Taming Master | Chapter 63 | Second Evolution | Part 4

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Chapter 63 - Second Evolution - Part 4


Ian recalled something at hearing Big Guy's new monster name.

'Abyss? That sounds familiar… oh! Bukbuk!'

Bukbuk's original name had been Abyss Turtle.

'Aha! So, when a monster of the Island of the Abyss reaches the Unique rank, it gets Abyss in its


While Ian thought about it, more pleasant messages came up.

- Your pet has evolved successfully. Your Intermediate Training skill's Proficiency goes up.

- Intermediate Training skill has leveled-up. It has been upgraded into Advanced Training.

- Advanced Training skill is currently at Lv. 0. (98.7% until next level)

The Intermediate Training skill's Proficiency was taking its time in increasing. However, thanks to the

EP from Big Guy's evolution, it finally became Advanced Training.

Ian wanted to enjoy the moment and check Big Guy's new stats, however, the bandits didn't let him do

as he pleased.


Ian quietly complained, 'Oh, I just want to check Big Guy's information window but these guys keep

bothering me!'

Ian drew his bow but soon he saw something surprising.

Kwang- Kwakwakwang-!

Big Guy suddenly stretched out its fists and a massive earthquake wave spread out from them.

All the bandits that were hit by the wave were dragged toward Big Guy.

More accurately, they were drawn to the ice-blue vortex that was formed in front of it.

- Your pet Big Guy used Abyss Hole.

- Forcal Bandit's Health decreased by 175.

- Forcal Bandit's Health decreased by 208.

Ian's mouth was wide open.

The bandits, who were affected by Big Guy's Abyss Hole, were all sucked into the vortex.

Every single damage inflicted was small, it was at about 1~200. However, when the damages were

inflicted 2~3 times per second, it made the bandits lose more than 1000 Health in an instant.

A while later…


With a huge sound, Big Guy's Vortex of the Abyss spread and caused a massive explosion.

- Forcal Bandit's Health decreased by 2508.


With the explosion, all the bandits near Big Guy turned grey and disappeared.

It was quite a scene.

'Of course, they had little Health left because I've been zapping them with Lightning Spheres…'

Ian hadn't even checked the information window, but he was sure that the evolved Big Guy's stats

exceeded his expectations.

"Ly, let's kill that shaman!"


Ian and Ly easily killed the shaman who was casting Fire magic all alone.

He was tricky when there were many bandits protecting him. On its own, the shaman was even easier

to kill than ordinary bandits.

The battle ended just like that, Ian then sat down on the ground.

"Hu… that was hard but it's good that Big Guy has evolved…"

Ian was very satisfied with the results from all the hunting.

"Anyway, I guess Big Guy evolved because his level went up? So, Lv. 65 was the required


It was the only possible explanation.

Then Ly, who had evolved at Lv. 20, was required to reach Lv. 20 or lower.

'Let's check Big Guy's information window first.'

Ian opened the pet's information window with excitement.

[Big Guy]

Lv: 65

Type: Golem

Rank: Unique

Character: Loyal

Evolution Impossible

Attack Force: 625

Defense Force: 1464

Speed: 113

Intelligence: 154

Health: 31456/31456

Magic: 4765/4765

Unique Abilities

- Abyss Hole

Stretch both of its arms forward and create a cone-shaped 20m earthquake wave.

After the wave, a Vortex of the Abyss will be formed for 10 seconds. Enemies in the range will be

sucked into the vortex for the duration of the skill.

Enemies affected by the vortex receives damage that is 35% of its Attack Force per 0.4 second.

When the vortex's lasting time ends, it explodes and inflicts damage that is 150% of its Attack Force

to enemies in a 10m radius.

(Cooldown time: 5 minutes)

- Abyss Protection

Defense Force increases according to the loss of its Health.

When Health falls below 10%, a protective barrier that is 50% of its maximum Health is activated for

10 seconds.

Ancient guardian of the Lake of the Abyss.

It has a huge body and strong destructive power.

Ian was a little disappointed.

He first saw the words 'Evolution Impossible'.

Ly still had the Evolution Possible option even after evolving once… it's a little disappointing…'

However, that only lasted for a second.

Except for that, all the stats were really great.

For starters, Big Guy skipped the Rare rank and evolved into the Unique rank right away.

'Wow, his Defense Force is great! Well, not as great as Bukbuk's… but with this high Defense Force,

he won't get hurt much by most attacks!'

Defense Force wasn't the only thing that rose. Big Guy's Health was over 30,000 now while its Attack

Force was good as well.

Ian wanted to compare Big Guy's stats with Ly's.

'Shall I open Ly's information window?'

The more he compared, the more surprised he was.

"Wow, the difference in rank creates a huge gap…"

Ly's stats were also great: its Attack Force was almost 900 and its Speed was over 700.

However, compared to Big Guy, whose Defense Force was 1464, Ly was slightly weaker.

'Abyss Hole? Is this what he just used?'

Ice Wave had been replaced by Abyss Hole.

Ian had already checked the skill's power. However, reading it in detail made him like it even more.

'Its cooldown time is not that long… it will be really useful.'

Additionally, Ian also liked Abyss Protection.

Big Guy had a great Defense Force and, with that skill, it would be even more hard to kill it.

Now, Ian had an insurance that could give him one more chance at the most critical moments.

He would be able to use Big Guy as a tanker with fewer worries.

"Ha… good, good."

Ian rested for a while as he checked Big Guy's stats, then he stood up.

He felt like his energy was being recharged by the good event.

"Now, shall I go and raid their base?"

Ian had lured in and killed quite a lot of bandits, so there couldn't be much left at the base of the


Ian moved with ease.

With the evolved Big Guy, Ian raided the base in a flash.

His original plan had been to keep luring the bandits into the valley and kill them one by one but,

thanks to Big Guy, now he could make a bolder choice.

"Let's get some rest and heal."

Ian killed all the bandits at the camp. Then, he used the First Aid skill and sat down on a rock.

Bukbuk, who had been on Ian's back, came down and sat in front of Ian.


It lifted its head and urged Ian. This made him smile, he then took out a meatball from his inventory.

"Bukbuk, you know that this is the last meatball you'll get this afternoon, right?"

Bukbuk was sad at hearing this.

Buk- Buk-

"Trying to look pitiful won't work on me."

Ian gave it the meatball while Bukbuk started to eat disappointed.

The last meatball of the day, how sad that is!

However, Bukbuk soon brightened up once it started to eat the meatball. Ian smiled, 'He is so cute… I

should ask Harin to make me something more delicious when we meet again.'

The meatballs he had gotten from Harin would be gone in a week.

Ian thought he needed to meet Harin before he went over to the Forcal Mountains.

'I have already bought the Returning Magic Scroll of the village near the Mountains.'

Ian repeatedly used the First Aid skills to recover all his pets' Health. He then started to move again.

"I should reach Lv. 70 first."

He was heading toward the main camp.

Ian moved toward the main camp and killed all the monsters he saw. On his way, he luckily found a

Rare rank monster, 'Clofia'.

That was a coincidence that even Ian didn't expect.

Clofia was a large eagle type monster with white feathers. It lived only in the Forcal Mountains. There

were so few of them, so it was quite popular among the players since it was so rare.

The reason Clofia was famous among users was the special item that only Clofia dropped.

Sometimes, it would drop an item called the 'Clofia's Feather Accessory'. It had a special option that

enabled Sorcerers to cast magic faster.

Being able to cast magic faster meant being stronger so almost all Sorcerers tried hard to find a


'There are now many other items that let you cast magic faster, so it isn't as famous as it used to

be…' Ian muttered quietly as he captured the Clofia.

It was a Rare rank monster with a level higher than 70 but, after about 15 minutes, Ian succeeded in

capturing it.

'Hu! I have little Leadership to spare now."

Ian's Leadership had been enough. However, the Clofia was a Rare rank monster and its level was

higher than Ian's. Capturing it required a huge amount of Leadership.

Ian recalled the sealed stats of the Dragon Tamer's Feather Accessory.

'I must get rid of those seals quickly…'

Ian muttered while checking Clofia's information window.


Level: 72

Type: Bird Predator

Rank: Rare

Character: Timid

Evolution Impossible

Attack Force: 467

Defense Force: 275

Speed: 1052

Intelligence: 347

Health: 15760/15760

Magic: 7950/7950

Unique Abilities

- Riding Wind

Clofia can feel the flow of the wind.

Flying more than 5 seconds without being attacked increase its moving speed by 70%.

A rare bird that lives in the Forcal Mountains.

It has white, beautiful feathers.


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