Taming Master | Chapter 60 | Second Evolution | Part 1

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The Taming Master - Manhwa Novel

Chapter 60 - Second Evolution - Part 1



- You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv. 62.


A pleasant message announced his level-up.

Ian wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"Gaining levels is not hard yet. I should work faster now…"

It took a little more than a week to reach Lv. 62 from Lv. 50 with 90% EP.

It was an insanely fast speed, ordinary users would have shaken their heads at hearing this.

However, Ian wasn't satisfied.

No, he couldn't be satisfied.

He couldn't rest until he reached Lv. 93.

'At least I am hunting a little faster now thanks to the special class skills gained at Lv. 60.'

Ian had gotten another two special class skills when he reached Lv. 60.

The skill that had the highest Proficiency among Ian's skill was Training that was about to reach

Advanced, so he got another skill that was about Potential.

'Shall I check the Proficiency of Exploding Potential?'

Ian opened the skill information of his new special skill.

[Exploding Potential]

Category: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv. 1

Proficiency: 5%

Cooldown Time: 20 minutes

Lasting Time: 1 minute 20 seconds

Usage Limit: Can only be used on pets.

Make pet's Potential explode.

All battle abilities of the pet increase as much as the Potential stat %.

The higher the skill's level and Proficiency are, the longer its lasting time becomes.

The Exploding Potential skill was an enhancing skill about Potential.

It made the pet's stats increase even more when its Potential was higher. It could be used only on


For example, when using the Exploding Potential skill on a pet that had 100 Potential, all stats

increased by 100%.

Ly had about 80 Potential now, so with the Exploding Potential skill, he could have double the battle

power for a while.

"Oh, when did it become Lv. 1? Its lasting time is 20 seconds longer now."

The current lasting time of Exploding Potential was 1 minute and 20 seconds.

It was a very short time, but Ian could use that time well to hunt very efficiently.

Moreover, with the bow Ian had gotten as the reward from the Arena, he could decrease the skill's

cooldown time, so he could use it about once every ten minutes.

"Anyway, the Possession skill is certainly inefficient for my style of hunting. Still, I was glad to get it…"

The second special class skill Ian got with Exploding Potential was the Possession skill.

He could be possessed by one of the pets he could summon. He could get 30% of the stats of the

pet. It was the most basic skill of ordinary Summoners, who didn't have a hidden class, started with.

When Ian first got the skill, he tried using it on Bukbuk and Big Guy in turn to hunt.

But after hunting like that for half a day, he concluded that it would be more efficient not to use it on

his main monsters.

"Bukbuk is now Lv. 61, Ly is Lv. 63… and Big Guy is Lv. 64."

Ian felt he needed to go to a different hunting ground.

He had been hunting at the Ryuran Valley where monsters of Lv. 65~68 lived.

That wasn't a very easy hunting ground, but Ian always preferred the most difficult hunting grounds

where he could hunt, so it was natural for him to want to move.

'Hmm… where should I go?'

Ian then recalled a place.

'Oh, should I go to the Forcal Mountains now?'

Forcal was a huge mountain range on the east side of the South Continent.

Monsters that lived there were known to be about Lv. 70~75.

That was the exact difficulty level Ian wanted now.

Plus, there was a special reason for Ian to go there.

'I will reach Lv. 70 at the Forcal Mountains and then head straight to the Magic Tower of Dimensions.

It was to complete the B rank quest he had received from Orkley, the legendary Dragon Tamer.

If he reached the level needed to do a B rank quest at the Forcal Mountains and moved east to do the

quest, he would not be wasting any time.

Even if he needed to drop by somewhere else on the way, he could get the Returning Magic Scroll of

the village near Forcal Mountains before he hunted there.

"Good, good!"

Ian smiled pleasantly and called Ly.

"Ly, let's go to Forcal!"

Growl- Growl-!

Ian got on Ly's back and started to move.

'I think this every time I ride on Ly recently, but it is really comfortable.'

Ian had gotten better at riding Ly while Ly had also improved at moving with Ian on its back. Ian was

satisfied with the comfortable ride.

Ian logged out to eat lunch. He was rummaging through his kitchen.

"What? Am I out of corn flakes?!"

It was something he didn't see coming. Therefore, he was surprised.

"Uh… then, are there any chips left or something…"

He spent 5 minutes on searching his small studio, but there wasn't even a piece of bread.

It was devastating.

"I am even out of ramen…"

Eventually, Ian grabbed his wallet and started to walk.

But then, his foot touched something.

It was a plastic bag from the last time he had gone grocery shopping.

Next, Ian saw the phone number of the market written on the bag.


There was a blue logo that read '24-hour delivery service' right next to the phone number!

Ian slapped his knee.

'Oh, why haven't I thought of this earlier? I am so stupid!'

Then, he blamed himself.

'I have been going to the supermarket by myself to buy groceries…'

He called the supermarket and ordered the groceries he needed. Then, he looked at his capsule.

However, he soon shook his head.

"Hmm…. my groceries will be here in 30 minutes, I cannot log in now… should I search for some


Ian sat in front of his computer. He went to the official community of Kailan and visited the New

Monsters page.

It was a page that had information about new monsters that were added with the grand update. It had

been weeks since the update happened, but information about new monsters kept coming up on the


It was because LBsoft, the company that made Kailan, never released any information about new


All information about Kailan was made by users sharing them.

'Is there any new monster found at the Forcal Mountains?'

What Ian was looking for was information about monsters in the Forcal Mountains where he was

about to go.

He knew a lot about the pre-existing monsters, but if there were new monsters, it would be better to

be prepared.

"Let's see…"

The clicking sound of Ian's mouse echoed in his quiet room.

'Oh, there's no new monster found at Forcal yet. There must be some, it's just that no one has found

one yet.'

Ian searched the word 'Forcal' for more than 10 minutes, but he was disappointed.

However, when he was about to leave the page, a new post came up.


Its title was written in a thick, bold font.

[Underground Dungeon of the Scorching Land] [New Monster Lava Witch]

It immediately drew Ian's attention.

He had never heard of the Lava Witch and the Scorching Land was right next to the Forcal


Ian didn't hesitate to click on the article.

Then, information about the Lava Witch came up on the monitor.

[Lava Witch]

Level: 72~75

Type: Elemental

Rank: Rare

Character: ???

Attack Force: ???~??? (Presumed to be about 400)

Defense Force: ???~??? (Presumed to be about 200)

Speed: ???~??? (Unknown)

Intelligence: ???~??? (Presumed to be 1000~1100)

Health: about 12000

Magic: ??? (Unknown)

Unique Ability

Constantly inflict Fire damage in a wide-range (Presumed to be about 3 square meters)

It sets enemies on Burn mode with a certain probability. It is presumed that the damage gets bigger

when the effect is doubled.


The information was in the format of the stat page.

Most of it was ???, but it was only natural.

It was impossible to know the exact stats of a monster unless you capture it and check its information


Nevertheless, Ian was interested enough.

'Its Unique Ability is a wide-range attack!'

Ordinary users visited the New Monsters page to find out ways to fight monsters they had never faced


However, Summoners like Ian also came to get info about pets they would capture and use in battles.

This Lava Witch was a wide-range damage giver, therefore, Ian really wanted it.

Ian read about the Lava Witch while scrolling down.

On the bottom, there was a screenshot of the monster that the writer of the post took.

'Oh, I like its looks as well!'

The Lava Witch was something like 'a ghost that flowed with lava'.

It only had an upper body made of lava that floated with flames wrapped around it, which made it look


It looked pretty cool.

'The skill of this video must be the Range of the Flame.'

Ian watched the Lava Witch use the skill.

He then looked at the user who was hit by it and lost Health.

'Counting the fact that it is a wide-range attack, it inflicts quite a lot of damage.'

The post ended with a comment from the writer.

- That was all I could find out about the Lava Witch as a Knight. To know the exact detailed stats, a

Summoner must capture it and check its information! I don't think there is already a Summoner who

can capture the Lava Witch… but I would love to hear someone succeeding soon.

I like my information being updated, but the Lava Witch I saw was so cool. I really wish to see a

Summoner use the Lava Witch in battle.


Ian read the comment and grinned.

"Haha, I will capture and use it."

Ian watched the video a couple of times. It was an attractive monster.

The bad news was that it was of the Rare rank.

Of course, Rare rank was not bad.

Ian had been capturing Regular rank pets only and making them evolve, so he, of course, wanted to

capture a Rare rank pet and make it evolve.

The problem was time.

'How long would it take for me to capture a Rare rank monster that can evolve?'

Evolution Possible monsters were hard to find, even among Regular monsters that filled the fields.

Additionally, Rare rank monsters were rare. They seldom appeared in fields.

'Uhh… I feel tormented.'

If it hadn't been about the bet, he wouldn't have minded wasting a few days.

The Lava Witch seemed to be worth it.

'But I would be able to gain levels much faster if I could capture it…'

Ian scrolled down and saw many comments.

More than half of them were written by Summoners.

Pts1120: Wow… the Lava Witch is so cool. I want to capture it and use it…

KimKundal: But the reality is that we are only going to use Asiatic Black Bears.

ParkTree: KimKundal, what's wrong with the Asiatic Black Bear? My Winnie is really strong…

Legendary_Mage: Ha! if Summoners could capture the Lava Witch and fight, Sorcerers who use Fire

Magic would lose their jobs. Summoner is such an unfair class! It needs to be weakened!

Jjang123: Mage, the Summoner is not unfair… and if it were to be weakened, it would kill the

Summoners twice. Summoner's level-up speed is way too slow and having many pets doesn't mean

they can be controlled. Summoners get killed often because they concentrate on controlling their pets

and fail to care about their own character.

1004yj1: jjang123, that is not true anymore. The Summoner is really hot now. Haven't you seen this

Rookies' League? The Summoner was the first to reach Lv. 50 among the new classes and the

Summoner Ian really did great at the Arena.

Assassinbungbung: But he was killed instantly by Limlong at the finals. The Assassin is the best!

1004yji: Ha… Bungbung, it was because the Summoner is weak against Assassins. Frankly, I think

Ian would beat Limlong in term of skills.

Ian felt both pride and anger.

'Haaaa… I should have won against that Limlong or Bingbong… ha…'

He took a post-it, wrote a few important pieces of information about the Lava Witch and attached it on

the monitor.

'I will try to capture the Lava Witch when I am at about Lv. 80.'

He wanted to go immediately, but his level was too low to do that. Besides, Big Guy would receive

double the damage from Fire type attacks, so it would be a hard fight.

He then added another post-it with a determined spirit.

- I will beat you next time, Limlong.

Ian was satisfied now. He then turned off his computer.

"Good, good. It was even more useful than gaining a level."

Ian's food arrived just in time.

He felt good at using the 20 minutes wisely, instead of wasting them as he almost planned to.


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