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Chapter 54 - Ian’s Great Performance - Part 3


- What's-what's this? Does that Summoner have a great hidden class or something?

- He fought so well! Especially that giant wolf with the red mane, it displaced Himenes, the No. 1

ranked Dark Sorcerer, with just three attacks!

It was deadly quiet. Then the reporters, who gathered their senses first, spoke loud and clear.

Next, it got noisy again.

"What the- Where can I capture that wolf? I must stop watching and go to find some info about that


One of them was attracted by Ly's great power and left to find a Red Maned Wolf.

"That Summoner, he must have been possessed by a Speed type pet, right? Have you seen him

move? He was just awesome."

"Yeah. Even though my level is low, I am an Assassin, he still moved much faster than me!"

Some tried to analyze Ian's fast speed with their knowledge.

However, all the people who just watched the match thought the same thing.

'The Summoners have been underestimated too much!'

Summoner had been known to be a minor, weak class compared to the Assassin and the Dark


Moreover, the No. 1 ranked Dark Sorcerer was defeated by an unknown Summoner in an instant,

right in front of their eyes.

While everyone was shocked, Ian was walking out of the Arena with ease.

Actually, Ian was confused as well.

'What? I thought he was the No. 1 ranked Dark Sorcerer! Why is he so weak?'

Ian had thought Ly's attacks would be able to inflict Himenes big damages, but he hadn't thought he

would be displaced by one series of repeated attacks.

'Although Ly's Speed is very high, he should have been able to at least dodge one of the later


Himenes' control looked lame to Ian.

Meanwhile, Himenes, who had been displaced from the Arena, was clenching his fists and shaking


'Oh… I let my guard down because he was a Summoner… shit…'

He had been displaced from the Arena without doing anything. He didn't know what to do because of

his rage.

'I thought he was a real beginner because he was using the knuckles as a weapon…'

Ordinary Summoners preferred weapons like crossbows and magic wands that were easy to use and

could be used to attack from afar.

Even though Summoners could be stronger by using Possessing, almost no Summoner preferred

close-range battle.

'What is wrong with the Summoners in my guild?'

Himenes had gotten to think that Summoners were nothing because he won a mock-battle against a

high-level Summoner in his guild very easily a few days ago.

The Summoner was Lv. 43, so his level was a lot lower than Himenes. However, even after counting

that, he still had felt the Summoner class was not for pvp.

'Ha… I lost on the first round of the preliminaries…'

He regretted mentioning the tips for the Dark Sorcerer users in front of a camera.

'Uh! I would have won if I had been careful!'

Himenes never thought he lost because he was weaker than Ian.

He just thought it was because he had let his guard down and the wolf's attacks were 'luckily' all fatal


However, no matter what he thought, the match was over. There was nothing he could do about it.

The official community of Kailan was shocked again.

It was because of the battle video of a Summoner player.

That 3-minute-long video that was uploaded in the battle videos page of the community around 10

a.m. was getting so many clicks that it became today's best video in just five hours.

It was already getting more than a thousand comments.

- Summoner_of_Wind: Wow, what on earth is that wolf? I've never seen it. Anyone who can tell me

where can I capture it?

- syw1203: Summoner_of_Wind, you should read all comments starting from the bottom. Everyone is

agreeing that he got it as a reward from the Summoner class quest given at the Tower of Summoners

or made a wolf evolve.

- Shamir: But how can be there someone who has already succeeded in making a pet evolve? I think

it is more likely that he got some kind of hidden quest and got the monster as a reward.

- Descendant_of_Muran: I agree with Shamir. It is only known that there are pets with the evolution

possible options, but no one knows about the required conditions to evolve… there's no way someone

has already done that.

- Shadow_Warrior: I am an Assassin, and I have a question for Summoners. Do Summoners get that

fast usually when Possessed?

- kka0707: The Summoner in the video seems to be at least Lv. 47… he must have been Possessed

by a pet that is at least Lv. 57. I've seen someone who raised Possessing's Proficiency to

Intermediate, he could only get 45% of the pet's stats. So, to get that fast by using Possessing… I

think he had himself Possessed by a Lv. 60 eagle monster.

The comments were full of guesses.

Theories of Ian using the Possessing skill that he didn't even have and Ly being a special pet that

could be received through a class quest…

Dozens of theories were coming out.

The Summoner class page was even more full of excitement than the comments in the battle video.

- php0931: Ian, if you are seeing this page, please write some replies.

- Summoning_is_the_Best: If there is anyone who knows where to capture the Red Maned Wolf,

please tell me. Please!

- Lulang: Guys, the Lightning type skill Ian used was Lightning Spheres, right? I've read about it at the


A series of videos that rose the public interest in Ian came up.

Someone filmed Ian fighting at the preliminary rounds and uploaded the videos immediately.

They were not as cool as the video of Himenes and Ian, but these videos became the hottest issues

for a different reason.

All of Ian's opponents were defeated so easily. They couldn't even handle Ly.

Users got more and more interested in Ly.

Ian, who wanted to be 'famous', was gaining fame without noticing it.

Lucia and Hains broadcasted the preliminaries of the Rookies' League for more than half a day. They

took some rest and talked.

"Hains, isn't this Rookies' League great? Especially that Summoner Ian and the Assassin Limlong,

they are really magnificent"

Hains nodded, "I think so too. Those two users appear to have been training in special ways."

"Yes. Their characters looked special and their control was so impressive."

Hains picked up his water bottle and drank. He then spoke again slowly, "But Lucia, there is a


"What problem?"

Hains wrinkled his brow as if trying to remember something, "That Summoner user, Ian."

"What about him?"

"I think I've seen him before."

Lucia's eyes widened a little at hearing this.

"What? Really? Where was it?"

"Uh… that red wolf, I've seen it somewhere…"

Hain thought for a while and slapped his hand.

"Ah! Right, I remember now."

Lucia waited for Hain's words with curiosity.

"I went to the Island of Abyss to help my friend's Sorcerer quest. There was a Summoner user with a

giant red wolf on the Ghost Ship, it's got to be him!"

Hains was sure, 'Yes, it was him. He must have gotten that Ice Golem on the Island of Abyss then.'

Hains couldn't find out about that strange turtle that Ian carried, but now he could put the two and two

together. He was sure it had been him.

"Oh, I see."

Lucia thought it was amazing, but that was it.

It wasn't like Hains actually knew Ian. He had just seen him, it didn't mean anything.

Lucia thought it was great.

She was planning to win the contract with Ian.

If Hains had been Ian's friend, she would be losing a good chance.

'I should contact him after the League ends.'

She had lost Lauren, a high-level Summoner she had tried to contact, because the Summoner knew

Hains, so she wasn't going to lose again.

However, Hains had his own plans.

'Ian looked to be nice… if I remind him that we were on the ship together, I would be able to get close

to him easily.'

Hains thought about the bonus he would get after he made Ian sign the contract. He got excited and

grinned. He then got up to broadcast the next match.

"Haha… hahaha…"

Ian had won five matches in a row, all as Perfect Game. He passed the preliminaries early and was

watching another match at a corner of the stadium with an arrogant look.

Now a lot of people recognized Ian, but no one would bother him.

Where Ian was sitting was the waiting zones for those who had passed the preliminaries.

Even Limlong, who had been winning like Ian, had fought only four matches because of the

schedules, so Ian was all alone now.

"I guess there's no one to stop me from winning… haha…"

He had been very proud of his own gaming abilities and he hadn't been able to meet an opponent as

good as himself, so he was very full of himself.

'100,000 Reputation and a Lv. 50 Summoner full-set items would soon be mine, all Hero class!'

Getting the first prize in the Rookies' League would enable him to gain levels in no time.

Only thinking about it made him so happy.

While Ian grinned and thought happy things, the preliminaries of the Rookies' League ended. The last

64 users were left in the waiting zone.

Some, who appeared to know each other, spoke in a low voice while others just waited for the

confrontation table to come out.

'I know 50 matches were done at the same time, but… did fewer users participate than I thought? Or

is it because it is the Rookies' League? All the matches might be done in a single day!'

Just as Ian thought, the preliminaries ended quickly partly because not many users participated in the

Rookies' League and partly because the rules were quite cruel: users who lost were displaced


'It's all good for me. I would be able to go hunting tomorrow.'

Ian had thought he would have to be stuck at the Arena for 2~3 days, so he liked the speed of the

schedule very much.

While Ian thought like this, things were proceeding quickly.

The confrontation table came out in a flash, and all 64 matches started.

Ian looked at his opponent.

'Hmm? Who is that Archer? He looks familiar…'

He was glaring at Ian fiercely.

Ian soon realized who he was.

'Oh… that Shaman quest PK guy!'


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