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Chapter 166 - Impenetrable Fortress - Part 3


After the base of the Lotus Guild was built-up in the central continent, Harin leveled up quite a bit while following her guildmates.

Thanks to that, even Harin's level, which felt like it would forever be a two-digit figure, had increased to a three-digit figure to the point she was facing lv 110, but to participate in the defensive battle with the DarkRuna Guild was irrational.

'Well, still, since I've maxed out my cooking and supplied it, I've also probably helped!'

Before the defensive battle began, Harin had supplied the buffed foods that she made diligently one by one.

Just like she was thinking, the buffed food was a big help to the Lotus Guild members.

Since when it came to her cooking level, it was so high to the point it was unrivaled in Kailan.

Harin, who completed all of her tasks, logged out and sat on the sofa in the room while turning on the TV instead of directly participating in the battle.


As the giant TV screen, which hung on the wall, turned on, Harin quickly switched the channels until YTBC's channel was on.

"Although I can't be with them inside, I should cheer them on."

This was because she heard that YTBC was monopolizing the broadcast for this siege warfare of the DarkRuna Guild and the Lotus Guild.

"Where did my keyboard go again?"

The TV that was inside Harin's room was a smart TV that was connected to Harin's computer desktop.

The smart TV was an incredibly convenient product that could be used with the TV and PC linked together.

Harin, who settled into the sofa after finding her wireless mouse and keyboard, began to diligently watch the siege warfare with even the lights of her room turned off, so that it felt like she was watching a movie.

Harin ripped open the chip bag that she had saved in the corner of her room as she mumbled.

"When will our Jinsung come out? DarkRuna, they said that they were the 1stplace guild, but are they sure they aren't going to get annihilated after just destroying the towers?"

Harin, who watched the siege warfare while munching on her potato chips, beamed as she watched Jinsung, who appeared coolly along with Bbakbbak, who dropped to the ground.

"When it comes to games alone, our Jinsung is amazingly good."

As if she was fighting right behind Jinsung, Harin began to be immersed in the screen.

"Ah, shall we open up the viewer's chat room?"

Harin typed on the keyboard and opened up the viewer's chat room that was hidden on the right side of the screen.

And the two eyes of Harin, who saw the chat window that popped up, rounded.

"What, what the hell? Why are comments coming up this fast?"

Comments were coming up so fast to the point it was difficult to follow with her eyes.

It was even to the point that comments endlessly popped up although the channel was behind the chatting channel that was over three-digit figures.

• Wow, what is that golden turtle over there? It looks like Hyunmu[1]. Is there someone that knows? I want to go to catch that!

• No kidding, the golden turtle's swagger is explosive. Does anybody know what that is?

• Guys, it says so right there. That it's Bbakbbak…

• No, you there, Bbakbbak is the name of that Familiar that Ian gave to it. We're saying that we want to know what that monster's species is.

• I see! Sorry, I'm a game newbie, so…

Harin, who read down the chat, smirked.

"Our Bbakbbak is pretty cool and dashing."

Harin, who was in charge of the food of all of Ian's Familiars, had become quite close with Bbakbbak as well.

There was no way there was a Familiar that hated pretty Harin, who served them delicious food three times a day.

• Wow, goddamn, you guys just saw Ian use the curtain skill just now, right? His real reflexive speed is crazy.

• Huh? Did he just invoke a curtain-type skill just now? No wonder, I was wondering why the greatsword suddenly bounced back.

• Hul, I just thought that golden turtle used a defensive skill.

• No, no, I think he just invoked the Curtain of Water skill. I've seen a fire-type curtain skill, but this is my first time seeing Curtain of Water.

• Keu, I wet my pants a little. I'm going to go change my underwear.

• Person above, you don't even have the basics down. When you're watching Ian's battle video, you should come wearing a diaper.

Fundamentally, Ian's combat method, where he hit with non-target projectiles from far away, was also flashy, but the battle content that a guild in the top 100 rankings was putting up a good fight while facing the number 1 ranking guild alone was making the users go wild.

• Are you sure that the Lotus Guild isn't actually going to win like this? If Lotus wins, this will seriously be crazy.

• Pfft, no way. They were truly amazing enough even up until now but take a look at Ilahan fighting. That person is also truly a monster. Soldiers in the lv 130 range melt down at one swing of his sword.

Harin, who was reading the chat, squinted her eyes for the first time.

"What the hell, our guild is obviously going to win, so then why are they talking like we're going to lose?"

The basis for why Harin was sure of victory was simple.

Since up until now, there was not one time that she saw a battle with Ian turn into a loss.

Harin, who mounted reasonable logic in her own way, pounded her keyboard.

• Look here, guys, how exactly are you saying that the DarkRuna Guild will win? Lotus will win this battle no matter what.

• Person above, you're saying something that's completely fabricated. Lotus has put up an incredibly good fight up until now, but close to half of DarkRuna's troops are still alive and well. It looks like they still have over 1 thousand in just soldiers, so what are you talking about?

Harin pouted her lips as she pounded her keyboard again.

• In any case, they'll win. If you watch, you'll know.

• Wow, this, just forcing zero logic. No matter how you look at it, I think DarkRuna is a little more superior so far.

• It seems that person is a member of Ian's fan club. Just leave them.

After feeling severe exhaustion from the momentary keyboard battle, Harin closed the chat window.


Harin, who had shortly judged the keyboard warriors with one word, began to focus on the screen again.

However, just then, the commentators of YTBC began to chatter with excited voices.

• What, what is that?

* * *


Along with a heavy, loud noise, dense clouds of dust blew in every direction.

Within the clouds of dust that were so thick that the vision of everybody nearby turned grey, a giant shadow hung.

The users of the Lotus Guild, including Ian, wore flustered expressions.

'What exactly is this monster-like dude?'

A bronze giant, whose body was even bigger than Bbakbbak, had appeared in front of them.

The greatness of the giant, who grasped a blue spear that looked even taller and more aggressive than himself, overwhelmed the whole assembly.


With a bizarre voice, the giant let out a loud roar towards the front before swinging around the steel spear.


"Damn it, avoid it!"

However, there weren't that many places that they could run away to in front of the narrow fortress gate, and about four or five users of the Lotus Guild, who were directly hit by the aggressive spear, turned into a grey light in an instant and disappeared.

After Ian checked the information that was above the giant's head, he shook his head.

'Where exactly did he suddenly appear from? How is he lv 220?'

• Charging Leader of the Giant, God-like People Lv 220

Ian frowned.

'Ilahan, that monster-like dude, alone is already hard enough, so how do we face that?'

Meanwhile, Ilahan's expression also darkened.

It was because even though they had even used their trump card, the Summoning Magic Artifact, the progress of the battle didn't look so easy.

'I swear I think that dude has control over the whole Lotus military strength.'

Still, as expected of the head of a giant guild, Ilahan had figured out the flow of the battle instantly.

"You, your opponent is me!"

Ilahan pulled out the twin swords that were sheathed on either side of his waist and charged towards Ian, and Ian, who discovered that, quickly let out a command as he grabbed and held up the English longbow that was hanging behind him.

"Kaizar, please take care of that bronze giant over there!"

Because there was no one that could face that outrageous monster if it wasn't Kaizar, Ian couldn't do anything else but put his hope on him for the last time, and fortunately, Kaizar nodded his head as he threw his body towards the giant, god-like person.

"Understood. If it is a giant, god-like person, they have the right to become my opponent."

At his peculiar narcissism, Ian wanted to add on something else, but there was no time to do that.

It was because Ilahan was very close.


Ilahan's swords, which were engulfed in a blue energy, were aimed at Ian's heart and they seized forward, but Ian barely dodged the sword attack as he called over Halli, who was nearby.


Because of the inertia from when Ilahan charged forward, he stopped a little further away, and Ian, taking that opportunity, invoked Current Proliferation and pulled his bowstring.


In an instant, like flowing water, Ian's continuous motion spread out. However, Ilahan's combat senses were also formidable.


Ilahan, who quickly twisted his waist as he kicked a small mound and turned his direction, swung his twin swords towards Ian again.


The energy that spewed out of the twin swords flew out towards Ian in an X-form, and Ian quickly got on Halli's back as he avoided the sword energy.

And as soon as he got on Halli's back, the first thing that Ian did was invoke Halli's inherent ability.

"Halli, Guardian of the Wind!"

The Guardian of the Wind buff of Halli, who was now close to lv 140, exponentially increased his reflexes to an outrageous amount, and on top of Halli, who flew around like wind, Ian shot out arrows one after another.

Ping- Pi-ping-!

And, the users affiliated with the DarkRuna Guild, who witnessed that form from nearby, wore flustered expressions.

"What the hell, wasn't that dude a Summoner?"

"This crazy, how is a Summoner that good at fast firing?"

When Archer-class users compete on physical abilities, one of the events that they look at the most was fast firing.

The most important virtues of an Archer-class were the accuracy rate of their non-target skills and their fast firing abilities.

However, even the Archers of the DarkRuna Guild, whom were in the rankings, thought that the fast firing that Ian had command over right now was at an incredible level.

Since the moment his arrow left the bowstring, a new arrow was placed against the string before they realized.

On top of that, the time that it took to aim and launch, it went by so fast to the point that they were suspicious as to whether he even was taking aim.

At the fault that Ilahan's movements were so fast, one to two arrows missed, but considering the fact that he didn't even have the Accuracy Rate Correction of the Archer-class, his accuracy rate was also at a surprising level.

On the other hand, the physical abilities of Ilahan, who Ian was facing, was also incredible.

With Ian on the back of Halli, who was elusive, Ilahan faced him directly while dodging or cutting down over 70% of Ian's arrows that continuously flew towards him.

The two people's battle was so showy and elaborate to the point that if they said that they got in sync beforehand and were performing acrobatic movements instead, it could be believable.

'Damn it, Halli's Agility is probably over 10 thousand right now, so then how is he able to follow this closely?'

Ian was seriously admiring Ilahan's tremendous Agility stats.

'As expected… Is he showing that he is the unofficial number 1 ranking user?'

On top of that, he had a battle sense that was no less even when compared to anybody that he had fought face-to-face up until now.

Ian was slowly falling behind against Ilahan, but as Ly and Pin, and even Bbakbbak, joined in, they were able to continue onto a somewhat even battle.

At this point, the one that was dumbfounded was Ilahan.

'What exactly does this guy do?'

When he first charged towards Ian, he was planning on eliminating him in an instant and turn the tables of the war situation.

He never even thought for a moment that he would struggle this much against a user who was affiliated with a guild that he had never even heard the name of and on top of that was a 'Summoner', which was famous for being the weakest at PvP.

If in the case that Ian had put some of his personal information as public and made it possible for his ID to be seen, Ilahan would have also recognized him.

Since the Summoner named 'Ian' was so famous to the point that there wasn't a person that didn't know of him in the community.

However, Ilahan, who didn't have much interest, wasn't able to recognize Ian's face.

For about almost 10 minutes, the offensive and defensive battle continued.

Even Paulean joined in to attack Ilahan, but as time passed, Ian began to fall behind little by little.

Ian grumbled internally.

'This is seriously just a difference in stats! I definitely think I'm more superior when it comes to control.'

Just then, when Ian was putting his brain to work to figure out how he should continue with the battle.

As a deafening roar rang out behind the two people, a loud shout was heard.

"Wooow, the giant has been slain!"

It seemed he was taken aback by the noise, as for an instant, Ilahan's movements ceased.

And it wasn't like Ian to lose that opportunity.

"Where are you looking, you idiot!"

The Magic Spheres that Ian, who hung his bow onto his back and pulled out his staff before anybody realized, shot out lodged into Ilahan's chest.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

[1] Hyunmu = The Black Tortoise; a mythical creature that is a hybrid of many animals, much like a Griffin. Also known as Xuanwu in Chinese and Genbu in Japanese.


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