Taming Master | Chapter 46 | Ian’s Achievement | Part 4

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Chapter 46 - Ian’s Achievement - Part 4


Ian sat for a while and watched Bukbuk eat its meatball. Then, he checked on the blinking message


Someone had sent him a message when he was logged out.

- Herss: Jinsung, that Lv. 50 Summoner, is that you?

It was his best friend, Herss.

Immediately, the anger Ian felt while reading about the Summoner page vanished.

'I knew it, Yuhyeon is the only one who truly knows me!'

However, the blinking didn't stop.

'Huh? Is there another one?'

Ian checked again, this time, a message from Harin was right under it.

- Harin: Ian, what have you been doing? What did you do to reach Lv. 50? You are so great.

Herss's message had some doubt, but Harin was sure about it!

Actually, it was natural for Harin to be sure that the Lv. 50 Summoner was Ian because she had

already thought he was a great player when they completed the Goblins' Campsite quest together.

Anyway, Ian was moved.

He felt tears clouding his eyes.

'Ah… Harin is such a good person…'

Ian used to think of her as a scary woman who liked to PK, but now he thought of her to be a good

person, because of her cooking and her message.

'I will do my best to help her with the vacation task!'

Now, the time needed to do that felt a little less wasted.

Ian sent Harin a message right away.

- Ian: I reached Lv. 50 yesterday and have passed out till now. I just logged in!

However, Harin didn't reply. Probably because she wasn't online. Ian was a little disappointed

because he wanted to boast about his own success.

'Is Yuhyeon logged in?'

Ian sent Herss a message.

- Ian: Yeap, it was me. I reached Lv. 50 yesterday and went to sleep. I just woke up.

Herss replied immediately.

- Herss: Wow… you really are a monster…

They kept talking.

- Ian: Did you sent me a message to just ask that?

- Herss: Umm… yes, but we need to talk about something else, too.

- Ian: Something else? What is it?

- Herss: Our guild just got a Base on the North Continents.

Ian's face brightened at this.

He knew well how important a Base was to a guild.

- Ian: Oh, really? Where is it?

- Herss: About half a day to North-East from the Snowy Mountains of Crupia. On the Snowfield of


- Ian: How big is the Base? Is it located on a good spot?

- Herss: Yes, it is quite big and its location is good as well.

Ian felt good.

It was as if he bought a 500 Won lottery without any expectation and won 50,000 Won.

Actually, Ian hadn't expected the Lotus Guild to get a decent base on this expedition.

Firstly, he knew well how fiercely guilds that went on expeditions to the North Continent fought.

Secondly, although the Lotus Guild was a strong guild, one of top 5% guilds, compared to the top 10

guilds, it was still weak.

- Ian: Great. I've heard that you were going to the North, but I didn't know that you would get a base.

You've done well, dude.

- Herss: Well, I got lucky.

And Ian realized the biggest reason why Herss sent him a message.

- Ian: Oh, did you need help in clearing the nearby areas of the base?

- Herss: You are right. But not right now. Here, monsters have high levels. They are at least Lv. 70. A

little far away, some of the monsters are even at Lv. 100.

- Ian: Then, I would be able to help you when I reach Lv. 70.

- Herss: Yes, I think so too.

- Ian: Okay. You have nothing more to say, right?

Ian got up to finish messaging and go hunting. However, he soon received another message.

- Herss: Oh, right. I almost forgot.

- Ian: Uh? What?

- Herss: Can you wait for a week without leveling-up?

- Ian: … why?

Not gaining levels for an entire week, that could never happen to Ian.

However, Herss soon said his reasons.

-Herss: The Empire Arena would open after a week. Why don't you remain as at Lv. 50 and compete

as a rookie?

Ian's eyes widened, 'Oh, why haven't I thought of that? Even Herss thought of it and he didn't even

reset his character…'

Actually, Herss could recall that only because he had heard that Clovan received 50,000 Reputation

by competing in the Rookies' League.

He thought of Ian as soon as he heard that.

The Empire Arenas of the Kaimon Empire and Luspell Empire took turns to open on the first day of

every month.

Kaimon Empire's Arena was opened last month, so this time was the turn of the Luspell Empire's


When the Empire Arena opened, all the users could register to enter. The 32 users who passed the

preliminaries would fight on a tournament.

After the final, users would receive great Reputation and powerful items according to his or her rank,

so many users participated every month.

The Empire Arena always hosted two Leagues at the same time.

One was the Combined League, in which all users could participate while the other was the Rookies'

League, in which only users of Lv. 50 or lower could participate.

Herss was recommending Ian to remain at Lv. 50 for a week and participate in the Rookies' League.

- Ian: Oh, right! The Arena! Uh, why have I forgotten all about it?

Ian was about to cry. Not gaining a level for a week was almost a torture for Ian.

Ian blamed himself, 'Why did I even reach Lv. 50 by sleeping less than 2 hours a day?'

He even felt sorry for himself for being so shortsighted.

- Herss: Because it was almost impossible to reach Lv.50 before August 1 st . I couldn't even imagine

that you could it so quickly.

What Herss said was very reasonable.

Jinsung became a Summoner on June 20 th , the day of Kailan's update.

And the Arena would open on August 1 st .

How could have Ian thought that he would be able to go over Lv. 50 in such a short time of a month

and ten days?

It wasn't that Ian had not thought about the Empire Arena when he reset his character.

'I just thought I should gain levels as hard as I could before the Arena opened…'

He hadn't thought that he would reach Lv. 50 a week earlier.

- Ian: Uh… I feel bad about wasting a week. But I would be a fool not to participate, now that I have

reached Lv. 50, right?

- Herss: Don't ask when you know the answer. If you go up to the quarterfinal, you can get 10,000

Reputation and your class' Hero rank necklace. You know how many quests you have to do to get

10,000 Reputation. It would take much longer than a week.

Ian knew that well, too.

He just felt sad.

- Ian: Hu, okay. I feel bad about wasting a week, but I can do something else.

- Herss: Okay, good luck.

As Ian finished talking to Herss, he felt the energy draining out of his body.

Ian looked at Bukbuk, which had finished its meatball and had sat on his knees. He then sighed.



"What should we do for a week now?"


But Bukbuk would never be able to give Ian an answer.

"First, I must start the Pioneer quest."

Ian got up and moved slowly.

He looked powerless.

Ian went to Muran.

He had to go to the Imperial Palace to start the Pioneer quest, but he wanted to see the Tower of

Summoner first.

'I have to check my achievements.'

Ian arrived at Muran and went to Flinor Square.

He could find the Tower easily.

"Huhu, I feel even better, seeing it for real."

The Tower of Summoners stood alone, a little far away from the other Towers.

Two more Towers would be built next to it when users of the other new classes reached Lv. 50, but

now it stood all alone. It made it look even cooler.

It fitted Ian's taste perfectly, with two dragon statues that stood on both sides of the entrance.

'I love it. I have plenty of time. I should go in.'

Ian had always been busy with gaining levels, but now he was 'forced' to not hunt. He was very free


At the entrance, many Summoners who had come to complete class quests were going in and out.

'When doing a quest, getting one at the Tower would be the best.'

Ian had two quests now; the one he had gotten from Orkley and the Pioneer quest. So, he wasn't

going to get another at the Tower.

However, after finishing the two quests, he would get quests from the Tower like others.

'Its structure is all the same.'

Ian muttered, thinking about the Tower of Archers which he had visited countless times before he

reset his character.

'Then the Artifact Trading Center must be on the fourth floor.'

There were many things to do at the Tower, including getting quests.

The place Ian was looking for was the Artifact Trading Center where he would be able to trade his

Contribution to the Tower with items or skill books.

Because the Tower had been built thanks to Ian, he had gotten a huge amount of Contribution.

'I got 5000 Contributions… So, I think I would be able to get almost anything…'

Before he reset his character, he had a little less than 10,000 Contribution to the Tower of Archers, so

5000 Contribution was definitely huge.

'It would be good to save it and use it when my level gets higher… But I must trade immediately if

there's a good skill book.'

In case of the items, the higher his level was, the higher the rank of items he could get, so trading now

at Lv. 50 wouldn't be a good choice.

However, skill books were different.

If there was a good skill book, he needed to get it as soon as he could to raise the skill's Proficiency.

'It's here. The same location, just as I thought.'

Ian found the Trading Center and went in with excitement.

Ian's expression was similar to that of a child entering a toy store with the first 10,000 Won bill he had

ever gotten.

Ian approached the Center. At the front, an NPC smiled and said, "Contribution Trading Center. How

can I help you?"


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