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Chapter 192 - Monarch of Darkness - Part 2


Ever since a couple of days ago, a rumour, which its authenticity was unknown of, began to circulate.

That was the story related to the hidden classes linked with the heroes that existed a thousand years ago in the world of Kailan.

And the beginnings of that rumour were the message that popped up as a world message, saying 'the first legend of the central continent has awoken.'

Many users wondered about and began to research on what the legend of the central continent was about, and as one ranker stated that they were also doing the quest related to that, it became an even bigger issue.

And the netizens, who self-proclaimed themselves to be cyber investigators, were finally able to reveal who the first legend was.

Truthfully, that could be something that actually wasn't too hard.

This was because Remir was such a famous named user, and she was also one of the few amongst the named who had her settings on public.

The fact that her class changed from the Red Flame Magician to the Monarch of the Red Flame was captured within less than a quarter of a day and uploaded onto the site.

• Guys, the legend of the central continent or whatever, if you just obtain that hidden class, is it possible to the turn the tables of your life around?

• Dream on, idiot. Do you think you become almighty just by having a hidden class? It's more important that you have a class that fits you best.

• No, but guys, it's not just a hidden class, but a hidden class linked with the legends of the central continent. I don't think you can think of it the same as a normal hidden class.

• The words of the person above are right. People don't really know, but apparently there is a tier that exists even for hidden classes. Classes like the Sniper, the Berserker, the Enchanter, etc. that many people know about are Tier 1 hidden classes.

• That's right. I believe that Remir's original class, the 'Red Flame Magician', was a Tier 2 hidden class.

• Oh, then the Monarch of the Red Flame must be a Tier 3 hidden class, right?

• Well, we don't know for sure, but that's probably the case, no?

• Wow, then in the end, should we have gotten a hidden class no matter what and then have started? Where did the dude who posted that it was useless to have a hidden class a while ago go?

• Ha… I was also just trusting those words. Is this where we'll need to delete our character and raise it up again?

• No, no, guys, don't get so heated. They say there are tiers for hidden classes, but the Tier 1 hidden classes that are common around you really aren't that different from normal classes, and it seems that it gets a little better starting from Tier 2, but you don't have to have a lower tier hidden class in order to get a higher tier hidden class.

• Oh, really? So, then, is it possible for users with normal classes to immediately obtain Tier 3 hidden classes like Remir?

• Well, if you just pick up the related quest well from somewhere, it seems possible.

• Ooh…!

There were many cases where the information that always popped up in front of all users through the world message were related to a huge branch or a thick update.

Because this was the case, many users reacted sensitively to this, and the dispute about hidden classes, which was a hot issue once but was then forgotten, was awoken again from its slumber.

• Guys, but how do I check what tier my hidden class is?

• That… From what I know, a separate way to check hasn't been revealed yet. Why? Do you have a hidden class?

• Yes, I do have a hidden class, but…

• Ooh! What is it? What is it?

• Oh, I smell the scent of a silver spoon! A hidden class, he says!

• Ah, I… Changed classes the other day, but the name of the class is the Priest of Light or something like that.

• Pfft, what the hell. Priest of Light, he says.

• Ah, I thought there would be something because he was setting the mood.

• Huh, what's wrong? Is it not a hidden class?

• No, it's not like that, but it's definite that it's Tier 1. The Priest of Light is…

• I think I've seen the Priest of Light at least 150 times while hunting up until now.

• Same, same.

• …

Just when the attention of the users began to gather more and more like that as the topic grew.

Sure enough, the LB Sports, the developers of Kailan, uploaded thirteen bomb-like trailer videos onto the official site at once.

Each of the videos had quite a long running time of 50 minutes, while they each had the life story of each of the different Kailan heroes.

From the LB company's side, they had just revealed the thirteen videos without even any text or explanation, but the reaction of the users was explosive.

• Wow, damn, this is tremendous. They could even just make this into a movie.

• No, at this rate, isn't it already a video? It's more entertaining than any decent movies that are on the screen lately, no? And there's nothing to say about the quality.

• Insanity, this is freaking awesome. From the looks of it, it seems like these are videos relating to the heroes of the central continent or whatever…

• I started watching the videos as soon as they were uploaded and just finished watching all of them, but I think this is a paste bait related to the hidden classes.

• Oh, really? You've already watched all of them?

• Yes. But I realized that it isn't the heroes of the central continent, but the heroes of the continent that played an active part in ancient times. From the looks of it, there are five from the central continent, and three each from the east and the west. And two from the north. It's a total of thirteen like this.

• Since the central, east, and west are in the end land that is affiliated with the Colonar Continent, if we tie them up together, we can organize it so that there is a total of eleven from the Colonar Continent, and two from the northern Malaka Continent.

• Hul, thanks for the information!

• Thanks to the prophet, we're finding out fresh information.

And on the top right corner of the screen for each of the videos that were posted, the title of the video was hidden in small letters, but those names were the same as the following.

1. The Twilight Gladiator Rapei – The Forgotten Hero of Malaka.

2. Dragon Tamer Oakley – the Bloody Battle of Prilania Valley.

3. The Monarch of the Red Flame Siddhartha – The Devil Hunter and Siddhartha.

4. The Monarch of Darkness Immortal – The Canyon of the Dead.

* * *

Immortal, who discovered Karceus, stared at Ian with surprised eyes.

• You… Are you the hero that came down from the northern continent?


Ian, who didn't understand what Immortal had said, blinked his two eyes as he asked back.

"What are you talking about? All of a sudden."

However, ignoring Ian's words, Immortal continued his words.

• Hmm… It doesn't look like you're the Summoner of the northern continent. But how do you have 'his' dragon?

Ian, who was more interested in the items that Immortal would drop rather than his recollection, swung his spear and shot out his Current Proliferation.


"Just come at us. Since we're running out of time."

At that, Immortal scowled as he growled.

• Such an arrogant human. I will help you understand how much of a worthless existence you were.

The moment those words ended, Hoonie and Ian, as well as Immortal charged towards each other at the same time, and Canoel joined in the battle while stealthily studying the situation.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

Immortal, who blocked the Magic Bullet of Darkness that Hoonie shot out with just one hand movement, spread his hand out into the air as he began to let out a summoning incantation.

• Sing, souls of the world, respond to the calling of the Monarch of Darkness!

The moment his words finished, purple energy began to shoot up here and there on the pitch-black map, and in those spots, one or two black shadows appeared.

And Ian, who discovered that, spoke to Hoonie with an interested expression.

"Oh, the skeletons with the coal-like material that you summoned are from Immortal?"

The skeletons that Hoonie summoned were different from the white-boned skeletons that other regular Black Magicians summoned as they were black, and Ian was always fascinated by that.

Hoonie frowned as he responded.

"What do you mean coal? Have you ever seen coal that is as smooth and glossy as that?"

"Glossy, my ass, they just look crumbly."

Even while the two bickered, they continuously moved their bodies.

And shortly after, nothing else could be heard but the sound of Immortal and Hoonie's party exchanging blows on the battleground.

Immortal was not an opponent that could be faced while being relaxed.

The fussiest point about Immortal especially was that even if they struggled and cut down his Vitality, if he absorbed an undead that he summoned, he recovered his Vitality again.

This was a skill that many Black Magicians had, but there was a limit to the number of undeads that the regular Black Magician could summon.

Because that was the case, it wasn't a skill where they could recover their health unlimitedly, so it wasn't that much of a threat, but Immortal was different.

Immortal continuously summoned undeads without end no matter how much they killed them off, and thanks to that, it was torturous for Hoonie and Ian.

"No, damn it. If this is the case, how exactly are we supposed to kill him?"

At Hoonie's complaining, Ian replied shortly.

"Isn't this also all EXP?"

"… You're seriously too much."

Ian glimpsed at the Vitality gauge of Immortal.

He was constantly recovering his Vitality, but fortunately, it seemed there was a cooldown time on his skill, because if they looked at the bigger picture, he felt like his Vitality was indeed dropping little by little.

'Euh, if we lacked even a little bit of damage dealt, we wouldn't have been able to catch him.'

If the amount of damage dealt by Ian's party was less than the recovered amount of Vitality that Immortal absorbed from the undead, Immortal would have still maintained full HP.

Ian, who focused all of his mind as he fought against Immortal, suddenly sent a message to Hoonie.

• Ian: Yo, Hoonie, you still have the skill that you used on me a long time ago during the rookie league, right?

Hoonie was slightly taken aback, but he soon responded calmly.

• Hoonie: What are you talking about?

• Ian: You know, that one. The skill that reflects damage.

• Hoonie, Ah, Revenge of the Dead?


Ian quickly dodged the purple beam that was shot towards the ground at his feet and sent a message again.

• Ian: Yeah, that one.

For a moment, the two people's eyes met briefly, and they soon understood what kind of movement they wanted from each other.

Ian quickly let out commands to Ly and Karceus.

"Karceus, fall back a little, and Ly, go in with me."

Up until now, Karceus, whose Vitality and Defensive Power were better in comparison, was playing the role of a damage dealer-slash-tanker in the front, but Ian boldly pulled him back.

And his Familiars immediately moved according to Ian's commands without any doubtfulness.

• Understood, owner.

• Will do.

Ian and Ly quickly drove into either side of Immortal, and Hoonie pulled back his skulls as he sent a short message to Ian.

• Hoonie: You can last one hit, though, right?

• Ian: Of course!

The Revenge of the Dead skill was, simply put, a skill with an incredibly fraudulent ability that returns the damage that the receiver received back to the attacker.

However, in fact, there weren't many Black Magicians that used this skill in an actual battle.

'With Hoonie's control, he could probably get the timing right, no?'

The Revenge of the Dead only lasted for an incredibly short time that wasn't even a second long, and because it had to be used at the exact moment when the damage was dealt in order for the effect to be activated, it was an incredibly fussy skill.

On top of that, if the damage receiver died in one hit, the skill effect was not invoked, so he was not able to use it on his Familiars up until now.

Since Hoonie's skeletons crumbled without even being able to last one of Immortal's attacks.

• Keuaaah! You humans seem to have lost all fear!

While looking at Ian and Ly, who was charging towards him, Immortal wildly swung his two skinny hands that burned purple.

However, Ly and Ian, who specialized in reflexivity, avoided his attack with ease as they continuously dealt damage into Immortal's open spots.

'Not yet. I need to wait for an even bigger hit than this.'

In Kailan, once a user used one attack pattern, the AI of the boss monster studied that pattern.

Because that was the case, it would be difficult to have him use such a high difficulty level attack method starting from the second one, and Ian wanted to use the Revenge of the Dead on the largest skill possible.

And just then, Immortal's movements started to change.


Ian, who caught onto the dark energy that started to form at the end of his staff, sent a short signal to Hoonie, and Hoonie nodded his head as he finished preparing to cast his magic.

'Casting time is 1.5 seconds. Since it takes about another 0.5 seconds for it to be invoked…'

Ian saw a chance and lunged towards Immortal's staff, and as if he had been waiting for it, a blue flame blazed from the staff.

• Keuaah! Die, human!

And at the same time as that, one ray of light that came from the tip of Hoonie's outspread hand quickly shot out towards Ian.


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