Taming Master | Chapter 59 | Strong Enemy, and Level-up | Part 3

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Chapter 59 - Strong Enemy, and Level-up - Part 3


Lv. 24 Summoner Kanoel was hunting at a Lv. 25 hunting ground in Narhan Swamp to gain levels.

Monsters called Peragon, that looked like lizards, lived there. Their average level was about 26.

It was a little difficult hunting ground compared to his level.

However, Kanoel was still fighting the difficult battle.

"You, big dumb animal! You should not wave your arm like that! Oh!"

- Your pet's Loyalty is low. It refuses your order.


The Asiatic Black Bear, Kanoel's pet, was Lv. 29.

He had spent more than half a day to hunt it, but its Friendship and Loyalty were low, so it didn't fight

and obey him well.

'Oh, you are so useless.'

Kanoel barely managed to hunt Peragons, but he was soon surrounded by three Peragons. He then

chose to run away.


He dismissed his bear and ran toward the village.

It was easy to run away because he had used the Possession skill to maximize his Speed.

He was Possessed by a White Raven that was known to be fast even among flying type monsters.

"Hu… I cannot keep hunting like this." Kanoel shook his head.

In the real world, he was one of the heirs of SH Electronics.

He was a so-called scion.

He had been served for all his life. As a result, he had a great amount of pride.

So, he believed that to enjoy the game the most, he needed to play on his own without getting help

from anyone.

That was why he chose the Summoner class.

The Summoner was said to be a hard class to play, that rose his pride.

'A man should go his own way.'

Because of that, he never even visited the official community of Kailan.

He didn't want to see guides written by others.

However, he had been playing the whole day without gaining a single level. His patience had reached

its limit.

He sent a message to someone.

- Kanoel: Ranma, send me 5,000,000 Gold to my account.

5,000,000 Gold was a huge amount of money. Ordinary Lv. 20 users never saw so much money.

However, it was nothing to Kanoel.

To him, it was like going into a shop nearby and buying expensive earmuffs because the day was


A while later, he got a reply.

- Ranma: Oh, master, did you decide to get my help?

- Kanoel: Yes, I was going to do this on my own till the end, but this is way too boring.

More accurately, it was because of his lack of skills and information about the Summoner, however,

Kanoel didn't think so.

Actually, counting his impatient nature, it would be a miracle that he reached Lv. 24 as a Summoner

without any help.

- Ranma: Yes, master. You thought well. I will transfer the money immediately. Do you want me to

help you with hunting as well?

- Kanoel: No, no. That's not necessary. Just send me the money.

'I cannot hunt with help.'

That was his last bit of pride.

- Ranma: Yes, I understand. Tell me if you need help.

- Kanoel: Okay, Ranma.

Kanoel finished talking. He got out of the Swamp and went back to village using a Return Magic


Then he went to the auction house.

'Hu, I need to buy a pet first. 5,000,000 Gold isn't much, but I should be able to get a decent pet to

use for a while.'

In Kailan, pets were traded sealed in Scrolls of Binding.

Pets were being traded much more since the auction system was updated a while ago.

Now buyers could check the stats info of the pet, so both the need and the supply went up.

He broke the bond with his Asiatic Black Bear and sealed it on a Scroll of Binding.

The monster was worth less than 3000 Gold, but he had his reason to seal it.

It might attack Kanoel if he released it because its Loyalty was so low.

"I wanted to hunt with pets I personally captured… but I have no choice now."

Kanoel arrived at the auction house and started to search for pets.

First, he searched for wolf type pets.

"Why are they all so cheap? A Red Wolf is only 100,000 Gold?"

Actually, the price of 100,000 Gold of a Red Wolf was not cheap; it was rather way too expensive.

The Red Wolf was a Rare rank monster, but it could be captured in the lowest-level fields, so they

were quite common.

In fact, the price of wolf type pets had gone up mainly because of Ian.

Thanks to the great performance that Ian's pet Ly, the Red Maned Wolf, showed at the Rookies'

League, wolf pets were very popular now.

The price of all wolf type pets increased by more than 20% after this Rookies' League's videos were


However, Kanoel didn't care about that kind of information, so he didn't know about Ian and Ly.

Moreover, he knew nothing about the market price, so everything was way too cheap for him.

'I should have searched for pets on auction sooner.'

Kanoel started to read about the pets, but soon he shook his head and started to search for different


He didn't like the stats.

"Ha… why are they so lame? Is that why they are all so cheap? Should I search for the most

expensive ones?"

Kanoel changed the search conditions and searched for the pets of the highest price.

Pets of massive prices came up.

Kanoel opened the info of the pet that was on the top.

"Hmm… Lava Drake? Why is its price at 15,000,000 Gold? Shall I take a look?"

Kanoel opened the information window to 'just take a look'.

[Lava Drake]

Lv: 32

Type: Drake

Rank: Unique

Character: Violent

(reuse waiting time 30 minutes)

Evolution Impossible

Attack Force: 395

Defense Force: 175

Speed: 125

Intelligence: 105

Health: 4950/4950

Magic: 2470/2470

Unique Ability

Gets 30% less Fire type damage.

Attacks with Fire type breath inflict damage of 475% of its Attack Force.

(Cooldown time 30 minutes)

Lava Drake that was born in hot lava.

Specializes in Fire type attack and has very strong Attack Force.

Kanoel finished reading. He was then momentarily dumbfounded.

The stats were incredible to him.

"No… no way!"

The Asiatic Black Bear that he had taken around had lousy stats compared to the drake.

"It is only 3 levels higher than the bear's. How can it have an Attack Force that is three times bigger?"

The drake's Defense Force and Health were not that bigger than the bear's, but 395 Attack Force was


"I-I want it!'

Kanoel closed the information window for now and checked the other pets.

However, no matter how much he searched, there was no pet that had stats as high as the drake's.

His heart started to move.

"It is a little expensive… but it seems worth the money, so…"

Kanoel was thinking so stupidly. If Ian had heard it, this would have made him sick.

In fact, the Lava Drake was insanely expensive, not just to Ian but to anyone else.

Sadly, the Lava Drake that took Kanoel's heart was a merchandise that the seller put on auction to

lure in idiots.

Evolution Impossible monsters were not expensive now, even ones of the Unique rank.

The most popular pets on auctions were the ones with the Evolution Possible option.

Even though a user who had succeeded in making a pet evolve hadn't appeared officially, those pets

were sold in seconds after being put on auction.

If the 5,000,000 Gold were not in Kanoel's hands but another Summoner who cared about

information, he would be searching with all his might for Evolution Possible Asiatic Black Bear or


They were the highest rank Evolution Possible monsters that could be bought with 5,000,000 Gold.

However, Kanoel didn't know about that detailed information. He didn't even know that there were

monsters that could evolve.

Kanoel was just attracted to the Lava Drake's cool appearance and strong Attack Force.

'Yes, 5,000,000 Gold or 15,000,000 Gold. Not much of a difference.'

If another user heard Kanoel, he would have exclaimed and shaken his head.

Kanoel didn't hesitate to send another message to Ranma and get more money.

Then he immediately bought the Scroll of the Lava Drake.


Kanoel was grinning widely. He hurried to use the Scroll to enter into a bond with the Lava Drake.

However, he then saw a frustrating message.

- Your Leadership is insufficient. You cannot enter into a bond with the Lava Drake.

"Uh… Uhhhh!"

He felt like the energy drained out of his body.

Kanoel plopped down on the spot.

"I bought it but cannot use it!"

He thought for long and eventually broke the bond with his last pet, the White Raven. Then, he used

the Scroll again.


- Your Leadership is insufficient. You cannot enter into a bond with the Lava Drake.

Another sad message came up.


Kanoel just stared at the sky with blank eyes.

He gathered his senses and started to search for the auction again.

"It should work if I get items that increase my Leadership!"

He sent one more message to Ranma to get even more money.

It was hard to start, but once he started, it was easy to spend money.

'Uh… with money this big, my father would be a little mad…'

Still, he had to use the Lava Drake that was in his hands now.

Kanoel spent 20,000,000 Gold in an instant and tried to justify himself.

"Hmm, but I would be gaining a lot if spending this much money allowed me to have more fun while

playing. I was right at buying the drake before someone else did."

No one else would have bought it, but the innocent Kanoel was just happy to get the pet he wanted.

Ignorance can be bliss…

So, at the auction house, one more user was happy with his 'reasonable' spending.


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