passed since the construction of the fortress was finished, most of the users that had participated in the construction were still within the Domain.

In order to not bring such thankful people harm, there was a need to give them a pledge to escape the Domain beforehand.

"Got it. But, by any chance, if there are users that want to participate, what should I do?"


Ian, who hadn't thought that far, was slightly taken aback, but he opened his mouth immediately again.

"I don't know how many users there would be that would want to enter this dangerous battle, but we'll employ them as mercenaries."


Fiolan, who responded shortly, immediately turned her footsteps and disappeared, and Ian, who was left alone on top of the watchtower, closed his eyes and became submerged in his thoughts.

'Our opponent is the number 1 guild in the Korean server rankings… It won't be easy.'

It would be nice if there could be 'rules' like in territory wars of the northern continent where there was a limit on the number of people or could create some other variable, but there was no such thing in the central continent.

Everything was divided only on the outcome of the battle.

However, had about ten minutes had passed like that? A message popped up in front of the eyes of Ian, who was racking his brains for an effective battle.

• Hello, Ian. I am Lee Hansung, the leader of the YTBC broadcasting station's planning team. I am contacting you like this after hearing the information that there would be a siege warfare between the DarkRuna Guild and the Lotus Guild soon.

Ian, who saw the message, wore a flustered expression.

'No, why are they so fast? How did a broadcasting station find out already?'

Ian had no idea, but amongst the users that participated in the fortress extension construction, there were users affiliated with the YTBC broadcasting station.

'Well, since there's nothing bad about being broadcasted.'

Ian instantly replied.

• Yes, Team Leader Lee Hansung, continue.

• You've probably already guessed, but us YTBC broadcasting station would like to create an exclusive video on this siege warfare. From camp of the Lotus Guild, that is.

• Rather than a guild in the top 100 like us, wouldn't it be more beneficial to be filming it from the DarkRuna camp, who has a higher chance of winning? Why did you contact me?

• I'm not sure. The DarkRuna Guild is for sure superior in fighting power, but as much as it is a siege warfare, there could be many variables, and above all, we wanted to create a video on the battle where the attacks of the opponents would be blocked from the defensive fortress of the Lotus Guild, which was a big issue this time.

• Hmm… I see.

Lee Hansung immediately sent a message again.

• We will deposit the incentives that tag along with advertisement earnings and other additional earnings to the guild bank account of the Lotus Guild. You probably know, but because our YTBC channel has an overwhelming share compared to other game broadcasting channels, it will also be a big help to the Lotus Guild.

Ian nodded his head as he thought.

'That will definitely be the case.'

Ian, who organized his thoughts, opened his mouth again.

• Well, understood. We will do that. However, there is a condition.

• A condition?

• Yes, I will allow an exclusive broadcasting, but for my personal battle video, I will manage that separately and distribute it.

• Hmm…

It seemed for a moment he was either thinking about it or he was receiving approval from the head office as a message didn't return, and Ian slowly walked down from the watchtower to prepare for battle.

And had about 5 minutes passed?

A message came again from YTBC's side.

• Sounds good, Ian. We will make a contract accordingly.

With a satisfied expression, Ian sent a message.

• Yes, then I hope that you will make a good video, Team Leader.

• Of course. For the contract, I will save the contents that I sent back and forth with you, Ian, and prepare it.


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