Taming Master | Chapter 175 | The Strongest Selamus Warrior | Part 4

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Chapter 175 - The Strongest Selamus Warrior - Part 4

Definitely for Eclipse, but even for Kaizar, who was the very person that brought Ian to the altar, a completely unexpected result occurred.

Eclipse, who was shattered, turned into a blue light and appeared in that same spot again, while Ian checked his information window while grinning.

Kaizar, who looked back and forth at the two people, slowly opened his mouth.

"How surprising, Ian. To think that it was even possible for you to have beaten that old man."

At Ian's combat abilities, Kaizar wore a genuinely surprised expression. Since Eclipse was one of very few strong people that Kaizar acknowledged.

And with an arrogant expression, Ian opened his mouth towards Kaizar.

"Huhu, this is how good I am. Don't look down on me anymore now, retainer."


Kaizar wore an expression showing that he was not pleased.

However, Ian was satisfied in his own way.

Since he had escaped from his sneers at the least.

"Psh, so picky."

Eclipse, who completely revealed himself again, approached Ian.

• How surprising. I express my respect towards your combat abilities.

While looking at Eclipse, whose way of speaking first off had changed, Ian wore a pleased smile.

"thank you. I was lucky."

Ian let out a humble comment that clashed with him.

'The quest isn't done yet. I need to raise our Affinity as much as possible.'

This was the same as the instinct of a gamer, who had become over sophisticated.

• Huhu. I had no idea that this would be the case, but either way, you have passed the first test as an S-rank. Congratulations.

As Eclipse's words ended, a system message that alerted Ian that the quest was completed popped up in front of his eyes.


• You have successfully carried out the 'Test of the Selamus Tribe (1)'.

• Clear Rank: SS

• You have obtained 12.25 million EXP.

• You have obtained 100 thousand Fame.

• You have obtained the 'Vision Magic Scroll' of the Selamus Tribe.

• You have obtained the 'Weapons of Judgment Box'.

Ian, who checked the message, hurriedly opened his inventory and checked his reward, and in the next moment he immediately frowned.

"No, Eclipse, this is too much, no?"

Eclipse tilted his head as he replied.

• What do you mean?

"Setting aside skills, you should at least let me pick the type of weapon!"

The magic scroll that Ian received was an item that allowed him to randomly obtain a vision skill of the Selamus Tribe, while the Weapons of Judgment Box, suggested from its name, was an item that allowed him to randomly obtain one of the 'Judgment' weapons.

While looking at Ian, who had a tearful face, Eclipse slowly shook his head.

• Ahem… That's not something that I can help you with. As it is a treasure that has been passed down from the ancestors…

To be honest, Eclipse wasn't much different.

If he wanted to blame someone, he should have blamed the development team, as there would be nothing that would change if he blamed Eclipse.

Ian let out a deep sigh as he firstly pulled out the magic scroll.

'I wonder what kind of skill will come out.'

The corners of the mouth of Ian, who held the magic scroll in his hand, curled upwards again.

He did complain, but at least while he used a random reward item, he couldn't help but always feel his heart flutter.


Ian's mouth parted, and along with that, the information of the newly obtained skill popped up in front of Ian's eyes.


• Will of the Selamus Warrior

Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 0

Skill Rank: Legendary

Proficiency: None

Consumption Cost: None

Cooldown Time: 30 minutes

For 20 minutes, all combat stats will increase by 40%, and one combat stat of choice may be granted the total combined stats of the caster's non-combat stats.

Also, for the duration of the 'Will of the Selamus Warrior', the Proficiency of all weapons will increase by '15 levels', and the caster may receive all of the combat compensation effect that occurs through the weapon Proficiency increase.

*For the duration of the 'Will of the Selamus Warrior', no other skill can be used.

*Skill acquisition condition: Only a Summoner who has been acknowledged by the Selamus Tribe may master the skill.

After thoroughly reading the skill, Ian's head became a little chaotic.

'It definitely is a good skill… But I'll need to use it really wisely.'

Firstly, the skill's rank was Legendary.

This was the first Legendary-rank skill that Ian possessed.

And fitting of the rank, it had an incredible buff effect.

'For it to boost combat stats by 40% and even turn non-combat stats into a combat stat…'

Ian's non-combat stats were incredibly high.

Because he had been grinding and producing talismans whenever he had time ever since he had obtained a Production Class, even if he was to deduct his class stats, such as Affinity, etc., he had obtained a ton of miscellaneous stats such as Dexterity, Luck, Endurance, etc.

Their numerical values alone weren't high, but as there were so many different kinds, if he combined them all, the level of that ability couldn't be disregarded.

'Let's see here, if I add them all…'

Ian began to diligently add his stats together one by one, and after he checked the result, he couldn't help but be surprised.

'If I add it all and invest it into my reflexivity, it will be close to twice my current stats.'

On top of that, as he could turn those stats over to his Offensive Power or Defensive Power when needed, the application methods were endless.

However, the additional effect that was written underneath was even more of a scam than the stat buff.

'The Proficiency of all kinds of weapons will increase by 15 levels.'

In other words, this meant that even if he used a weapon that he was holding for the first time, he would fundamentally receive a Proficiency of Intermediate-rank Lv 5.

This was because Proficiency was divided into four stages, which were Beginner-rank, Intermediate-rank, High-rank, and finally Master, and each stage was made up of 10 levels.

'Even with just this skill, it's the same as having accomplished my reason for coming here.'

From Ian's judgment, this skill was definitely a tremendous buff skill that he had yet to have even seen up until now.

'Rather than a buff skill, should I be calling it a set-shifting skill?'

This time, Ian's gaze turned towards the bottom of the scroll.

• For the duration of the 'Will of the Selamus Warrior', no other skill can be used.

Just as much as it certainly had amazing buffing abilities, the penalty was definitely just as critical.

For the 20-minutes that the Will of the Selamus Warrior state lasted, depending on the situation, the fact that he couldn't use any skill could be truly critical.

'Before I use the Will of the Selamus Warrior skill, I'll first need to go through all my other buff skills, so I'll need to manage the skill cooldown times even better…'

If he accidentally used the Will of the Selamus Warrior skill first, he would have to go into battle without having received any other buffs for 20 minutes.

Ian diligently put his brain to work.

'It probably means that I can't even summon or withdraw any Familiars for 20 minutes either, right?'

To be honest, this part pulled at Ian's heart the most.

Up until now, if he saw a Familiar that was in a dangerous situation during battle, he always protected his Familiars by withdrawing them.

However, if he was in a state where the Will of the Warrior was invoked, he wouldn't be able withdraw his Familiars even if they were in a situation of death.

'However, one thing that is for certain is that even if the penalty is considered, I won't be able to do anything else but use this skill.'

Ian figured out the exact use for this skill.

To put a Summoner in the most optimal state so that they could personally play an active role in the battle, that was the role of this skill.

Different from other classes, Summoners could use any kind of weapon freely.

The Summoner was the only class that could use any kind of weapon without a penalty, but on the other hand, it was also the only class that didn't have anything like an exclusive weapon where they could obtain any class compensation.

Of course, attack skills that were related to a weapon's characteristics didn't exist, and if that was the case, inability to use a skill was not that big of a penalty when it came to a 'Summoner's personal battle'.

Eclipse asked Ian, who was still submerged in his thoughts.

• What are you thinking about for such a long time?

Ian, who was thinking about the skill application method frantically, became surprised as he replied.

"Ah, I was thinking about how to use the new skill I obtained during battle."

• Hmm… I see. However, as you aren't done with the things that you have to do yet, I need you to hurry a little.

Ian, who only then remembered that this quest was a connected quest, scratched the back of his head.

"Ah, understood. One moment."

Ian, who roughly organized his thoughts on the skill, pulled out the weapon box this time.

'It would be best if a bow came out from here…'

Ian, who placed his hand on top of the box, recited with a low voice.


As he did so, the box that was packaged with a luxurious-looking pattern floated into the air, and while letting out a golden current, it opened.


• You have opened the 'Weapons of Judgment Box'.

• You have obtained the 'Judgment of the Spirit King'.

• Judgment of the Spirit King

Classification: Long Spear

Rank: Legendary

Equip Limit: S-rank Selamus Warrior

Offensive Power: 1825-2005

Durability: 105/105

Option: All combat abilities +150

Leadership +200

Affinity +150

The Vitality of all Familiars summoned will increase by 15%, while their Offensive Power will increase by 35%.


If critical damage is dealt to an opponent, one of the Inherent Abilities of the summoned Familiars will have a 20% chance of being invoked.

(Abilities that are impossible to invoke based on bodily conditions will not be invoked.)

*Lightning of Judgment

An attack has a 10% chance of summoning the 'Lightning of Judgment'.

The 'Lightning of Judgment' deals a greater amount of damage the higher one's 'Spirit Magic' is, and with the point that the lightning was summoned as the standard, 50% damage will additionally be dealt to opponents within a 5m radius.

*This is an item belonging to User 'Ian'.

This item cannot be transferred to another user or be sold, and even if the character dies, it does not drop.

This is the weapon of the Spirit King, who protected the ancient Selamus Tribe.

Amongst all of the weapons of the Spirit King, this is the strongest and most precious.

The 'Judgement of the Spirit King' shone brightly.

While holding the spear handle, Ian read the item's information, dazed.

'This… It's to the point that I need to polish up on my spearmanship starting now.'

To be honest, the additional option that was attached was incredibly similar to the 'Ancient Summoner's Steel Knuckle' that Ian used a long time ago.

The part that it boosted the Vitality and Offensive Power of summoned Familiars was also similar, and you could especially consider 'Sensitivity', which could invoke an Inherent Ability of a Familiar, a perfect carbon-copy ability.

However, the basic Offensive Power of the weapon itself was tremendous to the point that it was incomparable to the knuckle, and as he especially wanted to invoke the Lightning of Judgment immediately, it was to the point his body itched all over.

'Its outer appearance is totally my style, too.'

Just like the snake spear, which was a weapon with the name 'Snake' as the end of the blade was bent like a snake, the blade of the spear, which was bent beautifully in the shape of a lightning bolt, drew Ian's gaze perfectly.

Eclipse, who approached Ian's side, also threw in a word.

• Ian, you're incredibly lucky.

Ian, who didn't understand what he was saying, blinked both eyes as he asked back.

"Sorry? What do you mean?"

Eclipse's words continued.

• The weapon that you're holding right now, that is.


• It is a legendary weapon that is known as the strongest weapon amongst the Judgment weapons. You can think of it as the weapon that represents the Judgment weapons.

Ian wore a renewed expression as he fidgeted with the spear.

'Is that the reason why the name of the type of weapon is not mentioned separately like the Judgment Sword or the Judgment Longbow?'

Whoong- Hoong-!

Ian, who swung the spear here and there, nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

"It indeed feels like I've obtained an amazing weapon. I will use it well."

Eclipse grinned as he opened his mouth.

• Of course, that spear is a weapon that still has an incredible force, but if you pass through the last gateway as well, you may be granted a couple more abilities.


Ian felt his will burn up even more.

'If I can be granted additional abilities on top of this, I will be able to move on to the next stage.'

While looking at Ian, who overflowed with motivation, Eclipse smirked.

• Since you've obtained a good item now as well, it looks like I'll have to let you know about the next gateway.

With a voice overflowing with confidence, Ian replied.

"Of course. Whatever gateway it is, I will try to pass it."

However, in the next moment, Ian couldn't help but be greatly surprised.

• However, you won't be able to challenge it right away now.

"Huh? What does that…?"

• That's because the S-rank gateway is not here.


A new quest notification window popped up in front of the eyes of Ian, who was wearing a puzzled expression.


• The Test of the Selamus Tribe (Hidden, Connected Quest)

You have received acknowledgement from Eclipse, the Guardian of the Selamus Tribe, as an S-rank Warrior, which is the best rank, and you have obtained the best-ever results.

Now you must challenge the mission that no one has ever challenged before.

If you wake up the Flying Dragon of the Altar of the Selamus Tribe, they will guide you.

Quest Difficulty Level: SSS

Quest Requirement: An S-rank Selamus Warrior acknowledged by Eclipse.

A Summoner User that is over lv 200.

Time Limit: None.

Reward: Evolution of the weapon 'Judgment of the Spirit King'.

'Spirit King Summoning' Magic Square.


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