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Chapter 193 - The Monarch of Darkness - Part 3



• You have received critical damage from the Monarch of Darkness Immortal!

• Your Vitality has decreased by 86,772.

Ian really took Immortal's attack with his whole body.

As he took in a tremendous amount of damage close to 100 thousand from one hit, Ian's Vitality almost bottomed out.

'Whew, I was surprised because the damage was even greater than what I expected. Fortunately, I didn't die.'

• Keuhahahat, you fool!

However, of course, that wasn't the end.

Hoonie's Revenge of the Dead skill had succeeded in activating at the perfect time.

The black energy that burst out from Ian's body like a flash proved that.


Immortal wore a flustered expression for the first time ever since the battle started.

• This, this…!

• User 'Kanjihoonie's skill, the 'Revenge of the Dead', has been activated and 562% of the damage received has been returned to the enemy.

• The Monarch of Darkness Immortal has received 487,658 damage!

After seeing the amount of damage that popped up with the system message, even Ian's jaw dropped before he even realized it.

'Wow, that's crazy! 480 thousand? This is my first time seeing more than 200 thousand damage go through with one hit!'

No matter how much of a named boss-rank monster it was, as they dealt close to 500 thousand damage in an instant, he lost over half of his Vitality gauge.

And through that impact, Immortal's body staggered.

Ian quickly let out commands to Karceus and Ly and ordered them to deal follow-up attacks, while he pulled back a little.

He did succeed in invoking the Revenge of the Dead, but as expected, it was also at the fault that he had just enough Vitality left to the point it was risky.

While glancing at Hoonie, who stepped forward and managed his undead, Ian mumbled to himself.

'I don't think his damage amplification factor was to this point during the rookie league, so he must have raised his Proficiency a ton since then.'

From what Ian could remember, when he suffered from the Revenge of the Dead during the rookie league, the damage amplification factor then was about twice the original amount.

He had increased the power of the skill by almost twice that.

'If I ever end up in a PVP match against him later on, I should seriously be careful of this skill at the least.'

Meanwhile, Immortal, who didn't even have about 10% Vitality left, began his final struggle, and while avoiding the AoE skill of Immortal that burst out in all directions by moving here and there, he diligently recovered his Vitality.

Ian had his First-Aid skill that he had raised the Proficiency for diligently without rest ever since he was lv 10 up until now.

• You have used the 'First-Aid' skill.

• Your Vitality will recover by 1.25% per second with an additional recover of 537 Vitality. The duration is 30 seconds.

Considering the fact that when he first learned the First-Aid skill, where the percent recovery rate was 0.2% and the fixed recovery rate was about 10, he had made tremendous strides.

On top of that, because Ian even had a couple of Priest-class retainers, his Vitality had recovered to its max not long afterwards.

"Let's end it this time!"

Ian, who completed his recovery, swung his spear as he charged towards Immortal at a fast speed.

The death knights that Immortal had summoned blocked Ian's way, but Ian ignored them as he dodged them.

'Since it's the end if we just kill this dude anyways!'

The death knights that Immortal summoned were even stronger than the death knights that the regular Black Magician managed.

Even if it was Ian, they had a fighting power great enough that it was beyond his capacity to fight more than two or three.

So, if he lost time while facing the death knights and Immortal recovered his Vitality, it would become difficult.

"Karceus, prepare your Breath!"

• Understood, Owner.

After Karceus swung his giant tail and got rid of the undead that charged towards him, he began to breathe in.

And Immortal, who discovered that, felt a sense of crisis.

• You ridiculous dragon!

A dark energy began to circle around Immortal's body, and that became a shield as it wrapped his body.

And Immortal spread his hand out towards the death knight in front of him.

The body of the death knight floated up into the air.

"No way I'm just going to let that happen!"

Ian, who figured out that he was trying to absorb the death knight and recover his Vitality, moved his body together at the same time as Ly.


And the attack of the combined fighting power of the two drove in towards the death knight that was in a defenseless state.



• The Inherent Ability of the Monarch of Darkness Immortal, the Life Drain skill, has been cancelled.

While looking at the system message that popped up, Hoonie gave a thumbs-up.

"Nice timing!"

If they had seriously been even a little late, the skill would have been invoked and the Vitality of Immortal would have been restored again, but they had succeeded in stopping that by a whisker.

If the distance between them was even a little bit greater or if the reaction speed was even a little bit slower, a dispiriting situation would have been produced.

• Keuaaack-!

Immortal, who got the sense that something went wrong, widened both of his eyes as he let out a horrible shriek.

• Keuaaohh!

Karceus, who flew in close so that he was just a foot away, let out his powerful Breath right up to his nose.


The destructive power of Breath, which was the symbol of a dragon and was basically the same as a lethal move for them, was truly amazing.

• Familiar 'Karceus' has invoked his Inherent Ability, Dragon Breath.

• Familiar 'Karceus' has dealt critical damage to the Monarch of Darkness Immortal.

• The Vitality of the Monarch of Darkness 'Immortal' has been reduced by 157,989.


Immortal, who directly suffered from the purple breath of the dragon, melted down on the spot where he stood.

• Keuaaoh!

As Karceus flapped his large wings, he roared towards the sky, and including Immortal, all of the undead he summoned turned into smoke as they disappeared into the air.

• To think… That I would have suffered…

And the system notification that Ian and Hoonie had waited for rang out.


• You have successfully killed the ghost of the 'Monarch of Darkness Immortal'.

• The dimensional system of the darkness has collapsed.

At the same time that the message popped up, the darkness that surrounded them in all directions slowly started to lift, and the form of the 100th floor of the steeple that they saw before they entered the portal came into view for the party.

However, the thing that changed was that that a ghost dyed with darkness floated in the spot where the portal was.

Hoonie and Ian slowly approached him.

• Huhu, how surprising. To think that I would have suffered so helplessly.

The battle was quite a pain in the neck to say he was helpless, but still, as it was the truth that they had finished things more easily than what they expected, the two people nodded their heads.

Hoonie spoke to Immortal.

"Huhu, then do you acknowledge me now?"

While looking at Hoonie, who fell into the world of role-playing again, Ian slightly flinched.

'Still, I feel like I'm starting to get a little used to this now…'

While Ian shook his head, the conversation between the two continued.

• I do. You have enough qualifications to carry on my power.

"Keu-keuk, I will become the Monarch of Darkness and make the name Immortal known widely."

• Sounds good, human, I like that. As the Monarch of Darkness, you need at least that much spirit. I will anticipate much from you.

Immortal spread his thin hand towards Hoonie, and the pitch-black energy that formed at the tips of his fingers began to wrap around Hoonie's body.


Along with that, a system notification rang out.


• You have successfully cleared all of the 'Monarch of Darkness Immortal' (Hidden, connected quest).

• Clear Rank: S.

• You have obtained 300 thousand Fame.

• You have obtained the item, the 'Power of Immortal'.

• You have obtained 82.5 million EXP.

• You have leveled up. You have reached lv 167.

• You may class-change to the hidden class 'Monarch of the Darkness'. Will you class-change?

Hoonie, who checked the system message that spread out in front of his eyes, let out a loud laughter.


Ian, who was next to him, slightly frowned.

"Just hurry up and finish the quest, dude. You need to finish up in order for me to get my reward, too, no?"

The host of the main quest needed to finish receiving all of their quest reward in order for the users that were shared the quest to also received their rewards.

Hoonie, who jutted out his lip at Ian's scolding, opened his mouth again.

"Tsk, stop ruining the flow. Just when the immersiveness was good."

After glancing once at Immortal, who still stood floating in front of his eyes, Hoonie continued his words.

"I will class-change to the Monarch of Darkness."

At the same time as those words ended, the energy of darkness that wrapped around Hoonie's body created a fierce tornado as it was sucked into his heart.


• You have successfully class-changed from the hidden class the 'Magician of Darkness' to the higher-rank class, the 'Monarch of Darkness'.

And shortly after.

In front of the eyes of all of the users that were logged on into the central continent, one system message popped up just like when Remir class-changed to the Monarch of the Red Flame.

• The second legend of the central continent has awoken.

* * *

As Hoonie finished receiving his reward, the pleasant time of receiving their rewards also arrived for Ian and Canoel, who cleared the quest with him.

"Heu-heut, has the time to open up a proper box-like box come for the first time in a while?"

After checking for the 'Legendary-rank Summoning Equipment Box' that was in one corner of his inventory, Ian wore a broad smile.

And he also turned his head towards Canoel that was next to him.

"Yo, since you're also a Summoner, you must have also received an equipment box, right?"

However, different from Ian's expectation, Canoel shook his head.

"N, no? My reward is different."


Ian wore an amused expression, and Hoonie, who was unrelated to Summoners, also stared at Canoel with an expression full of interest.

"Eh… I received some sort of Earring of Leadership. And I've also received some sort of quest."

Ian instinctively asked again.

"What? An Earring of Leadership?"

"Yes. But I don't think this is that good. It doesn't have any other option attached to it besides just the 1500 Leadership."


The words 'hand it over' rose to the back of Ian's throat, but he narrowly didn't forget his rationality as he nodded his head.

"I… See. Then what's the quest?"

Canoel smiled brightly as he spoke.

"Ah, the quest? I'll share it with you, one moment!"

"There, there's no need to go that far…!"

Ian, who was taken aback, waved his hands, but Canoel's sharing was one step faster than him.

Canoel shared his quest with both Ian and Hoonie.


• The Wish of Dragon Tamer Oakley (Hidden, connected quest)

A thousand years ago, in the Prilania Valley that surrounded the north of the Malaka Continent, the nest of the Dragon Tamers existed.

However, at the end of the bloody battle with the army of the Evil Dragon Khalifa, they had reached extermination, and not one Dragon Tamer remained in the world.

Go look for the Spirit of Oakley, who is wandering somewhere in the Malaka Continent (northern continent) and pass his test.

Quest Difficulty Level: SSS

Quest Requirement: A user acknowledged by the Spirit of Immortal.

Time Limit: None.

Reward: 200 thousand Fame, Legendary-rank Summoning Equipment Box.

(The reward may change depending on the class of the user that is participating in the quest.)

Ian's eyes slightly grew as soon as he saw the quest window.

'Huh? This is a bit of a familiar quest.'

However, separate from that, as soon as he saw the same reward as Immortal's quest, he decided to accept the quest for now.

"I accept the quest!"

However, Ian's plan to also leech off of Canoel returned as a fail.

• This is a quest that you have already proceeded through before.

• You have failed at accepting the quest share.

"Damn it…"

Out of his disappointed heart, Ian thought of Oakley, who was at no fault, without reason as he complained.

"Hmph, such a cheap, old man. The difficulty level even changed to a triple S, so is it too much to let me do it once more?"

Meanwhile, Hoonie, who read through the quest, rounded his eyes as he turned his head towards Canoel.

"Hyung, you've hit a jackpot!"

Canoel asked back with a confused expression.

"Hmm? Really? Is it an amazingly good quest?"

Hoonie began to kindly explain to Canoel, who asked back with a pure expression.

"Ah, hyung, I told you to speak comfortably with me."

"Sh, should I?"

Hoonie continued his words again to a sour-faced Canoel.

"Hyung, you haven't gone into the Kailan community recently, right?"

"Yes. No, yeah. I don't think so."

"If you clear this connected quest, you'll be able to receive a hidden class, too, hyung. It's the quest of Oakley, who is one of the two heroes of the Malaka Continent."

"Ooh, I have no idea what that is, but that's cool!"


While listening to the conversation of the two people that sounded like they had a screw loose somewhere, Ian licked his lips.

"Euh, what a bummer that I have to let go of that equipment box and the 200 thousand fame. It definitely would have been a quest that gave a tremendous amount of EXP."

Ian grumbled as he asked Immortal, who gave the quest, a question.

"Yo, but, old man Oakley told me last time that he would put down his karma and leave. Is he still in Malaka, that old man?"

At those words, Immortal, who had been wearing an expressionless face, reacted immediately.

• Hmm… You, how do you know Oakley?

At Immortal's words, Ian roughly explained his encounter with Oakley, and Immortal wore a surprised expression.

• Hoo, no wonder. The moment you handled the dragon, I did think that you weren't any ordinary human, but… Come to think of it, I can feel the energy of Iriel from you as well.

Wearing an expression saying as if he didn't understand English, Ian blinked both his eyes.

'Who the hell is Iriel now? I do feel like I've heard that name from somewhere…'

Immortal, who paused for a moment, stared at the two eyes of Ian as he slowly opened his mouth again.

• It looks like you'll have to take up a request from me, human.


Ian was flustered at the sudden statement that he had a request, but he couldn't help but become even more surprised after seeing the quest that popped up afterwards.


• The Beginnings of the Devils (Hidden)

The Monarch of Darkness Immortal stated he has started to feel the presence of devils here and there in the central continent for a while now.

In order for the tragedy that happened a thousand years ago to not repeat itself, the cause of it must be found out beforehand and the strength of the heroes of the continent must be combined.

However, not all of the heroes have appeared, and right now is the time to collect information on the devils.

Go find Iriel, the administrator of the Forest of Love, and obtain information from her.

Quest Difficulty Level: S

Quest Requirement: A Summoner that has the spirit of a God Dragon.

Summoning Master Level 1.

Time Limit: None

Reward: ?

*This is a quest related to 'The Shadow of the Evil Dragon Khalifa (Hidden)' Quest that you currently possess.


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