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Chapter 198 - Ian’s Devildom Travel Journal - Part 2


The thing that had appeared in front of Ian was a human-shaped monster that had an incredibly large build.

With a rough-looking face, the devil had two horns attached to his head while his muscular body was covered in red fur.

On top of that, the opponent with an overpowering image held big axes in each hand that looked like it would be troublesome for a normal human to even lift one of them as he glared at Ian.

• Keu-rwah-rwah-rwah-! How exactly did you come this far with such a weak-looking body, human?

Ian replied with an apathetic expression.

"What do you mean how did I get here, I knocked out the magical beasts and came."

At Ian's words, the devil widened both of his eyes as he asked back.

• What? You've actually knocked out the magical beasts?

This time Ian asked.

"Who are you to be like that?"

While looking at Ian, who wasn't the least bit intimidated and replied with such a calm tone, the devil raged.

• I am Yankoun, one of the Twelve Chosen Generals that guard the entrance of the Devildom. If you've come this far, you must have heard about the Twelve Chosen Generals, right?

However, Ian's expression was just lukewarm.

While he had the Resistance Magic stat that absorbed 99% of the damage he received, whether it was the general of the Devildom or the grandfather of Satan himself, he had nothing to fear.

"That's what's in my stomach[1]. I had no idea that there was such a thing in the Devildom as well."

At Ian's reply Yankoun exploded.

• Keu-rwah-rwah-rwah-! You are the one that needs to be punished badly in order to get it together!

Yankoun began to swing around the axes that he was holding in either hand crazily.

Ian slightly checked the level that appeared above his head.

'Level 350, huh… It's been quite a while since we've encountered a monster that's a higher level than Kaizar.'

Kaizar was now at lv 270.

Even when compared to him, the level of the opponent was overwhelmingly higher.

It had truly been a while ever since Holdream's Holy Grail Quest that they've met a monster of such a high level.

Ian provoked his opponent even more.

"Come at me, monkey."

And Yankoun immediately reacted.

• Keuaaah-!

As Yankoun let out a horrible shriek, a red beam shot out from his whole body as he began to burn everything around him.

Bang- Ba-bang- Bang-bang-!

Ian examined the pattern of the beam that shot out while he dodged them like this and that, and he couldn't help but allow the rays that were dense and shot out quickly to attack him.

• The God General of the Devildom 'Yankoun' has used Inherent Ability Burst-Tear-Break.

• You have received critical damage from the God General of the Devildom 'Yankoun'.

• Due to your strong Resistance Magic, 88,605 damage has been absorbed.

• Your Vitality has been reduced by 895.

Ian, who checked the system messages that popped up, was slightly taken aback.

'What the hell, it felt like he just slightly grazed me, but he deals this much damage?'

Of course, the actual amount of damage he received was a ticklish amount that didn't quite come out to 1 thousand, but if he had just gotten hit without any Resistance Magic, it was an enormous amount of damage that was close to 100 thousand.

If it was how it originally should have been like, with Ian's current Vitality, it was a force where he would have died in three hits.

• Whoo- Whoo-!

Yankoun, who randomly shot out destructive red beams with his head bowed down for a while, gathered his breath as he slowly turned his head.

• Ahem, have you already died?

However, Yankoun, who immediately met eyes with Ian after turning his head, couldn't help but be flustered.

• What the hell? How were you able to survive within the range of my Burst-Tear-Break?

The corners of the mouth of Ian, who met eyes with Yankoun, curled upwards.

"Man, you're quite strong."

• …?

Yankoun, who wore a flustered expression for a moment, wore a menacing expression shortly afterwards as he toyed with his axe.

• I don't know how you survived, but since it has come to a situation like this, but I will just split your skull with my axes instead. I will send you to heaven.

If it was as it originally should have been, it would have been a line that would have been heard as incredibly threatening, but Ian just snorted.

"You're in big trouble, man."

• …?

"I'll smack you until you beg me for mercy."

• Human, what the hell are you saying?

Ian slightly turned to look at Kaizar and his Familiars as he opened his mouth again.

"Guys, beat him to a pulp!"

* * *

23 hours since they had been exclusively monitoring Ian.

With bloodshot eyes, the Section Leader was watching Ian and Yankoun's battle.

To be exact, the expression that he was glaring at them was more appropriate.

"Department Head Kim, what is he doing right now?"

At the Section Leader's question, the man that was dozing off next to him suddenly lifted his head as he stared at the screen.

And with a very hoarse voice, he replied weakly.

"It seems like he's fighting against a devil."

"Really? Do you really think he's fighting?"


The Section Leader sighed deeply towards the other, who rubbed his eyes and looked at the screen again, as he opened his mouth.

"It looks to me like he's group lynching one pitiful boss monster…"

There was a moment of silence.

The two stared at Yankoun, who was getting beaten up by Ian, for a while before they stared at each other.

"I pity Yankoun, Section Leader."

"I pity us more."


"How exactly is that Ian dude still lively to this point?"

"I have no idea."

The Section glanced around at the junior staff members, who were sprawled all over the monitoring room here and there, as he mumbled weakly.

"By any chance, does no one here know that game cripple's house? So we can go and push down the circuit breaker at least."


Everybody was silent, but that was only because they had no strength to do such a thing right now.

At the words of the Section Leader, they were in the middle of intensely sympathizing with him internally.

* * *

The Devildom could be considered the field with the highest difficulty level that existed in Kailan.

And Yankoun was a monster that was in the top 100 within a Devildom like that.

That Yankoun was getting beaten to a pulp to the point dust would have flown around even on a rainy day.

And the one that was beating up Yankoun ruthlessly was obviously Ian.

• Keu-rwa-aak! How exactly can a human be this strong?

"You'll figure it out eventually from getting hit."

Puck- Pu-puck-!

Yankoun was currently in a state where his Vitality was already reduced to its minimum and he had lost all strength in his body. However, Ian attacked him without mercy.

Yankoun let out a groan as he glared at Ian.

• Keu-euk! I was just careless! You, you're lucky!

As he said that, Ian suddenly stopped attacking.

"Is that so?"

At the unexpected reaction, Yankoun was momentarily taken aback, but soon after, he nodded his head as he replied.

• That's right, human. I will acknowledge the fact that you are strong. Since there is not a devil even in our Devildom that can endure my attacks to that point. However, if I hadn't been careless, I would have easily beaten someone like you!

To be honest, from the perspective of Yankoun, who was lv 350, Ian's level was to the point it was truly trivial.

As that was the case, Ian's attacks also didn't deal much damage to Yankoun and Yankoun couldn't help but look down on Ian.

However, although it wasn't a small amount of damage, as he accumulated damage that was dozens of times greater than what Ian, who absorbed 99% of the damage received, took, he was eventually close to death.

Ian momentarily stared at Yankoun, who justified himself diligently, before he took a step back.

• What the hell, human!

After Ian pulled back all of his Familiars, he opened his mouth again.

"I want to compete against you when you aren't being careless."

• …!

At that, Yankoun wore an expression saying as if he was dumbfounded.

And that was the same for Kaizar and Ian's Familiars as well.

• Owner, why are you doing that? Let's kill him quickly and move onto the next map.

• That's right, owner. Why are you doing something so useless?

• Lord guy, did you eat something bad this morning?

However, Ian stared at Yankoun with an unwavering expression.

And Yankoun faced Ian's such gaze squarely as he slowly nodded his head.

• Keu-heum… Such an arrogant human. However, I will think highly of that competitiveness and spirit at least.

Ian replied with a resolute expression.

"I am the greatest Selamus Warrior. This time, I will face you without anybody else's help and just my own strength."

Ian even casted his First-Aid skill on Yankoun as he healed him.

And as the Vitality of the two were completely recovered, the battle began again.

• That arrogance will kill you!

Even at Yankoun's roar, Ian just laughed.

"Until you truly acknowledge me, I will continue to fight."

Like that, the battle urgently began.

This time, with even his Familiars pulled back, it was a battle just between the two.

Yankoun's twin axes and Ian's spear began to clash intensely in the air.

Bang- Ba-bang- Bang!

However, the interesting part was that as time passed by, the battle became one one-sided.

• Keu-aaak! You rat!

Ian had begun to evade almost 100% of the swings that Yankoun made with his axes!

To be honest, the reason why Ian had done such a weird thing was right here.

'My play right now is a bugged play anyways. Even if I catch this dude right now, he doesn't give me any EXP or Fame, so there's no way I'll just kill him easily. Even if I was to obtain things like items, there's no guarantee that LB Corp. won't withdraw it.'

Ian was planning on completely familiarizing himself with the attack pattern of his opponent, whom he was sure was a boss monster, and attack him without Resistance Magic once the Devildom formally opened up.

And the reason this was possible was because Yankoun's reflexivity was on the lower side compared to his level.

Yankoun was a monster that had incredible endurance and Offensive Power in place of how slow he was.

'There's also another plan…'

Ian provoked Yankoun again.

"Bring it up a notch, friend. Your abilities are lousy!"

• Keu-aaah!

Had about thirty minutes passed like that? Yankoun was completely covered in wounds and he collapsed in front of Ian again.

"Pfft, do you want to go for another round?"

• Keu… I'm furious! I want to fight once more again!

"Okay, let's go-go!"

Ian continuously repeated the fight with Yankoun.

"Yo, you're lousier than before. Do you want to do it again?"

• Euaaah! You, this time I'll actually show you the taste of heat!

20 minutes later.

"I feel like you're doing worse as we continue. I only got hit twice this time. Are you exhausted?"

• Keu-rwah-rwah-rwah-!

15 minutes later.

"Yo, this is too boring."

• No more, just kill me.

"Don't want to."

10 minutes later.

"Dude, get up. How come the chief gatekeeper of the Devildom has no guts like this?"

• I want to protect my honour as the chief gatekeeper of the Devildom! I will acknowledge your strength.

"Is that so?"

• That's right. In the Devildom, strength is basically the law. I worship the laws of the stronger person, and I respect strong people. I will acknowledge my defeat. Now stop and cut off my head!


10 more minutes later.

• Keu-huuung, please kill me!

"Don't want to. Let's fight just two more times."

• What exactly is the reason as to why you're doing this!

"I haven't gotten my full share of enjoyment yet."

• …

Had about one hour passed by like that?

Yankoun, who still faced Ian with all of his fighting power each time, just kneeled in front of him.

Ian asked back with a puzzled expression.

"What are you doing? I filled up your Vitality. I'm telling you, let's fight again."

Yankoun put down the two axes that he held in his hands as he bowed his head down towards Ian.

• I will serve you as my master.


• Ian, I am impressed by your power. I want to follow you.

A smile of satisfaction appeared at the corners of Ian's mouth.

[1] The 'Twelve Chosen Generals' and the 'duodenum' is the same word in Korean. Ian is making a play on words here.


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