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Chapter 185 - God Dragon Karceus - Part 1


Kaizar was strong enough that even amongst all of the NPCs, he was in the top few.

Would Kaizar, who was like that, have then become a retainer of Ian at the cost of just one Legendary-ranked weapon?

That didn't make sense from the start.

From the beginning Kaizar had felt the strength of the God of War that resided in Ian.

And that made Kaizar feel an unknown sense of kinship.

Although, to be specific, it wasn't the strength that resided in Ian, but the egg of the God Dragon that Ian carried with him.

'Will I finally be able to see the truth of the unknown source of power that I felt?'

Kaizar accepted the purple chains that wrapped around his body without any resistance.

And his body, which was wrapped in chains, floated up in the air.

"Euahh! What the hell is that? He summoned a dragon!"

"Is it really a dragon? From what I know, dragons haven't even appeared as monsters yet, so how exactly has he tamed one?"

At the sudden appearance of a dragon, the users were frightened out of their wits.

However, just then, after seeing the level information that was above the dragon's head, someone shouted.

"But that dragon, it's only a lv 1!"

"Huh? It seriously is. I got scared for no reason!"

The users that were scared to death pulled themselves together again and began to attack the God Dragon.

However, that also was only for a moment.


Karceus, the Dragon of War, roared powerfully towards the sky.

As he did so, Kaizar's body was engulfed in a purple light before being sucked into the dragon, and the dragon's level changed.

• War Dragon Karceus – Level 128

Karceus, who had grown to almost three times his original size, raised his head towards the sky.


And purple steam and a ray of light began to gather at his mouth.

The users of the Kaimon Empire that had a hunch what that meant began to be terrified out of their wits.

"This crazy, it's his breath! Get away!"

"I thought the dragon's level was 1! Even if we get hit, won't it not hurt?"

"No, some idiot must have seen it incorrectly! Its level is written down as 128!"

"Hmm… Still, it's 10 levels lower than me. Won't it be alright even if we get hit?"

"Then why don't you get hit, you blockhead! Euak!"

Karceus let out a hot breath towards the place where tens of thousands of soldiers were gathered.

And that was the same as a calamity to the Kaimon Empire.


An incredible amount of purple current poured out from Karceus's mouth, and the users of the Kaimon Empire who were hit by the breath began to melt down like ice cream.

The only users that could survive after standing in the spot where this breath struck like a tsunami were Knight-class users that were over lv 140.

"Keu-euk! How is the damage like this?"

"Wow, the durability of my shield was destroyed from one blow."

However, that wasn't the end.

Standing on top of the dragon's head, someone was jumping down while holding their giant greatsword up.

• Everybody, get down on your knees in front of me!

The whole body of that one figure was burning purple.

And while swinging around his giant greatsword, he began to massacre the users of the Kaimon Empire that had survived.

Whoong- Whoooong-!

A slightly interesting part was that the hearts of the purple man that was swinging the sword and the black dragon were connected with a purple chain.

And whenever he opened his mouth, two voices rang out simultaneously.

Kaizar and Karceus had unified.

• Kyaaaohh-!

The appearance of the God Dragon had changed the atmosphere of the battleground in an instant.

And it wasn't like Ian to lose this opportunity.

• Knights, advance forward! If it's now, we'll be able to drive them all out!

At Ian's shout, the defending army, who stood in a daze, began to drive out the Allied Forces of the Kaimon Empire, and the empire army, who was completely drowned in spirit, walked backwards hurriedly.

Ian examined the God Dragon and Kaizar attentively as he turned his head.

'He's definitely strong, but it seems because his level is only at 128, he's not overwhelming to the point that the enemies can't even face him.'

If that's the case, for what reason were the empire army that frightened out of their senses?

The answer was simple.

Firstly, his breath was too strong, and they also were being pressed down by the spirit of the overpoweringly-large dragon they were seeing for the first time.

It may be obvious, but breath was an Inherent Ability with an incredibly long cooldown time.

And if it was Karceus right now, where he didn't have breath, even if a couple of the highest-level rankers of the Kaimon Empire stepped in, they would have been able to stop him.

However, there was no way that the Allied Forces of the Kaimon Empire that had already fallen into such chaos would have such judgmental abilities, and as they began to be pushed out once, they just helplessly handed over their victory.

Like that, the Pyro Domain was able to overcome their desperately dangerous situation.

* * *

It had been almost a week.

Depending on one's opinion, it could be a long or short time, but within that duration the siege warfare let down their curtain.

The duration that the siege warfare was held for was not much different from other normal siege warfares, but the result and content of that was not like that at all.

The Lotus Guild and the Pyro Domain was able to succeed in creating a result that truly nobody was able to estimate.

With about 20 thousand troops, they had blocked off the troops of the Allied Forces that were almost ten times in their size.

If they were able to bet on the results of this siege warfare, the distribution would have probably been in the millions.

• Wow, damn, then has the Pyro Domain blocked off the whole Kaimon Empire?

• We'll have to see it like that, I guess. The Kaimon Allied Forces is seriously incompetent. How were they not able to get through with a military strength which was over ten times in size?

• I know, right? If they weren't able to push through even after opening the door, then well, they have nothing to say.

• People above, you're speaking incredibly carelessly. Have you even seen the siege warfare properly? It's not that Kaimon is incompetent, but that the Lotus Guild is really amazing.

• No, it's not that Lotus is amazing, it's that Ian is freaking awesome. From the looks of it, Ian had done everything alone.

• Keu, speaking of which, guys, what was that dragon that appeared in the last battle? Is that actually Ian's Familiar?

• No idea. There are a lot of different opinions on that. There's even words that Ian used a special one-time use summoning scroll. Either way, there's a lot of chatter.

• Is that so? Either way, because of the God Dragon or whatever, a lot of hidden quests have even formed.

It wasn't just the official Kailan community, but various kinds of related communities were all in chaos, and even the presses from foreign countries were dumping the videos of the siege warfare into their own country.

Especially, the last battle where the war situation completely turned around through God Dragon Karceus and Kaizar's active role.

The video of this battle that showed the height of dynamics was being spread throughout the internet with several versions as it was drawing in popularity.

However, there was no video that recorded an exceptionally high view count yet.

A quiet café built with multiple floors that was near Jinsung's one-room apartment.

In one corner of the café, a guy and a girl sat across from each other with a laptop on the table and were discussing something seriously.

The two people were none other than Jinsung and Sojin.

"Jinsung, so then you're saying let's cut this part separately and make it into a special video, right?"

"Yes. If I was a subscriber, I won't appreciate the whole thing continuously from the beginning because it's bothersome. We're just beating each other up, so who would watch it from the beginning to the end when it's not fun? If you just leave this on, it will last 30 hours alone."

Jinsung and Sojin were discussing how they should edit and upload Ian's personal video.

Usually Sojin just edited and uploaded them on her own and Jinsung didn't really care much, but as much as this battle video was the talk of the town, they decided to work on it more carefully.

Sojin was planning on seriously making the best quality video this time and uploading it.

"No, that's just what you think, Jinsung. There will definitely be people that want to watch this video from the beginning to the end as well."

Jinsung asked back with a puzzled expression.

"Why's that?"

"That is because your fighting scenes that can be seen through your personal screen are so showy that they make even a beginner like me gasp. There are even a lot of users lately that want to learn by watching your movements, Jinsung."


While rubbing his chin, Jinsung mumbled to himself.

'It's not like you can do it just from watching, though… You have to feel it with your body.'

Those words would have been enough to make Sojin think he was full of himself if she had heard him.

Jinsung slowly nodded his head as he opened his mouth again.

"Then, let's go with this for now. Since it will take a lot of time to edit the whole video, let's pull out the most important 50 minutes of the last siege warfare separately, and edit it first so that it is high-quality."

Sojin nodded her head as she replied.

"You're saying let's release that first, right?"

"Yes. Right now, while the timing is hottest, the video must be uploaded as quickly as possible for the effect to be at its best."

"I also agree with that. Let's do that then."

"Okay, then let's just have it so that you do the rest on your own like you usually do… So, when will the video be out around then?"

At Ian's question, Sojin grinned as she replied.

"By tonight if I'm quick. At the latest, it will be out within tomorrow morning."

At that, after Ian's eyes rounded, he asked back.

"Huh? How are you able to work that fast? Didn't it take you almost a week up until now?"

"Huhu, I've finally pulled together a team. I don't work on my own now. Thanks to you, Ian, I've gathered quite a bit of money, so I've just made a business instead this time."


The two people, who shared a couple warm well-wishing remarks, separated after drinking all of the coffee that was on the table.

Ian, who was heading to his house, laughed and talked as he thought of the money that he would be earning soon.

"Huehue, how much will I be able to make this time? There isn't even really an item that I want to buy by trading in real money now…"

Ian scratched the back of his head.

This was because there were even less items(?) that he wanted to buy in reality.

"Should I put some money into my parents' bank account?"

However, he shook his head soon after.

This was because it was certain that they would question where he got that money as they treated him like a thief.

"Hmm, I'll save it for now, I guess. I should go eat something delicious with Harin."

* * *

The Kaimon Allied Forces had completely withdrawn.

It wasn't that they didn't have any more energy to fight, but that the executive members had made the decision that they were using up too much time and resources just to seize the Pyro Domain.

Thanks to that, the Pyro Domain was crowded with even more people than before.

"Bring all of the leftover building stones over here! I think it will be best to repair here first."

"Okay, understood, wait one moment!"

Starting with the architects who received a certain amount of compensation from the Lotus Guild for helping with the repairing construction of the Pyro Domain…

"Selling the Deadly Poison of Sand Scorpions, starting from small quantities to large quantities! Although it may be easy to catch a scorpion, you all know that the drop rate of the deadly poison is incredibly low, right?"

"Selling the Scimitar of the Desert Warrior! I have two Unique-rank ones and even one Heroic-rank one!"

To merchants gathered at the plaza in the centre of the domain that were running a business.

The Pyro Domain was causing more excitement than any of the domains in the northern continent.

On top of that, through this siege warfare, the Lotus Guild was able to accumulate an incredible amount of capital and strength, and as all of these elements brought forth a synergy, they began to grow steeply.

However, for Ian, despite all of the situations flowing well to the point that they were perfect, there was a hard feeling set inside of him.

'Since I'm not the type to live on with a debt either.'

He hadn't been able to completely reveal who it was, but he meant the Assassin that infiltrated the fortress whom he was certain was affiliated with the Luspel Empire.

He felt he needed to reveal his identity and affiliation and take proper revenge in order to feel satisfied.

'And since if I was to go over this without even knowing his identity, he'll definitely become an obstacle again sometime.'

Bringing together his memory and all the information he could rally up, Ian began to look for him.


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