Taming Master | Chapter 43 | Ian’s Achievement | Part 1

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The Taming Master - Manhwa Novel

Chapter 43 - Ian’s Achievement - Part 1


'Hidden class!!!'

Ian's eyes widened.

He was confused at meeting a new hidden class.

'I could get a hidden class in this way?'

Ian was surprised, so he didn't speak. Orkley then talked again.

- Follow me and walk the path of the Dragon Tamer.

'Dragon Tamer'.

That name was so cool.

Ian's eyes shook.

'Which is better, Taming Master or Dragon Tamer?'

He wished he could read a guide or something.

'I became Taming Master quite easily in the beginning… while I got the Dragon Tamer class after all

those hard battles…'

Ian decided to trust his instincts.

"I want to take the path of the Dragon Tamer, Orkley. I will change my class."

Orkley's face brightened.

- Oh! You have made a wise choice, Ian. Dragon Tamer is an amazing class. You will never regret this


Orkley stretched out his hand to Ian.

A blue energy came out of his hand and shrouded Ian.


- You cannot choose a lower class.

- You failed to become a Dragon Tamer.

System messages came up.

Ian was confused.

"Uh… uh?"

Orkley's eyes showed disappointment.

- Haha… you are already walking the path of the Master. That explains a lot…

He continued to speak.

- Seeing your Red Maned Wolf, I thought you must be a special Summoner, but I didn't even imagine

that you were walking the path of the Master.

Ian felt strange.

He was sad that he didn't get the cool Dragon Master class, but he felt good about the fact that the

Taming Master was a higher class.

Ian's eyes twinkled.

He thought he could get some decent information from the old man.

"Is my Ly special?"

Orkley tilted his head.

- Ly? Oh, that must be your wolf's name.

"It is."

Orkley continued to speak.

- Ly is certainly a Rare rank Red Maned Wolf, but I felt its power was much more than that. That

wouldn't be possible unless its Tamer raised it in a special way.

Ian was secretly surprised.

The old man knew Ly's rank and abilities.

'The legendary Dragon Tamer…'

Ian glanced at Orkley.

'Maybe I can get something more from him.'

"Orkley, may I ask why you have been waiting for challengers here?"

Orkley looked surprised to hear this.

- Oh, what was I thinking? I was so focused on your Taming skill that I almost forgot the important


Ian held back his anger.

'I knew it! I have passed that crazy test, there's got to be some reward! I almost just left because of

that old man.'

Ian thought he almost got no reward, as if the hidden class Orkley offered wasn't a reward.

"The important thing?"

Orkley nodded.

- Yes. Follow me.

Orkley moved, he floated as if he was gliding in the air and approached the iron gate on the other side

of the room.

'He really is a ghost.'

Ian hurried to follow him. The iron gate started to open with a loud sound.

- Come in.

When they went inside, the gate closed again.


Ian entered a dark cave with some mysterious energy.

The place in which he had fought the Chaos Drake was a room made of stone, but this place was

more like a natural cave.

Orkley slowly went deeper and stood in front of a huge rock. Then he looked back at Ian.

- You have passed the test so you will get a reward and a duty.


Ian just stared at him, clearly not understanding. Orkley spoke again.

- You will be given one mission when receiving the reward of the quest.

"A mission?"

- Yes, a mission.

'Is it like a quest?'

Orkely continued to speak.

- Once you get the reward, you will be given a mission. You cannot refuse it.

Ian's face hardened to hear this.

'What… what the-!'

Orkley meant Ian couldn't refuse the quest after reading about it.

It was a big risk.

If he got the quest and failed or gave up, his Reputation would fall according to the quest's rank.

If it were a low-rank class, like D or lower, giving up once wouldn't be a big deal, but in cases of high-

rank quests, thousands of Reputations could be lost.

Ian had failed a C rank quest before he reset his character, and he lost about 500 Reputations.

In addition, he could lose his reward depending on the success or failure of the quest, so if he got a

quest of higher rank than he thought, he could gain nothing and only lose his Reputations.

"You won't tell me… what the mission is in advance, right?"

Ian asked in vain.

- I cannot tell you before you decide.


Ian thought for long. So, Orkley urged him.

- What will you do? Will you give up your reward and not receive the mission, or will you take the

reward and the mission?

Ian made up his mind.

'It wouldn't be my style to give up at this point and leave.'

Ian nodded, "Yes, I will take them."

With that, a system message appeared.

- You have accepted Orkley's offer.

Then, the quest's information window came up.


[Trace of the Forgotten Ancient Monster]

Orkley, the legendary Dragon Tamer, had locked himself under the Snowy Mountains of Crupia for

more than a thousand years.

Take the God Dragon's Soul Stone from him and go to the Mage of Dimensions.

Quest Difficulty Level: B

Quest Limit: Summoner must be acknowledged by Orkley.

Quest Limit: Unable to form a party during the quest.

Time Limit: Doesn't exist

Reward: Unknown

You cannot refuse this quest.

- You have accepted the [Trace of the Forgotten Ancient Monster] quest.

It was a quest that couldn't be refused, so the accepting message came up automatically.

Ian was a little relieved when reading the quest.

'No time limit, that's good.'

It was a little surprising that he had gotten a B rank quest before reaching Lv. 50, but it had no time

limit. It meant he didn't even have to do it.

'But unable to form a party during the quest… does this mean I cannot play in a party before I finish

this quest?'

If it had been other user, that would clearly be a death penalty.

However, Ian had always liked to play solo, so it wasn't much of a penalty for him.

'I cannot do a B quest alone now, but…'

He could wait until his level went up and he got stronger.

While Ian was thinking hard like this, Orkley came to him.

He then gave Ian a black stone with some mysterious energy.

- You have obtained God Dragon's Soul Stone.

'This is a Soul Stone?'

It looked more like a lump of coal than a 'Soul Stone'. Ian tilted his head while Orkley spoke.

- I am actually a Summoner who lived a thousand years ago.

Ian looked at Orkley.

He had to do the quest now, so he needed to hear Orkley's story.

- And in my times, there lived legendary monsters that don't exist now.

Orkley became sentimental, recalling the old days and continued to speak.

- One of them was the War Dragon Karseus, my close friend and my pet. We spent a long time


Ian was absorbed in his story now.

It was quite interesting.

- A thousand years ago, I was the leader of the 'Dragon Tamers', who are all gone now. Karseus was

one of the five dragons that were called God Dragons.

Orkley's story was very long.

To summarize it, it went like this.

A thousand years ago, in the Prilania Valley, where Dragon Tamers of the North Continent lived, was

invaded by Evil Dragons and countless dragons and tamers were killed.

Orkley's duty was to protect the War Dragon Karseus, one of the five God Dragons and his

companion, so he escaped from the Prilania Valley and hid on the Snowy Mountains of Crupia.

However, Evil Dragons came after them. In the end, he had no choice but to seal his and Karseus's

soul under the Mountains, he had waited for a thousand years.

"But were the Evil Dragons so strong, that you and the War Dragon couldn't stop them?"

Orkley nodded with bitterness.

- There were too many of them and, Kalipa, the Lord of Evil Dragons, was even stronger than


Ian asked again, "What would happen when I go to the Mage of Dimensions with this Stone?

- The Mage of Dimensions would tell you how to revive the War Dragon's soul.

Ian tilted his head.

"Revive the soul?"

Orkley spoke again.

- What do you think is the reason I have endured a thousand years in this dark underground?


- It was to revive the bloodline of the War Dragon Karseus which was cut that day. The God Dragons'

line cannot be destroyed like that. I also wanted to maintain the tradition of the Dragon Tamers if I


Ian could understand now.

'Oh… that was why he asked me to be Dragon Tamer.'

Orkley continued to talk.

- I had a plan. If the first one to pass my test was a Summoner, I would have him carry the tradition of

the Dragon Tamer and pass down Karseus's soul to him and, if not, I was going to ask him to bring

Karseus's soul with the Stone to the Mage of dimensions.

He continued, a little angry.

- I hadn't even imagined that there was a Summoner with a higher class than the Dragon Tamer like


Ian felt sorry.

"I… see."

- If you had taken the tradition of the Dragon Tamer, I would have been able to leave this world with

relief right here and the War Dragon would have been your pet.

Ian became curious.

"Can a Dragon Tamer revive Karseus's soul?"


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