Taming Master | Chapter 65 | The Scorching Land | Part 1

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Chapter 65 - The Scorching Land - Part 1


Ian was thrilled at seeing things go better than he had expected.

'Good, just a little more!'

Ian fought the bandits in front of him with Big Guy while glancing at Ly from time to time.

However, the fight between Ly and the Bandit Boss, which Ian had expected to be over soon, was

taking quite some time.

As an archer with a bow, the Bandit Boss had higher Speed.

After the first two attacks, the Boss started avoiding Ly's attacks.

Soon, Ly was hit.

- Your pet Ly received damage from the Bandit Boss.

- Your pet Ly's Health decreased by 5956.

Ian was startled at seeing the message.

'Ly wasn't even hit by an arrow. He was injured just by a close attack and he received 6000


Ian had expected Ly to receive a bigger damage because its Defense Force had been decreased by

Frenzy, but this was much more dangerous.

'I guess the wide-range enhancing skill the Boss used has something to do with Attack Force.'

Ian urgently commanded Big Guy, "Throw me over there!"

Big Guy flinched at the strange order.


However, as Ian urged it, Big Guy stretched out its hand. Ian got on it, next, Big Guy threw Ian with all

its might.

'I must kill him first!'

Ian kept firing arrows in the air.

The Bandit Boss was fighting Ly, so he didn't care about Ian's arrows.

Even though his arrows hit the target, Ian then fell on the ground. He had received some damage.

- You received 2353 damages by falling from a high place.

However, Ian didn't panic. He rolled on the ground and quickly took out his knuckles.

'I wish the Linking effect was activated!'

Ian used Lightning Spheres and immediately lunged at the Bandit Boss.

If he dragged the time, the bandits nearby would come at him and he would be in a trouble.

After a fierce fight between the three, the Linking ability was finally activated.

- Ancient Summoner's Steel Knuckles activates Linking.

- You borrow the Abyss Hole skill from your pet Big Guy.

A huge wave started to spread from Ian's hand.

The Bandit Boss and all the other bandits who came to help him were sucked into the wave.

It was the perfect timing.


The Bandit Boss was now stuck. Ly lunged at him like a flash and bit his neck.


That was the end of this dangerous battle.


- You killed the Forcal Bandit Boss. You gained 18500 EP.

The boss monster gave him massive EP.

Ian wanted to enjoy the moment, but he didn't have time to waste.

Ian and Ly had received big damages from the Bandit Boss and had little Health left.

Ian quickly went to the Boss's grey body and took the items.

- You have obtained 5914 Gold from the Hero monster Forcal Bandit Boss.

- You have obtained the item [Fighting Spirit of the Forcal Bandit].

Fighting Spirit of the Forcal Bandit was an accessory piece of the Forcal set. It was a rarely dropped


It wouldn't be of much use to Ian, but he would be able to sell it to a Knight or a Warrior at a high


'Now, all I have to do is to get out of here alive!'

Ian got a reward that he didn't expect. He then tried to think of a way to escape.

It would be a foolish thing to fight the remaining bandits with the little Health he had.

"Ly, run toward Big Guy!"

Ian gave an order and Ly started to run to Big Guy. Ian, instead, ran in the opposite direction.

'Now, they must follow me!'

As he expected, the bandit AIs started to come after the user.

The distance between Ly and Ian was getting bigger and bigger.

A while later, Ian concluded that it was far enough. Then, he used the skill he had had in mind.

"Twisting Space!"

Because of Twisting Space, Ly and Ian changed places.

However, Ian didn't use the skill to sacrifice Ly.

He yelled again, "Ly, Big Guy, dismiss!"

Ly and Big Guy, who were surrounded by the enemy, could easily get out of there. They then

simultaneously disappeared in a white light.

Ian also dismissed Bukbuk on his back. He started to run with his light body.

'I feel lighter thanks to Clofia.'

Ian was possessed by Clofia that had a Speed higher than 1000, so he was very fast.

He had dismissed all his main pets, so he would not be able to hunt for 30 minutes.

'I haven't reached Lv. 70… but I have gained a lot, so…'

Ian headed toward the village.

He was planning to meet Harin, get his pets' food from her and come back to the Forcal Mountains.

Ian arrived at the village and sent a message to Harin.

- Ian: Harin, what are you doing now?

Harin was logged in. Therefore, she replied instantly.

- Harin: Oh, I am in Muran with Kawin now.

- Ian: With Kawin? What are you doing in Muran?

- Harin: Oh, I have joined the Lotus Guild. So, Kawin and I are preparing to go to our base on the

North Continent. I have to buy some ingredients first, so I am at the auction house now.

Ian was slightly surprised at hearing this.

'Hmm, with Harin's speed in gaining levels… she must not have reached Lv. 60 yet, then how has she

joined the guild? Is it because she is Kawin's friend?'

Ian was a little confused.

Herss didn't exactly accept new guild members easily just because they knew old guild members.

Herss had accepted Ian only after he reached a certain level even though they were best friends.

However, Ian soon realized why.

'Ah! it must be because of the base. With the base, we need many users who have a high craftsman

skill level!' Ian nodded.

Counting only craftsman skills, it would be hard to find another user as talented as Harin.


Ian sent a message again.

- Ian: Wow, that's great, Harin! I have been so busy with hunting that I didn't even know that you

joined our guild.

- Harin: It's great, isn't it? Herss said he would help me gaining levels. I will be able to focus on raising

the Cooking skill's Proficiency!

It probably meant Herss would let her join the guild's party.

'Herss thought well. Adding Harin to the party won't slow down the other member's from gaining


In a way, Harin wasn't just getting help. If she bought enough ingredient and kept cooking dishes, she

could become a decent helper.

And, in the long term, the guild would benefit a lot from raising Harin's level.

Harin was good at Cooking skill. So, if the guild helped her to minimize the time she had to spend on

hunting, which she neither liked nor was good at, she would be able to raise the Cooking's Proficiency

much faster than now.

Ian nodded and got to his point.

- Ian: But Harin, could you meet me before going to the North?

- Harin: Meet you?

Ian quickly added lest Harin would misunderstand.

- Ian: Yes. It's just that I am out of meatballs. I still have some food for me, but I need more meatballs.

A while later, Harin replied, she seemed surprised.

- Harin: Wow… I thought I made you a lot of meatballs… Ly must like them very much. I thought you

would run out of your food first.

Ian smiled at reading this.

He thought of Bukbuk.

- Ian: Oh, you see, I have gotten a new pet. He really loves your meatballs.

Harin was glad to hear that there was a pet who liked her meatballs.

- Harin: Oh, really? I wonder what he is. I must come and see your new pet.

- Ian: Thank you, Harin. Just finish your business at the auction house then I will go to Muran.

- Harin: Okay. See you soon.

Ian moved to Muran by using a Returning Magic Scroll. He went straight to the auction house.

He soon found Harin and Kawin.

"Oh, look who's here. Ian!"

Kawin saw him first and ran to him.

"It's been a while. How have you been?"

Harin, who had been buying ingredients, came and said hello, "Wow, it's been a long time since I saw

you in Kailan. I should have gone to watch the Rookies' League, but I couldn't log in because of the

vacation assignment."

"No, no Harin. You were right at not coming. I would have not been able to take care of you even if

you came to see me."

"Anyway, congratulations, Ian."

That reminded Ian of the finals. He became a little sad, "Thank you."

Harin saw his sadness and added with a smile, "Second place is great as well. Don't feel so bad

about it."

However, Ian couldn't hide his sadness as he replied, "Umm… I guess so?"

But then, Kawin, who had been listening, became surprised and asked, "Huh? Long time since I saw

you in Kailan? Have you met in real life?"

Harin answered, "Yes. I had to go to our university, so I was able to meet him."

Kawin looked jealous, "What?! But I haven't met Harin yet! And he met you first?!"

Harin smiled, "Ian and I attend the same university."


"Then come to Seoul. Come to Korea University and I will buy you lunch!"

"Harin, I am a high school student. I don't have the money to go to Seoul!"

Ian scolded him this time, "Hey, stop whining and tell me about the guild. Has everyone gained some


Kawin became a little embarrassed and scratched the back of his head, "Um, everyone is over Lv. 95

now. I think Piolan is beyond Lv. 100."

Ian nodded, he had expected that much.

'Now, the top ranked players must be over Lv. 120… I must work harder!'


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