Taming Master | Chapter 184 | Enemies on Every Side Final | Part 3

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Chapter 184 - Enemies on Every Side Final - Part 3

Ian ground his teeth.
'I was too complacent. I should have been a little more doubtful back then.'
To be honest, rather than be doubtful, it was too chaotic of a situation.
The time that Ian had returned was during a situation where the siege warfare was seriously just about to break out, and to pay attention to a questionable Assassin whose identity was unknown, there was just too much to prepare for before the siege warfare.
'Let's last through this situation first, and then think about the rest afterwards.'
No matter how densely packed the detecting towers were placed, they weren't accurate enough to find every movement of an Assassin who had infiltrated inside of the domain, and thanks to that, this disaster had occurred.
However, Ian didn't blame himself any more.
Since it wasn't over until they reached the actual end.
'How much time is there remaining until I can re-summon Bbakbbak?'
Ian checked the cooldown times of all of his skills and how much time there was left until it was possible for him to summon his Familiars.
And shortly after, Ian, who had gotten on top of Pin, burst up into the air quickly.
"Pin, let's go as high as possible above the fortress gate!"
Ian, who had gotten to a point so high that he basically became a black dot in the sky, dropped Bbakbbak in the same method that he did last time.
Along with the course sound of wind being split through, Bbakbbak's large physique fell from above the fortress gate.
Shortly after, just before he reached the fortress gate, Bbakbbak's body turned into a golden light as a deafening roar rang out across the battleground.
"This crazy, what the hell is this?"
"I thought that a meteorite was falling!"
In a curled-up stance, Bbakbbak had fallen on top of the rampart just like that.
Ian, who had followed him down in no time, swallowed audibly as he mumbled internally.
'Please collapse!'
And as if Ian's prayer was being answered, the rampart slowly started to crack.
Crack- Cra-cra-crack-!
"It's collapsing! Get out of the way!"
The users of the Allied Forces of the Kaimon Empire that were entering through the fortress gate were frightened to death and began to scatter.
However, it seemed that there were too many people gathered compared to the width of the passageway, as over half the users couldn't shelter themselves and were crushed just like that.
Ian, who confirmed that image, let out a short sigh of relief.
'Whew, still, what a relief.'
The fortress gate that was wide open was now blocked, but the troops of the empire army still flowed in from the top where it had collapsed.
Still, as it was a level that was much more favourable than before, the defending army could breathe again.
"Ian, how did this happen? Why is it such a mess over here?"
Kaizar, who had appeared before anybody realized, wore a dumbfounded expression as he asked Ian, and Ian shook his head.
"It's too long to explain. Let's block them first."
Ian held his spear from the very end of the handle as he jumped down towards the battleground.
And following him, Kaizar also unsheathed his greatsword as he charged towards the enemies.
"It looks like I'll be able to go all out and fight. Rather than a fortress-defending battle, hand-to-hand combat is far more entertaining."
It seemed that he was bored of having to face enemies that were crawling from on top of the rampart for a while, as Kaizar began to leap around out of excitement.
Like that, the defending army began their difficult battle against their flooding opponents.
* * *
The students of the VR department, who had been watching the siege warfare while chattering noisily, were staring at the screen with tense postures in silence starting from some point.
"Ah… Please…"
At the sound of the cracker breaking that was heard from Mina's mouth, Sewon reflexively glared at her.
"Yo, dude, eat a little quieter. At such an important time like this!"
"Ah, understood, sorry…"
Sucheol, who was quiet, also added in a word.
"Euh, I really hope they block them."
Had about twenty minutes passed as they watched while holding their breath?
Mina suddenly pointed towards the screen as she opened her mouth.
"Oppa! Over there! What is that?"
"What is it?"
In an instant, the gazes of all of the students that were in the department room turned towards the place that Mina was pointing at, and in that spot, there was Ian.
"Yo, dude, that's Jinsung. What do you mean what is that?"
At Sewon's scolding, Sucheol, who was closely watching the screen, tilted his head as he replied.
"Some kind of purple ray of light from the battleground is constantly being sucked into Jinsung."
And Sewon, who checked the screen again, also widened his eyes as he opened his mouth.
"Huh? You're right."
Purple bundles of energy began to constantly get sucked into the lower abdomen of Ian, who was diligently swinging his spear as he grappled with the Allied Forces, and so far, that energy gathered and created a sphere.
And in the next moment, an exclamation rang out from inside the department room.
"Wow, what the hell is that?!"
* * *
'What the hell? The God Dragon?'
Ian, who was unable to pay attention to the changes that were happening to him because he was frantically fighting, widened his eyes as he saw the currents of purple light that were suddenly gathering near his waist.
Ian, who got rid of the enemies that charged towards him, fell back slightly as he checked his inventory.
• Karceus's Egg – Hatching Rate: 99.99% (Hatching)
It was indeed the hatching of the Familiar that Ian long-awaited for.
However, Ian's expression wasn't really good.
That was because the fact that the God Dragon was hatching itself was something that was worth welcoming with open arms, yet there would be no aspect that would be of immediate help.
'No matter how incredible this thing may be, where would I use a lv 1?'
On top of that, there was no way of even knowing how much Potential it would have once it was born.
Even if the God Dragon was born, as he had no intentions of leveling it up even by one level until its Potential was at 100, the hatching of the God Dragon was indeed meaningless in the current situation.
At a very rare chance, it could be an individual that was born with a Potential of 100 but expecting that was greedy.
"Damn it, let's just fight for now!"
Ian clutched his spear and charged into the battleground again.
It was more important that he kicked even one more user immediately out of the game in the time that he had to worry about the hatching of the God Dragon right now.
Bang- Ba-bang-!
Ian asked a question towards Celia, who was supporting him from behind.
"Celia, do you think you could find out how prepared the 3rd line of defense is?"
"Yes, Lord! I will find out and let you know right away!"
After she responded, Celia quickly got on top of her Wyvern and flew away.
After checking his remaining Vitality gauge again, Ian clenched his teeth.
'I have about 50 thousand Vitality left. It's a little risky with this much, but since I can't fall back right now.'
Ian spun the Judgment of the Spirit King around like a windmill as he jumped into the middle of the group of enemies.
Ian, who was a little awkward with the spear, now showed a form where he was completely adapted to it.
"Over there, it's Ian! Get that dude first!"
However, just then, unexpected system messages began to pop up one after another in front of the eyes of Ian, who was fighting crazily.
• Through the bravery that you showed on the battleground, the God of War is awakening.
• The hatching rate of the egg of God Dragon Karceus has reached 100%.
And this time, a message that was one sentence long popped up not just in front of Ian, but in front of every user as well.
• The first dragon of the seven God Dragons of the ancient legends has revealed itself into the world.
Along with a deafening roar, a strong wind began to rage around with Ian as the core.
'What the hell? What exactly is happening?'
Users that were within about 10-20 metres of Ian were pushed back from the raging wind, and the users of the Kaimon Empire who discovered that form were frightened as they shouted.
"That crazy dude is doing something weird again!"
"Get away! There's no way of knowing what he'll do again!"
It seemed that the Bbakbbak meteor still had a deep impact on them, as the Kaimon Empire users slowly backed away from Ian at the bizarre scene that occurred around him.
However, the one that was actually flustered was Ian.
'Huh? Why is my body now suddenly doing this?'
It was because his whole body was out of his control.
Ian's body began to float up into the air little by little, and naturally, all eyes were gathered on him.
"It's Ian! What are the Archers and Magicians doing? Fire at him first!"
The Kaimon users that discovered Ian, who was floating up into the air in a defenseless state, simultaneously attacked Ian from a distance.
Bang- Ba-bang-!
However, for some reason, before the projectiles could even reach near Ian, they dissipated into the air.
Currents of purple light that were from all over the battleground were continuously being sucked into Ian, and that itself was indeed a grand sight.
'What exactly is going on?'
Ian wore a puzzled expression, but as he was able to properly drag on the time thanks to this, he thought it was a relief.
'That's right, since, soon now, the defensive preparations of the 3rd line of defense will be all finished.'
Ian began to meditate on the current situation with a completely relaxed heart.
And the egg of the God Dragon that popped out of Ian's inventory on its own accord floated in front of him.
The egg of the God Dragon let out a loud resonant sound as it began to vibrate on the spot, and its size, which already wasn't small from the beginning, began to increase more and more.
'It seems that because it is a God Dragon, its hatching is also really uproarious.'
As Ian had already seen the hatching scene of his Legendary-rank Familiar Pin with his own two eyes before, he wasn't greatly surprised.
Since the form of the Griffin hatching was flashy enough that it wasn't greatly lacking in comparison to now.
'Oh, but is the egg itself changing form this time?'
Ian, who thought that a baby dragon would break through the egg and appear, wore an amused expression while watching the outer appearance of the egg that was shining brightly itself squirm as it changed.
However, just then, a flustering message popped up in front of Ian's eyes.
• Due to your lack of Leadership of Familiars, all Familiars aside from the Dragon of War Karceus have been forcefully withdrawn.
Without even realizing it, Ian choked on a breath of air.
"Wha, what?"
A completely unexpected critical situation unfolded itself.
If the Familiars that were fighting well were withdrawn, Ian's fighting power would drop by more than half.
'No, even if it appears now, it's just a little baby at lv 1!'
The Leadership that he needed in order to control his Familiars obviously increased in proportion to the relevant Familiar's level.
Because that was the case, even if it was a God Dragon, Ian never even once thought that he would be lacking in Leadership.
'Still, should then be happy that if I bring together all of my Leadership, I can summon the God Dragon?'
To be honest, Ian didn't know, but even if he brought together all of his Leadership, it was truthfully impossible to summon the God Dragon.
The thing that made it possible was actually the 'Dragon Tamer's Feather Ornament' item that reduced the Leadership that was required in order to summon a Dragon-type Familiar by half.
If he was lacking in Leadership, it probably wouldn't have hatched in the first place.
Meanwhile, as Ian was thinking of this and that, the egg of the God Dragon that was around the size of a large watermelon had changed into the form of a dragon that was bigger in size than Lake, the Drake King, before he even realized.
And the dark-coloured gaze of the dragon, who was wrapped around in a white light, slowly turned towards Ian.
• Are you… The human that has awoken me…?
This battleground was being broadcasted in real time throughout the whole nation.
On top of that, as he was in front of the dragon that was overflowing with dignity, Ian wanted to give an equally dignified response.
Ian internally thought hard about what he should say.
'What should I say in order to look like I have swag?'
However, there was no need for Ian to have such thoughts.
Since just like when he completed the quest of the King, Ian's mouth was already moving on its own accord.
"That's right, War Dragon Karceus."
At the response of Ian, or more specifically, the response of the system that was ruling Ian's body, Karceus shook his body as he roared towards the sky.
And Karceus's words continued.
• Huhu, this is a battleground. This sticky smell of blood, and the valiant cries.
Karceus, who looked down at the battleground once, slowly opened his mouth.
• This is exactly the place that I need to be.
However, the level of Karceus, who boasted a grand dignity as he raised Ian's expectations, was obviously 1.
Even in this situation where his body didn't move, he was still able to check the information of his Familiars, so Ian already glanced through Karceus's information window.
'Ha, this idiot. What do you mean the place that you need to be?'
And it may be an obvious, but the Offensive Power of lv 1 Karceus was barely a three-digit number.
However, separate from Ian's true mind that was dumbfounded, Ian's mouth spoke to Karceus with a solemn voice.
"That's right. This is exactly the place you need to be. This place is the same as the hometown of your heart."
Karceus, who roared towards the sky once more, pushed his head towards Ian as he showed his sharp teeth.
• This battle, I will lead it to victory.
"I will trust you."
A cool scene that almost seemed like a scene from a movie unfolded.
Of course, separate from the cringy lines, Ian was clicking his tongue.
'Sigh, this over-pretentious dragon dude. Why does he have so much to say? I wish that it would finish quickly.'
However, just then, there was an unexpected twist.
• The companion of my spirit is here. As I have not recovered all of my strength yet, I will borrow his strength.
"Do as you wish."
Along with the response of Ian, which had nothing to do with his own will, Karceus's body slowly began to grow.
And the purple chains that shot out from Karceus's body began to roughly wrap around one man's body.
That man, his name was Kaizar.


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