Taming Master | Chapter 52 | Ian’s Great Performance | Part 1

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Chapter 52 - Ian’s Great Performance - Part 1


"Hello, viewers! I am Lucia, reporter of YTBC!"

"Hello, everyone. This is reporter Hains."

YTBC was the biggest game broadcasting station in Korea. It would never miss a big event like the


Currently, the two reporters were at the Arena to broadcast.

"Lucia, there are so many people here today, right?"

"Yes, the Arena seems to be more crowded than a month ago. And this is not the Major League but

the Rookies' League."

The two went on professionally.

"It must be because it is the first time the Arena is being opened since the new classes came out."

Hains replied smoothly and informed the viewers, "Yes. This is the first League since the new classes

came out! There are many people interested in the Rookies' League now. It is almost as popular as

the Major League where the strongest users fight!"

"Yes, right. As the viewers can see on the screen, the Arena is filled with thousands of people!"

They were right, the stands at the Arena were completely full.

While the crystal sphere that worked as a camera showed the Arena, the two caught their breath and

read the script again.

Then, Lucia continued naturally when they were on the screen again.

"Hains, what would be the class that would prove to excel the most among the three new classes at

the Arena this time?"

At this, Hains started to explain.

"The class that is expected to be the most powerful in the League, in which users would fight one-on-

one, is the 'Assassin'."

"Why is that?"

"It is because the class has a much better human-attacking ability compared to the Dark Sorcerer and

the Summoner."

"Really? However, the Dark Sorcerers and Summoners have countless Undead and powerful pets,

wouldn't the Assassin, who is all alone, be at a disadvantage?"

They continued to explain through questioning each other.

"Haha, what you said makes sense, but being in a large number isn't very effective against the

Assassin class." Because Hains spoke for too long, he was out of breath. He then took a deep breath

and continued, "The Assassin class has many skills with which they can scatter the opponent's focus,

like teleporting in short distances and turning invisible for a while. Additionally, they are very fast so

they can get close to the opponent in no time!"

Lucia nodded, "Aha, then an Assassin can avoid the Dark Sorcerer's Undead or the Summoner's

pets, then reach the enemy quickly to inflict a powerful blow!"

"That's it, Lucia. That is why many analysists are considering the Assassin as a powerful contender

for the winner of the Rookies' League"

Hains mainly explained while Lucia spoke for the viewers and asked what they would want to know.

"Huh? But Hain, I have another question."

"What is it?"

"Even though the Assassin is good in a close-range fight, I think it will be weaker against the Warrior

class and the Knight class." Hains then waited for Lucia's next words. Therefore, she continued, "The

Assassin has great attacks that hit the enemy only once, however, it will be exhausted afterward. So,

it must be weak against the Warrior class that has a good Defence Force and Attack Force. It will also

have problems when fighting the Knight class that specializes in tanking."

Hains explained again, "You are right, Lucia. As you just said, the Assassin class isn't good against

the Warrior or the Knight class."

"Then, why is the Assassin the most likely potential winner of the Rookies' League?"

"That is because the best players from the pre-existing classes have already gone over Lv. 50, so

they can't compete in the Rookies' League. On the other hand, the best players from the new classes

are currently near Lv. 50."

They gave simple explanations so that the viewers could understand.

Of course, there were many gamers who were very knowledgeable about Kailan among the viewers,

however, there were more ordinary people who didn't know well the game.

This was also one of the reason YTCB, who clearly explained the game, had very high ratings that

couldn't be compared to other game broadcasting stations.

"Ah, the first round of the preliminaries is about to start."

As Lucia said, the first round was about to start in the Arena.

"Oh! There's a new class player in the first round!"

"Hains, that user on the other side who is wearing a black costume. He is an Assassin, right?"

"Yes. His ID is "Limlong" and his opponent is "Flio". He is a Knight."

Lucia continued to talk, looking at the crystal sphere.

"Well, the battle is about to start! Viewers, please focus!"

With that, the crystal sphere focused on the Arena again. With that, the first round started.

'Hmm… an Assassin… I do not know much about the Assassin class…'

Flio was an ordinary Knight class player at Lv. 48.

He liked Kailan as much as everyone, but he just enjoyed it as a hobby.

The Arena of the Luspell Empire opened just before he reached Lv. 50. So, he came to Muran to

participate in the Rookies' League.

'But it must be good that he's a new class user. Between the new class players, there shouldn't be too

many who are near Lv. 50…'

Of the new classes, all the towers had been built in Muran. The Tower of Assassin was built three

days ago.

That meant there were Lv. 50 Summoners, Lv. 50 Dark Sorcerers and Lv. 50 Assassins.

However, the fact that the first Lv. 50 Assassin appeared three days ago also meant that ordinary

Assassin users were not even Lv. 40 yet.

Flio didn't think that his opponent could be a high-level Assassin.


Flio grabbed his sword tightly, it was his first time at the Arena. He didn't want to lose.

'Don't worry… it's not like I would get killed if I lose, I will just be displaced.'

Users didn't die in the Arena.

They were sent outside the moment their Health dropped below 5% or received a decision that was

equal to that, they then got their full Health restored.

Flio thought he was risking nothing except for the small amount of money he had spent to register, he

then calmed down a little.

"Hup!" Flio braced himself.

He had gotten rid of his worries, but he couldn't help being nervous.

It was his first time at the Arena and it was the first round today.

System messages were announced to all users in the Arena.

- The first match will begin in 5 seconds.

- 5… 4… 3…

Flio raised his sword and got ready to sprint forward.

'Yes, everyone knows that the Assassin class isn't good against the Knight class. I have nothing to


His opponent looked so calm that it made him nervous, but he needed to get rid of all thoughts and

focus on the battle.

- 2… 1… start!

When the countdown ended, Flio ran forward.


However, the opponent, who Flio had thought would come to him was just standing there and staring

at Flio.


Flio felt something was wrong. Then his opponent vanished, '… is it Invisibility, the Assassin's most

popular skill?!'

Invisibility was a skill that allowed the user to be invisible for 10 seconds. It was the first and most

popular skill Assassins learned.

The invisible Assassin would turn visible when using a skill or receiving damage by the enemy.

'He must be near me, waiting for a chance…'

Flio swung his sword widely.

He was going to attack the invisible enemy first without giving him the 10 seconds.

However, his sword just cut the air.

But then, a black shadow appeared in front of Flio.

Limlong had been waiting for the moment where Flio swung his sword so that he would be left

undefended for a second.

He used that chance to cut Flio's side with his dagger.


That wasn't the end.

Limlong moved as if he could read Flio's movement. He went behind him and attacked again.

"Gasp- Gasp-"

That exchange of attacks happened in an instant.

To be accurate, it wasn't even an exchange of attacks, it was only Flio who was being attacked.

'What the- I lost almost half of my Health?!' Flio was dumbfounded.

His character wasn't focused on Attack Force.

He had worked on both Attack Force and Defense Force, so he was a tanker type Knight.

He couldn't have imagined that an Assassin could make him lose 7000 Health, even a powerful

Assassin should not be able to make this kind of damage.

'He has natural battle instincts!'

Sweat trickled down Flio's back.

While playing Kailan, you could sometimes see born fighters who can fight many times better than

their stats.

Flio could feel that his opponent was that kind of gamer.

'But I cannot give up now!'

Flio got ready to use 'Explosive Strike', the most powerful skill he had.

He had spent 500,000 Gold to get the skill book for that skill.

Limlong was strong, but he was still an Assassin. His Health must be small.

If only he could hit Limlong with his Explosive Strike, Flio could turn the tide around.

With luck, he might even be able to turn his opponent into dust with a single strike.


Flio swung his sword diagonally to draw a slightly tilted cross.

A red energy started to gather around his sword. Limlong stared at it while keeping a calm face.

"Die!" Flio put his hand forward.

His giant sword flew at Limlong with great speed.

Everyone held their breath when watching.

Surprisingly, Limlong didn't dodge the blade; he jumped right at it.

"Uh… uh…"

Everyone watched, with their mouth open.

Limlong then stretched out both of his hands.

A Sharp sound pierced the air.

Six dark daggers came out from Limlong's hands, three from each hand, which flew toward the

undefended Flio.

There was no way Flio could react to this unexpected attack.

- The player Flio's Health is below 5%. He will be displaced from the Arena.

- The player Limlong wins the match.

- He received double the score because it was a Perfect Game.

The match ended, system messages were announced, but the Arena was deadly quiet.

Everyone was so shocked.

The most shocking thing was that Limlong the Assassin hadn't used any special skill.

He only used two skills that all Assassins had; Invisibility and Flying Dagger.

A while later, the Arena was filled with cheering sounds.


Everyone cheered enthusiastically.

The first match of the Rookies' League's preliminaries was over in just 2 minutes.


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