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Chapter 62 - Second Evolution - Part 3


The bandits had a larger number, however, they were too panicked to use that advantage.

"Uhhh! Kill that boar-like Golem!"

Big Guy was enraged at being called a boar.

"Akk-! Do something about this wolf!"

Ian had used the Exploding Potential skill on Ly so it was almost flying around now.

Currently, Ly had the stats of a Lv. 100, although it was only for a short while. Just one of its attacks

were enough to more or less kill one bandit.

- Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to the Forcal Bandit.

- Forcal Bandit's Health decreased by 5475.

- Forcal Bandit is on Bleeding mode. It receives 1095 damages per second for 10 seconds.

Ly's attacks could literally be compared to explosions!

Even Bleeding inflicted thousands of damages. Ian smiled with satisfaction.

- Forcal Bandit dies because of Bleeding.

The bandits died in 4~5 seconds after being bitten by Ly.

During the 1 minute and 20 seconds in which the Exploding Potential skill lasted, Ly killed six bandits.

- You have killed the Forcal Bandit. You gained 2440 EP.

He got less EP than the time where he hunted in the Dungeon of Chaos at the North Continent with

the First Finder Effects, but he was hunting so fast that he received massive EP.

Additionally, while Ly fought, Ian kept firing arrows.

- You inflicted critical damage to the Forcal Bandit!

- Forcal Bandit's Health decreased by 1350.

- You succeeded in making a fatal attack. You recover 3 Spirit Magic.

- You left a Shining Mark on the Forcal Bandit.

With that system message, a white mark appeared on the bandit's head.

Ian immediately aimed at him and fired another arrow.

- Shining Mark effect is activated.

- All skills' cooldown times decrease by 5 seconds.

Ian used all his skills and their effects with the maximum efficiency.

He didn't waste a second when a skill's cooldown time ended.

So now, less than half of the bandits were left.

However, Ian was confused, 'Were there so few Forcal Bandits? There has to be more…'

As soon as Ian muttered quietly, the backup arrived, "Hey! How dare you cause trouble here!"

Ian looked at the bandit who yelled at him.

Then, he was surprised, 'What-what?! Why is that here now?'

Ian saw the Lv. 75 Forcal Bandit Shaman.

Moreover, there were about 20 ordinary bandits.

Ian frowned, 'I thought this was going too well.'

About four, five additional shamans appeared. However, Ian thought he didn't need to run away.

He then fixed his posture.

In an office of SH Electronic's building in Gangnam.


The clicking sound of a mouse repeatedly echoed in the quiet room.

"Hmm… so this is how people judge the pets' grade."

There was a middle-aged man who had some white hair, his name was Kim Cheolu.

"Then what is the grade of the Lava Drake that the young master bought recently?"

Kim Cheolu's job was to serve Lee Dongu, the second son of the chairman.

Moreover, since his young master, Lee Dongu, spent most of his time in Kailan, he also had to play it

in order to serve him.

Cheolu was already a Kailan player, therefore, he believed that having the young master playing in

Kailan would make it easier for him to complete his job.

Until recently…

'I didn't know that my young master was that bad at playing games…'

Cheolu's ID in Kailan was Ranma while his master's ID was Kanoel.

Dongu was the worst type of kid. He couldn't play well, had a great pride and was very stubborn.

Therefore, it was very hard to help him.

"Let's see… the young master's drake's stats are…"

Cheolu wrote the stats of the Lava Drake his young master bought on an Excel chart. He had worked

hard in the morning to find this out.

[Lava Drake]

Level: 32

Attack Force: 295

Defense Force: 175

Speed: 125

Intelligence: 105

Health: 4950

Magic: 2470


Cheolu finished writing and looked at the pet's Growth formula on the community.

"So, I should add all the stats and divide the value with its level?"

Starting a few days ago, a lot of posts came up on the Summoner page in the Kailan's official


Users wanted to grade their pets to judge their values, so they started to take a screenshot of their

pets' stats and upload them.

A few so-called analysists and researchers made a simple formula to judge the pets' values based on

the pets' stats data.

"395, 175, 125… 800 in total."

Although it was called a formula, it was quite simple.

To judge how good a pet was, all you had to do was to add all the stats except for Health and divide it

with its level.

It was a very simple method, but it gave clear answers to the Summoners.

This cleared up all the 'my-pet-is-the-best' arguments.

The end value of this formula was called Growth in the Summoner page. Currently, a pet's value was

determined by this Growth.

Cheolu finished calculating and scratched his head.

"Hmm… the Lava Drake's Growth is 25. That's not good for a Unique rank monster... and its Health's

Growth is 154.6… that means its Health is the worst…"

There were only a few screenshots of Unique rank monsters among the screenshots uploaded on the

Summoner page.

The monster with the highest Growth had a 28 Growth.

A 3 difference in Growth may seem small, but when they are at about Lv. 100, there would be a

difference of more than 300 stat points.

Additionally, most Unique rank monsters had more than 200 Health Growth.

With a 50 Growth difference, it meant that the monster's Health would be 1000 lower when there was

a 20 levels gap.

Cheolu's face darkened, "Haa… and the young master spent 15,000,000 Gold to buy it…"

He hadn't been surprised much because a Unique rank monster with the Evolution Possible option

had not been found yet, but now that he knew the Lava Drake's stats were not good, he couldn't help

but sigh.

Cheolu got up and went to his capsule in the corner of his office.

"I should have served him well…"

He didn't feel bad about the money, instead, he was sad about his young master's 'ignorance'.

Cheolu blamed himself and logged in to Kailan.

"Ha… why do these shamans have to be of the Fire type?"

Ian sighed as he looked at the Forcal Bandit Shaman throw balls of flames at Big Guy.

He had killed most of the ordinary bandits and now there were only two shamans left.

The problem was that those shamans used Fire type attacks.

Big Guy, who was blocking the entrance of the valley, received double the damage from Fire type


'Should I back off for now?' Ian thought carefully.

Big Guy now had less than 10,000 Health left.

Ian wanted to kill all the remaining bandits first but, to play it safe, he needed to dismiss Big Guy first.

'Hu… I guess I have no choice. If I dismiss him, he will just rest for 30 minutes. However, if he were to

die here, I would have to fight for a week without him…'

Ian made up his mind and looked at Big Guy ready to dismiss it.

But then, he saw something.

'Huh? Big Guy's EP is at 99.7%!'

Ian came up with a good idea.

If he could kill enemies that had little Health left, Big Guy would gain a level and recover its full Health.

Ian carried out the plan immediately, "Big Guy, back off a little!"

He ordered Big Guy to back off while he used the time to make it level-up. Then, he lunged into the

valley with Ly.

"Ly, Frenzy! Kill the ones I shoot first!"


Ian attacked the ones whose names were blinking because they had little Health left.

Ping- Ping-!

He had maximized his attack power by using all the skills he had at once. He soon was able to kill


- You have killed the Forcal Bandit. You gained 2440 EP.

Ian glanced at Big Guy, however, no message came up.

Then, Ian saw a shaman casting a spell preparing to use Fire Magic.

A Red mark on his head started to burn.

'If the casting time is that long, it means that it is a really strong skill!'

Ian hurried to draw his bow.

If the skill was activated before Big Guy gained a level, Big Guy would not be able to survive.

"Ly! That one first!"

The arrow left Ian's bow and flew fast. It was embedded at the shaman's shoulder.

However, the shaman's magic was not canceled.

The fire that burned on top of the shaman's head disappeared. Next, a giant pillar of fire started to rise

under Big Guy's feet.

- Your pet Big Guy is hurt by the Forcal Bandit Shaman's Fire Eruption skill.

- Your pet Big Guy's Health decreases by 745 per second.

The situation was bad.

Because Big Guy received double the damages from Fire type attacks, it received huge damage from

even insignificant skill.

It would be dead in 5 seconds.


Ian gave up on raising Big Guy's level and stretched out his hand ready to dismiss it.

But then, the shaman who was being attacked by Ly died and a system message was announced.

- You have killed the Forcal Bandit Shaman. You gained 3007 EP.

Big Guy started to glow in white.

- Your pet Big Guy has leveled-up. It has reached Lv. 65.

'Yes!' Ian was excited.

Big Guy gained a level with the perfect timing.

Of course, its Health was back to the maximum.

"Shall I kill the rest now?"

Ian used Lightning Spheres again and drew his bow.

However, something was strange.

'Why is that light not disappearing?'

Usually, the white light that appeared when gaining levels disappeared in 1~2 seconds.

However, Big Guy's light didn't fade. Instead, it got brighter and brighter.

Soon, Ian realized what was going on.

'Evolution! Big Guy is finally evolving! Is he becoming a Rare rank now?'

Ian hastily checked Big Guy's statistics window. The Evolving sign was there.

Ian grinned widely at seeing Big Guy evolve.

"Ly! Kill the ones that lunge at Big Guy!"

Ian tried his best with Ly to stop the bandits from attacking Big Guy.

However, soon he realized that wasn't necessary.


The Bandits who lunged at Big Guy were bounced off by an unknown power!

Ian saw that and watched Big Guy evolve with more ease, 'What will he become?'

Big Guy started to get bigger and bigger, just like Ly had.

Ian was thrilled.

Before evolving, Ly had been a wolf, one of the lowest-level monsters in Kailan. So, considering the

power it had shown after evolving, Ian was naturally excited at Big Guy's evolution as it had been a

high-level monster.


Big Guy's size increased by 1.5 times.

Moreover, a blue aura spread around it.

A while later...

The light started to fade slowly, finally, Ian saw the message he had been waiting for.

Even though he didn't wait for that long, it felt like years to him.


- The Ice Golem, Big Guy, has evolved into Abyss Golem.


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