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Chapter 56 - Ian’s Great Performance - Part 5 - End of Part - Part 2


When the match started, the Dark Sorcerer 'CoolHuni' immediately used a skill.

"Mire of Darkness!"

As he had expected, it was a skill Ian had never seen before.

Dark energy started to flow through the entire floor of the field.

- You have been affected by CoolHuni's Mire of Darkness.

- You slow down by 20% while affected by the skill.

The slowdown effect affected Ian and all his pets.

Ian frowned, '20% slowdown, that's a little annoying…'

Ian had been planning to attack first as he had done to Himenes, but he had to give up that plan now.

The slowdown effect was one thing, but Huni moved his Skeletons fast unlike Himenes.

If a swift attack wasn't possible, he had to go in straight.

"Ly, let's kill them one by one, starting from the nearest!"


Ian let Big Guy and Ly go in front of him and clashed with Huni's Skeletons.

There seemed to be 10 in total.

Considering that ordinary Lv. 50 Dark Sorcerer used more than 20 Skeletons, it was a lot less, but

Huni's Skeletons were bigger and black, so they seemed more dangerous.

Ian's Lightning Spheres and Big Guy's Ice Wave slowed down the Skeletons as usual.


'I need to slow down as many Skeletons as possible to let Ly get near the Dark Sorcerer.'

Ian couldn't swiftly attack to kill the Dark Sorcerer, but he wasn't going to let him live until he killed all


"Lightning Spheres!"

Ian threw both Lightning Spheres in his hands, they exactly hit two Skeletons.

Zip- Bam-!

The spheres were divided into eight, they then spread and hit the other Skeletons nearby.

- CoolHuni's Skeleton Warrior of Darkness is on Paralyzed mode. It slows down by 30%.

Seven out of the ten Skeletons were hit by the Lightning Spheres while three of them were Paralyzed.

Ian anticipated the direction of the divided spheres and hit many of them with a single use of the skill.

His controlling abilities were almost godly.

Huni saw this and used another skill.

This time, it was one of the Dark Sorcerer's basic attack skills that Ian knew well.

"Judgment of Darkness!"

Huni stretched out his hand and an arrow of black light was fired at Ian.

Judgment of Darkness was one of the fastest skills when it comes to 'firing' attack skills, however, Ian

twisted his waist a little and avoided it.

He didn't avoid it by looking at the light from the arrow, he could do it because he looked at Huni's

hand and anticipated the course of the ray.


Judgment of Darkness just hit the floor of the field and scattered.

Huni clenched his fist, "You are good, just as I expected! Unfortunately, you cannot win against me!


Ian was now partly immune to that childish comments of the kid, so he didn't talk back and continued

to use Lightning Spheres.

After using the skill four, five times, most of the Skeletons were Paralyzed and Ly was almost done

with finishing one Skeleton.

Then, Ian's eyes sparkled.


Ian saw a gap between the Skeletons that had been protecting Huni and he didn't hesitate to give an

order to Ly.

"Ly, go!"


As soon as Ly heard the order, it jumped up and stepped on Big Guy's shoulder.

It leaped up even higher and lunged at Huni from behind.

It should have surprised Huni.

However, as if he had seen this coming, he stepped back and used a skill.

"Vengeance of the Dead!"

Ian got tense at hearing this.

He had never heard of the Vengeance of the Dead skill.

The moment before Ly's teeth touched Huni, a dark energy surrounded Huni's entire body.


However, Ly did not hesitate to attack Huni.

- Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to CoolHuni.

- CoolHuni's Health decreased by 2272.

As usual, Ly inflicted a fatal blow.

However, Ian saw more system messages that surprised him.

- CoolHuni's Vengeance of the Dead skill is activated. Ly gets back 276% of the inflicted damage.

- Your pet Ly received 6270 damages!

Ian doubted his eyesight for a moment.

'What the- 6270? It can't be!'

Ly's Unique Ability, Bleeding, was activated right after. However, Ian couldn't care about it.

If Ly had gotten more than 6000 damages, then its Health was almost gone!

In addition, Vengeance of the Dead was an effect that was applied after Ly's Bleeding.

Therefore, Ly wasn't able to recover its Health because the moment where the Bleeding effect was

activated his Health was at the maximum amount possible.

'Ly's Health is less than 8000!'

At that moment, Huni attacked and his staff hit Ly's shoulder.

- Your pet Ly received 759 damages.

Ian had no time to hesitate now.

Ian quickly brought Ly back.

"Ly, dismiss!"

As Huni was about to attack again, Ly turned into a white light and vanished.

"Kaka, I knew it. That wolf had a strong Attack Force but terrible Defense Force!"

Huni mocked Ian. However, he could not talk back.

Ian had not anticipated that situation.

Cold sweat ran down his back.

Ly could not be summoned for 30 minutes from now.

That meant Ian could not use Ly in this battle.

'I didn't know I would have to fight without Ly… I should have gone safe and killed those Skeletons


However, Ian could not have known that Huni had a skill that gave back the damage inflicted.

Attacking Huni using Ly was the best choice Ian had.

'Ly is gone, but he still received a huge damage.'

He remembered that Himenes had less than 10,000 Health.

With Ly's fatal blow and the additional damage caused by Bleeding, Huni must have lost more than

6000 Health.

Ian thought he didn't lose too much.

Just as he thought, Huni's name started to blink slowly as the Bleeding kept hurting him.

It meant that he had less than half of his Health left.

'That Vengeance of the Dead skill doesn't seem to last long, so I should make him exhausted with the

Lightning Spheres.'

Huni had 4000~5000 Health at most.

Even if he kept using the Vengeance of the Dead, Ian had more than 10,000 Health left. He was sure

he could win.

But then, Huni used an unexpected skill once more.

"Absorbing Soul!"


Huni kept activating unfamiliar skills.

Next, Huni's Absorbing Soul skill made Ian despair.

Huni stretched out his hand and four Skeletons were absorbed into his hand. Then his Health was


"Haha, you don't have your wolf while I got my full Health back! How are you going to fight me?



Ian was clearly in disadvantage.

'I might lose.'

Ian thought he could lose for the first time.

However, he needed to do his best.

"Big Guy, Ice Wave!!"

Huni repeatedly used Judgment of Darkness while Ian dodged it and blocked it with Bukbuk. Then, he

killed the Skeletons one by one.

Ian and Huni fought fiercely like that for about 15 minutes.

The crowd was impressed by their great battle and was absorbed into it.

The battle was so exciting.

"Big Guy, dismiss!"

After the fierce battle, Ian had no choice but to dismiss Big Guy.

However, he had killed many of his Skeletons, so there was only one left now.

The two stopped fighting and looked at each other.

"You annoying idiot!"

Ian smiled at hearing this.

"Stop talking like that to an adult, kid."

"Kid-kid?! You villain!"

Huni was enraged at being called a kid. He lunged at Ian.

Huni and his Skeleton drove Ian into a corner.

'Hmm… this is not good…'

It would be hard to avoid Huni's Dark Magic when he was in a corner.

Ian thought about what to do.


Bukbuk, that had been on Ian's back, moved.


Buk- bukbuk-

Bukbuk went down from Ian's back, crawled forward, and stood to stop Huni.

Buk! Bukbuk!!

Ian was moved, 'Bukbuk! I thought you were with me because of the meatballs!'

Bukbuk bravely stepped forward to protect Ian!

Huni sneered at seeing Bukbuk coming to face him.

"What is this big-headed turtle? Did you have more pets left?"

Ian ignored Huni and kept thinking of a way to win the match.

Huni thought he had won and kept speaking with ease.

"Why don't you just surrender? You have fought this long against the strongest Sorcerer of the

universe, so it makes you a strong villain."

Huni kept provoking Ian, but he didn't react. Huni got angry, "I will kill this turtle first! Judgment of


Judgment of Darkness came out of Huni's staff and flew toward Bukbuk.


However, Bukbuk quickly got into its shell.

- Judgment of Darkness hit Ian's pet Bukbuk. It inflicted 1 damage.

Huni's eyes widened slightly.

"You have a protective barrier!"

Bukbuk stuck its head out again triumphantly. Huni frowned, "Hard turtle, I will kill you a little later."


Huni started to attack Ian 2:1 with his Skeleton.

Ian turned and ran.

"Haha! What is that? What can you get by running?" Huni got excited and chased Ian.

Ian lured Huni to the edge of the field.

'Just a little more!'

To others, it looked like Ian was running away from Huni and his Skeleton because he had no other

choice, but Ian had an idea.

He had come up with a great plan while Bukbuk dragged time!

Ian and Huni ran a lap like that.

Next, the moment they went past Bukbuk, which was near the edge of the field...


Ian used his hidden card.

"Twisting Space!"

The skill was activated. Ian and Bukbuk changed places. Huni, who had been chasing Ian, was

surprised at seeing Ian vanish.


Ian, who teleported behind Huni, pushed him with all his might, using the inertia caused by the



Since Huni was a Dark Sorcerer, he was light and had low Strength. He was pushed by Ian and even

toppled over Bukbuk that appeared in front of him.

Ian was excited, "Yes!"

Huni fell and tumbled out of the field!

System messages were announced.

- CoolHuni left the field.

- According to the rules of the Arena, he lost because he left the field.

- Ian won the match.

The people, who had been watching with excitement, cheered.

"Waaaaa! That was awesome!!"

"I didn't think he could win, but he did it!"

"Did you see that Summoner's control? How can he use skills so delicately like that?"

However, there were also things that somewhat offended Ian.

"That Summoner won without that wolf summoned by the artifact. I think he is quite good."

Ian was a little mad about it but he had just won a match that he almost lost. So, he still felt good.

Ian thought as he looked at Huni, 'It was a difficult match. Of course, if we fight again, it will be a lot

easier to win…'

Huni was certainly a great gamer, however, that was not why Ian almost lost.

It was because of Huni's Vengeance of the Dead skill was deadly to Ly.

If they fought again, he would leave Huni alone, kill the Skeletons first and then go after Huni.

Meanwhile, Huni, who had unexpectedly lost, was shaking his fist because of anger.

"Uh… uh!"

Ian saw it and he wanted to tease him, "Kid, I won. What should we do?"

Tears filled Huni's eyes, "Ahhh! I won! I was supposed to win!"

He was a strange kid, but Ian knew that he would have been beaten by him.

'He is a great gamer. Beyond comparison with that stupid No. 1 ranked Dark Sorcerer.'

The kid burst into tears. Ian felt a little sorry, "Kid, don't cry. Challenge me later and I will accept it."

However, Ian's sympathy just made Huni sadder.

"This match is invalid! Invalid! I want a rematch! Rematch!"

However, there was no way the result of the semifinals would be changed because of a kid throwing a


Ian got over the great crisis like that and safely reached the finals of the Rookies' League.


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