Taming Master | Chapter 172 | The Strongest Selamus Warrior | Part 1

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Chapter 172 - The Strongest Selamus Warrior - Part 1


Canoel's sparkling eyes were watching Hoonie.

'He's an incredibly powerful person. This is my first time seeing such a strong Black Magician!'

Hoonie had lost his sense of existence as he was hidden by the shadow of Ian, or more specifically, the shadow of Ian's retainer, Kaizar.

However, to be honest, Hoonie was one of the strongest Black Magicians in the Korean server.

Hoonie's level was a whopping 145.

He had the ability to eliminate a Sand Scorpion around lv 130 in an instant.

Of course, the fighting power of lv 170 Death Knight Ballam, who was next to him, also played a part.

With a curt tone, Hoonie spoke to Canoel.

"No, why did a low-level like you come to the central continent? At that level, it will probably be faster leveling up by finding a party in the northern continent and run through dungeons."

"Huh? But the EXP given here is over 10 times more than what you receive in the northern continent."

"No, that's only when you stay alive and hunt properly. Looking at you fight, it's like you're walking on thin ice. You'll probably die every time you raise your EXP by 1%. Ah, no. Will you be able to even catch a monster?"

At Hoonie's cold words that struck home, Canoel slightly flinched, but he regained his composure shortly after and replied.

"I'm not as strong as you, but still, I raised my EXP quite I bit while coming all the way over here."

Hoonie stared at Canoel with a doubtful look.

'Hmm… I don't really believe him after seeing him struggle with a Sand Scorpion…'

However, as such things weren't that important, Hoonie nodded through before continuing his words.

"Well, if that's the case, that's a relief."

Hoonie's gaze turned back to the Pledge of the Monarch of Darkness that Canoel had equipped on his waist.

"By the way, where did you get that belt?"

At Hoonie's words, Canoel, who checked his belt once, shrugged his shoulders as he replied.

"Ah, this. I joined a Puppet of the Immortal dungeon attack just the day before I came here."

Hoonie's gaze began to slightly shake.

"And… So?"

The Puppet of the Immortal dungeon was an incredibly famous dungeon amongst the users.

It was a dungeon that users between lv 80-100 usually went to, and because the main monsters were Skeleton Soldiers, which gave a lot of EXP in comparison to their weak fighting power, it was popular.

Especially for Black Magicians, as there were a lot of related quests as well, so it happened to be a course that they absolutely needed to pass through.

And Hoonie knew that the epic monster that appeared in the last floor of the puppet dungeon dropped the belt, the 'Pledge of the Monarch of Darkness', which Canoel had equipped on.

'However, the change to obtain the Pledge of the Monarch of Darkness from there is seriously the same rate as winning the lottery… Was the drop rate 0.1%?'

Hoonie had cleared the Puppet of the Immortal dungeon dozens of times. However, as he thought about how it was an item that he had never received despite his efforts, yet that dumb Summoner received it, his stomach began to hurt.

However, it was now just the beginning of Canoel rubbing it in.

"Was it the Skeleton Mage on the last floor there that I was hunting? I received it after hunting a lv 75 skeleton. This looks really cool, right?"

As Canoel boasted about the belt as he smiled brightly, Hoonie almost collapsed onto the ground as he lost strength in his legs.

"A, a skeleton just gave it to you?"

Canoel nodded his head as he replied.

"Yes. It gave it to me. I didn't think that you could receive Legendary-rank items from normal mobs either… But anyways, I was really happy."

Hoonie tightened his fist before he realized it.

'This dimwit, should I kill him…?'

Coincidentally, the central continent was a PK zone, where it was possible to kill players without receiving any penalties, and Hoonie began to seriously consider it.

'Then that belt could even drop, right?'

However, as soon as he heard Canoel's following words, he had to modify his plans.

"At that time, a Black Magician in the party told me to sell this, but I noticed it had an account-bound option attached to it. So, I couldn't sell it."

"Ah, I see…"

The words that it was an account-bound item meant that it was of course impossible to trade, but it was also was an item that didn't drop just because one died.

'I've seen it come up in the auction house, so I thought it wasn't an account-bound item… But it looks like the option is given randomly.'

Hoonie internally began to feel sorry for himself.

'Ah, if I just have that, I can immediately start the Immortal quest…'

Meanwhile, Canoel, who didn't know of the fact that the words that he just said saved(?) his life, continued to blabber out of excitement.

"I realized there was a reason why the Pledge of the Monarch of Darkness was expensive. I feel like after equipping this my skill damage has definitely gotten stronger and my casting speed has gotten faster as well."

And Hoonie's sight thickened.

'Hoo… That idiot, should I just kill him?'

The reason why the Pledge of the Monarch of Darkness was expensive was because it had a special option where it made the casting speed of dark magic faster by 2 times.

In other words, to Canoel, a Summoner, it meant that it was a completely useless item.

'Is this the 'idiots that don't even know the game' buff that I've only heard of…'

It was something that spread amongst gamers like a legend.

The superstition that the more one didn't know how to play a game, the better their luck with item drops, Hoonie was finally able to totally believe it.

'As expected… It was that. I had no item luck up until now because I'm a master.'

While looking at Hoonie, who had a depressed expression, Canoel opened his mouth carefully.

"But, you, what's your ID?"

Because Hoonie's information was on private just like Ian, his nickname was not exposed.

Hoonie replied bluntly.

"What are you going to do by knowing my ID?"

"Still, you're my saviour, so I wanted to know your ID at least. And this is my first time seeing such a strong Black Magician while playing this game up until now."

As he said that, the expression of Hoonie, who became proud at the one compliment, brightened again.

"Keu-ha-hat, you have an eye for character. I am Kanjihoonie."

It seemed that Ballam felt bashfulness for some odd reason at Hoonie's words as he slightly turned his head.

• I don't really know what the word 'Kanji[1]' means, but whenever I hear that word, I get goosebumps, Hoonie.

At Ballam's words, Hoonie shrugged his shoulders as he replied.

"It's because it's so cool, Ballam."

• Is, is that so… It must be right if that's what you say.

And in front of the two, Canoel's eyes shone.

"Ooh… As expected, your ID is cool as well."

At Canoel's genuine flattery, Hoonie let out a loud laughter.

"Keu-ha-hat, now that I look at it, you were someone that knows something."

"Huhu, thank you."

Canoel's real age was 15.

The reason why he could only be on the same page as Hoonie was because he was at that age.

Canoel opened his mouth again.

"By the way, Hoonie, by any chance, do you need this belt?"

At Canoel's words, Hoonie nodded his head as he let out a deep sigh.

"Yes. There's a hidden quest that I'm in the middle of right now, but I can only proceed in it if I have that belt."

Canoel nodded his head as he responded.

"Hmm… For such circumstances."

Canoel, who thought about something for a moment, opened his mouth again towards Hoonie.


"Yes, Canoel."

"Since you have graciously saved my life in the middle of the desert like this, I shall repay you for that."


Hoonie's shaking gaze turned towards Canoel, and Canoel slowly opened his mouth.

"This belt, I will buy a new one from the auction house for you."


To Hoonie, who hunted by even saving money on potions, it was a shocking offer that he wouldn't have even been able to imagine.

Hoonie suddenly grasped Canoel's hand.


* * *

The five kinds of weapons that floated in front of Ian's eyes were twin daggers, a staff, knuckles, an English longbow, and a long spear.

Ian wore a slightly puzzled expression.

'What the hell? The most standard weapon isn't here.'

There was no sword, which he thought was a weapon that would have definitely appeared.

Ian contemplated.

'If I pick the bow this time, I won't be able to use this during a harder level…'

The bow was the weapon that he was most confident in, but for Ian, who was planning on passing through the highest rank, there was a need to save the bow.

Ian asked Eclipse.

"After succeeding this level, will I be picking amongst the four weapons excluding the weapon that I pick this time?"

Eclipse shook his head.

• No, it's not like that. 5 different kinds of weapons excluding the weapon you picked will appear at random again.

Ian slightly frowned.

'Then that means in the next selection, a bow may not appear…'

Because there were a variety of different weapons to the point that all eighteen weapons used in Chinese martial arts existed in Kailan, the chance for a bow not to appear in the next selection wasn't low.

'Sure, it would be best to grab it when I can actually use it.'

Ian eventually spread his hand out towards the bow.


As a resonant sound rang out, the longbow was paced into Ian's hand as if it was going to get sucked into it.

• You have selected the weapon, the 'Judgment Longbow of the Spirit King'.

Just like with the Judgment Sword, the longbow boasted a magnificent and luxurious appearance as well.

Ian licked his lips while looking at that.

'It would be great if this one came out as my quest reward.'

As the options on the item were sealed, he couldn't check them, but he had a feeling that there were tremendous additional abilities attached for sure.

And along with that, the quiver that appeared in the air naturally secured onto Ian's back.

Eclipse lightly laughed towards Ian as he disappeared.

• Then, I pray for your success in the battle.

And at the blue human shadow that slowly formed in his spot, Ian quickly pulled out an arrow and placed it against his bowstring.

• A B-rank Selamus warrior will appear.

• The battle will begin 3 seconds from now.


Ian, who took one deep breath, slowly pulled his bowstring as he aimed at the Selamus warrior.

• 3… 2… 1…

And as soon as the message stating that the battle had begun rang out, he let go of the bowstring immediately and threw his body.


The arrow ripped through the air as it flew quickly.

The arrow flew directly for the head of the Selamus Warrior, but the opponent had also shot out an arrow.


The arrows crossed each other in the air by a whisker and flew through…

However, both arrows didn't hit their target and just split through the air.

And the two people, who had rolled in different directions each and avoided the arrows, took aim at each other again.



Arrows continuously flew towards each other.

Not even one arrow touched either one of them, but the space between the two grew smaller little by little.

'He even predicts shots and avoids them quite well. The Agility of this dude's body is so high that it's hard to hit him.'

The two moved forward little by little as they continuously shot out arrows, and Ian put his brain to work.

'Our accuracy rate and our evasion abilities are at about the same level… I think my rapid-firing abilities are a little better.'

Ian coolly analyzed his opponent.

'If that's the case, then I should get to the outcome with the part I'm better at.'

After organizing his thoughts, Ian immediately moved to carry them out.


He suddenly knelt down on the ground in one corner of the arena as he got into a proper stance.

While looking at Ian's unexpected actions, the Selamus warrior momentarily wore a confused expression, but he went through with his attacks again shortly after.

This was because there was no easier opportunity than now to hit Ian, who had stopped in one spot and settled down there.


However, of course, Ian didn't act without any thought.

'At the fastest speed that I can move…!'

Ian, who focused his mind to its extremes, shot out the arrow that was placed against his bowstring.

And the arrow that he had pulled out in no time, began to shoot out following that track.

[1] Kanji = Korean slang for 'swagger', 'cool', etc.

[2] Hyungnim = the direct translation would be 'Big Brother', but 'hyungnim' has more of a formal and respectful ring to it in my opinion


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