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Chapter 33 - New Family Members - Part 2


Ian complained.

"Ou, why is it so hard to find one of these ice chunks?"

He had captured Bukbuk, but it had nothing to do with Ice Golems.

He had come to the Island of the Abyss to tame new pets to increase his battle power in the first


Bukbuk's current stats would be of no help in battles, therefore, Ian still hadn't achieved his goal.

'Wide-range skill is one thing, but I need at least one pet that can be a tanker (one that received the

monsters' attacks instead of its party's members.).'

Ian had worked as the tanker during the Goblins' Campsite quest, however, it didn't fit his style and

was not efficient.

So, he had to get an Ice Golem.

He was trying not to think that Bukbuk might be able to be a great tanker.

Ian let Bukbuk play on the field and resumed hunting with Ly.

With Bukbuk's Defense Force, it wouldn't get killed by any monsters here.

Buk- Bukbuk-

Just as Ian thought, Bukbuk was excitedly roaming around the field, not getting disturbed by any


After three hours.

Ian finally captured an Ice Golem with the 'Evolution Possible' option.


He had worked harder than when he had to capture Ly, so he felt proud of himself.

'Shall I check its information?'

Ian opened the information of his latest pet.

[Ice Golem]

Lv. 38

Type: Golem

Rank: Regular

Character: honest

Evolution Possible

Attack Force: 205

Defense Force: 315

Speed: 66

Intelligence: 125

Health: 5450/ 5450

Unique Abilities

- Ice Wave

A cold shock wave is released within a 15-meter radius when it stamps with its feet hard.

Inflict a damage of 50% of its Attack Force to enemies within the radius and slows them down by 30%

for 10 seconds.

- When the temperature is low, the stats will increase by a maximum of 30%. Receive twice the

damage from Fire-type attacks.

Golems were made of ice that lived in the Island of the Abyss.

Ian smiled happily.

He opened the detailed information window to check its Potential and it was at 75.

'Huhu, all that hard work was worth it. Ly's Potential will soon reach 20, so I will use Training skill on

this one right after I bestow a skill to Ly.'

Ian was satisfied with the Ice Golem's stats. He then summoned it right away.


The Ice Golem appeared in front of him.


- You summoned [Ice Golem] for the first time. You can give it a name.

'Oh, right, a name…'

Once again, Ian's creativity had to come into play.

'He is big and tough, so…'

Ian opened his mouth, "I will call you 'Big Guy'."

- Ice Golem has received the name 'Big Guy'.

Unlike Ly and Bukbuk, Big Guy didn't show any reaction.

'Does he not understand me?'

Ian called it.

"Hey, Big Guy."


Big Guy turned its head and looked at Ian as soon as it was called.

'Luckily, it understands me.'


Ian dismissed Big Guy for now.

He could take Ly or Bukbuk around with him, however, Big Guy was twice as big as a grown male, so

it would be uncomfortable to travel with it.

Ly used the Intermediate Training skill on Ly again and held Bukbuk in one hand.

'Okay, it looks like I am ready now…'

He had spent two days on capturing a Golem. It was time to get back to leveling-up.

'To the Snowy Mountains of Crupia!'

The Snowy Mountains of Crupia was on the edge of the North Continent which had been opened with

the update.

He had received information about it from Piolan, the current vice guild master, and he thought it was

a good place to gain some levels.

'It would be a little too hard for me, but it wouldn't be impossible if I hunt using my brain.'

The Snowy Mountains of Crupia had monsters of lower levels compared to other parts of the North

Continent, the monsters that lived there were at Lv.50~60.

While Big Guy was only at the Regular rank, he was a lot weaker compared to Ly, however, since the

Golem was a tanker, Ian believed that his total fighting power had increased greatly.

Additionally, one of Big Guy's Unique Abilities was the having its stats going up in cold regions and

this was one of the reasons Ian picked the Snowy Mountains.

'I must first go to the Village and buy some things.'

The North Continent was still an unexplored land, so there was no Village in there.

Ian needed to acquire some potions, extra items that would protect him from the cold and food.

The stock price of YTBC, a broadcasting station specialized in games, was rapidly increasing these


It used to have a reputation even before virtual reality games came out. It broadcasted pro leagues of

famous games and information about new games. However, the company had grown double in just

the past few months.

The virtual reality game 'Kailan' was the main reason.

The other world of Kailan was a treasure box of contents to broadcast about.

Now, even those who hadn't been interested in games were starting to play this game one by one.

Especially in Korea, where people had been enthusiastic about virtual reality game, many users

started to enjoy playing Kailan.

So, the YTBC's planning team was very busy.

It was because after YTBC gained profits by broadcasting about Kailan, many competitors emerged.

As a result, the planning team was always eager to find contents that the viewers would like.

Lee Hansung, manager of the team, had to take a phone call as soon as his lunchtime was over.

- Mr. Lee, do you remember the user who was going to explore the North Continent? The ranked

player with the hidden class. Was he a Knight of Brilliance?

Park Munsung, the director who was famous for being someone very determined, had been grilling

the planning team lately.

"Yes, Mr. Park. Do you mean Sailon, the Knight of Brilliance?

- Yes, him. He is the vice guild master of the Titan Guild, right?

Titan Guild was a huge guild, one of top 5 guilds in the Korean server.

And Sailon the Knight of Brilliance held the second rank among knights in the Korean server. He was

also the vice guild master of Titan Guild.

"Yes, he is."

- You said you were going to contact him. How did it go?

Sailon had lately prepared an expedition to explore the North Continent. It was the hottest issue

among Kailan's users.

A video of him killing Mamus, the first boss monster to appear on the North Continent, had been

uploaded on the community.

And YTBC had contacted him many times to get his personal video.

"Yes. We finished negotiating yesterday. We will broadcast starting from next week."

- What about the revenue distribution?

"We agreed on 4:6."

- Hmmm… we are giving him too much, but we need players like him.

They talked more about a few things and hung up. Lee Hansung complained, "Ah, let me rest, please.

I want to play Kailan, too, but I cannot spare any time to log in."

However, his hands were moving fast as he talked.

He needed to work hard to go home early.

And he had to go home to play Kailan.

He sipped coffee as he checked the ratings of the scheduled programs.

'Programs about the new classes and unexplored areas have high ratings, it's been only a few days

since the update.'

He started to check the list on his notebook.

'I have almost finished casting… I just need to find one Summoner user who can be a star…'

He had found a few Dark Sorcerer and Assassin users who were progressing fast and gotten

personal videos. One of the Dark Sorcerer user was already beyond Lv. 30.

However, he hadn't been able to find a Summoner at Lv. 25 or higher, so he was worried.

'Let's watch just a little longer.'

There had to be a Summoner user somewhere who was quietly progressing fast.

His job was to find that user before the other broadcasting stations did.

Jinsung sat at a table and ripped off a bag of cereal while he turned on the TV.

"Is there any useful information?"

Jinsung's TV had all the cable channels, but he always watched only one channel.

It was YTBC.

'This is the only game channel from where I can get some decent information…'

No, he was not watching only one channel because he was lazy. Not at all.

Jinsung poured some milk in his bowl of cereal.

"Uh? Information about Summoners is finally coming out!"

Jinsung stopped eating and started concentrating.

On the TV, a female Summoner user was giving an interview while holding a Red Fox.

- Wow, is this the fox who made many Summoners come to the Hills of Kalimpus?

- Yes, he is. You can call him Coco.

- Haha, and his name is very cute as well. But I've heard that Coco is different from other foxes… is

that true?

The player proudly nodded.

- Yes, that's right. I cannot show you, but he has an option called 'Evolution Possible' written on his

information window.


Jinsung almost spewed out the cereals in his mouth.

He suddenly felt a stomachache.

"Hu, information about the possible evolution of the pets has been released." Jinsung complained.

He believed that the information would eventually get out, but he was still sour to share such an

important information.

'But it was released later than I thought.'

More and more users were becoming Summoners.

Even if those users tamed only one monster each, many players should have been able to tame ones

that could evolve by now.

The information came out two weeks after the update, so it was a little late.

Probably because users who got monsters that could evolve kept their mouths shut like Jinsung.

'But making your pet evolve won't be easy without the Taming skill.'

According to the analysis Jinsung had done so far, Potential rose very little when Friendship went up

while going around together, even without the Taming skill.

One day, the other users would gain an evolved pet. However, Jinsung thought that would take at

least two weeks.

"I must finish eating my cereal and get back."

After the interview about the Red Fox, Coco, no information worthy of Jinsung's attention came out.

The best information was the interview of the user who tamed a Unique rank monster for the first time


He had captured the Bear of Darkness, which Jinsung had met about a week ago.

'It's a Bear of Darkness. He must have tried really hard to capture it at Lv.23. He must have received

help from his guild's members or his friends.'

However, Jinsung didn't get jealous. Ly could hunt monsters even before it evolved.

Watching the subtitle that read 'The first Unique rank monster to be tamed', Jinsung muttered, "But I

have captured a Unique rank monster earlier than him..."

Jinsung then recalled the cute Bukbuk.

And he sighed, though he couldn't tell why.

'Hu, I should go to see Bukbuk.'

He threw the cereal bowl into the sink and hurried to sit inside his capsule.

- Iris scanning complete. Ian, welcome to the world of Kailan.

Ian closed his eyes.


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