Taming Master | Chapter 67 | The Scorching Land | Part 3

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Chapter 67 - The Scorching Land - Part 3


'I must disable the tail first.'

The Scorpions' Lethal Poison would come out of their tails.

However, if it was attacked and damaged, it would no longer be able to produce the poison.

Knowing this, the Scorpions were easy to handle.

"Ly, you will get yourself poisoned if you go in first, stand back for now."


"When they've been slowed down by Big Guy, start attacking the tail. Okay?"

Ly was fast enough to not get hurt by the poison, but one single mistake could lead to a huge

problem. Therefore, Ian made sure that Ly paid attention to his order.

Growl- Growl!

Ly nodded as Ian drew his bow.

The Scorpions were already near Big Guy.

Next, Ian gave the order, "Big Guy, Abyss Hole!"

The usual earthquake wave started to spread from Big Guy's arms.

Kung- Kung-!


The Scorpions started to get sucked into the Abyss Hole. Ian then used the Lightning Sphere and let



Zip-! Zap-!

Ian hit four out of the five Scorpions with one arrow of Lightning Spheres, two of them were instantly


This was only possible when they were close because of the Abyss Hole.

- Scorpion is on Paralyzed mode.

- Scorpion slows down by 30%. It receives 50% additional damage to Lightning type attacks.

- Lightning Spheres skill's cooldown time has been reset.

Ian kept firing his arrows.

The Aiming Weak Spot skill had been activated and Ly quickly lunged toward the enemies.

"Ly, the one on the left! It's alone!"

Ly started to move as it heard Ian's order. The Scorpion couldn't move well because of the Slowdown

effect of the Abyss Hole, therefore, it couldn't avoid Ly's sharp teeth.

- Your pet Ly attacked the Scorpion's tail and inflicted critical damage.

- Ly inflicted 3007 damages to the Scorpion.

- The Scorpion's tail has been disabled.

Seeing Ly disabling the tail with just one attack, Ian was satisfied.

'When I fought as an Archer, I had to work really hard to hit that tail…'

Ian thought one of the advantages of the Summoner was combining the pet's skills to your own

tastes, in order to get the maximum efficiency.

By using this advantage, he believed that he could make up for any deficiency that he had.

"Lightning Spheres!"

The arrow left Ian's bow, it then went between the Scorpions and hit the one in the middle.

The multiplied Lightning Spheres hit the remaining Scorpions. They only disappeared after inflicting

damages for some time.

Ian was now a master of Lightning Spheres.

While he kept firing arrows, he gave detailed commands to Big Guy and Ly, "Big Guy, get back so that

you won't be stung by the tail. Ly, that Scorpion at the front has not been Paralyzed, attack it first!"

Ian was really great at multi-tasking.

Controlling everything was one of the disadvantages that many Summoners struggled with.

It required more effort compared to the other classes that only needed to control a single character.

Therefore, Summoners would often die because they didn't have the time to care about their own


However, Ian didn't find this hard, instead, he enjoyed the experience.

Ian quickly killed the five Scorpions, "Now that I've summoned Big Guy, I should hunt all the monsters

I see on the way."

He finished organizing and started to move again.

About three hours later...

Ian arrived at the underground dungeon of the Scorching Land.

'Hu! it is even hotter down here. I guess it's because of those Lava Spawns.'

Ian had come to the dungeon to capture the Lava Witch, however, the Lava Spawn was the main

monster that inhabited most parts of the dungeon.

Ian arrived at the underground dungeon and checked the Lava Spawns' levels first.

'Lv. 71… Lv. 73… It won't be that hard.'

As he had remembered, Lava Spawns were at about Lv. 72.

'I still have to be careful. They can be dangerous enough when they are in packs of 10 or more.'

A single Lava Spawn was easier to handle compared to a Forcal Bandit.

The Lava Spawn's basic attack, spewing lava, was a powerful ability. However, its Health was quite

small. So, if Ian attacked intensely without giving it the time to multiply, it would quickly die.

However, things would be different if there were many of them.

If the others multiplied while one or two died, no one would be able to tell how many they would


Ian didn't have any powerful wide-range magic, so he needed to avoid that situation as much as


If dozens of Lava Spawns spewed lava at once, even Big Guy wouldn't be able to hold for long.

'They mostly move in two or three.'

Ian carefully studied the early part of the dungeon and made a plan, 'I must get down to the lowest

floor. The lower I go, the more frequently rare monsters will appear.'

Ian was on the highest floor of the dungeon and there wasn't even a single Lava Witch there.

He would only be able to meet one if he went down.

Also, as Big Guy had evolved into Unique rank, he got greedier.

'There might be Unique or higher rank monsters, not just the Rare rank Lava Witch…'

The New Monsters page in the community only had information about the Lava Witch, however, this

didn't mean that there weren't any other new monsters.

Ian got excited and started to move, "Big Guy, be careful. If you drag too much attention, all those

Lava Spawns might pounce at us simultaneously."


Big Guy nodded slightly.

Slowly, Ian moved forward while Ly was in front of him.

As long as there were less than five, Ian would ambush them and kill them quickly without Big Guy's


Ian got near the Lava Spawns and quietly spoke to Ly, "Get ready. When I fire, you kill the one that

was hit first."

Growl- Growl-

Ian gave this order and activated the enhancing skills.

Then, he slowly drew his bow, "Lightning Spheres!"

Lightning formed at the arrowhead. Ian's carefully aimed arrow left the bow and flew.


Ian's arrow pierced the Lava Spawn's heart.


Ian quickly used the Exploding Potential skill on Ly.

"Exploding Potential!"

Ly's stats were increased by this.

- You used the Exploding Potential skill on your pet Ly.

- Ly's stats rise proportionally to Ly's Potential.

- Ly's stats increase by 98% for 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Because Ian's Training Skill had reached Advanced skill, Ly's Potential had almost reached 100.

'I should raise Big Guy's Potential when Ly's reaches 100.'

Big Guy had spent all of its Potential on evolving, so using the Exploding Potential skill on it would be

of no use.

That was why Ian had kept using Exploding Potential on Ly although Big Guy had much higher stats.

Feeling happy, Ian reused the Lightning Spheres skill again.

Ping- Ping-

Ian continued to fire arrows. Ly now had a massive attack power thanks to Exploding Potential, it was

able to kill two out of the three Lava Spawns in no time.

Soon, the last one got hit by Ian's arrow. It then turned grey and disappeared.

Ian checked the time left on Exploding Potential, '58 seconds left. That's enough to hunt one more


Ian finished thinking and immediately fired his arrows.

Taking that as a signal, Ly also pounced at the next pack of Lava Spawns right away.

Growl- Kaaang-!

This time, Ian focused more on hitting the targets than on hitting them with Lightning Spheres.

He needed to decrease the Exploding Potential's cooldown time to use it on Ly again.

Just like that, Ian quickly killed Lava Spawns. He then started to go deeper and deeper into the


Even though every floor of the underground dungeon wasn't big, there were a lot of them.

Ian started to see a few Lava Witches at the 3 rd underground level, but he still decided to go down


When he arrived at the 5 th underground level, Ian realized that something was strange.

'Huh? Why are their color different?'

The colors of the lava in the Lava Spawns and the Lava Witches' fire was slightly different.

Ian opened their information window. They had a (Polluted) in front of their names.

'What? Polluted?'

As a gamer who had mastered many games, Ian felt something, 'I think there is a quest here…'

From the subtle difference, Ian could tell that there was a quest.

Ian got more interested in the dungeon. Therefore, he kept hunting monsters while going down.

'Were there 10 levels in total?'

Ian had never been below the 5 th underground floor even before resetting his character, so his

memory was quite hazy. However, as he had sensed a quest, he decided to go down to the bottom.

Quite a number of Lava Witches appeared after the 7 th level, however, Ian continued to hunt them as

he moved down.

He was going to postpone capturing the Lava Witch until he checked the bottom of the dungeon.

'As I go down, there are more and more polluted monsters!'

Ian was sure that he was onto something.

He kept going down and finally arrived at the 10 th underground level. He was a little surprised, 'What?

This isn't the end?'

Ian believed that the 10 th floor was the lowest floor, but as he was searching the place for clues about

the quest, he found an entrance that led downstairs.

Ian went in and checked the name of the new place. His eyes sparkled.

'The Source of Lava?! I've never heard of this! Is it a new place that was added with the update?'

Even if it was a new place, it was probably not found first by Ian.

A lot of time had passed since the update.

'However, I haven't read about it at the community… so it must not be well known…'

The Source of Lava was a little wider compared to the higher floors.

Ian killed every monster he spotted. He then slowly moved toward the middle of the place through the

maze-like paths.

About 20 minutes later...

Ian saw something magnificent.


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