Taming Master | Chapter 68 | The Scorching Land | Part 4

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Chapter 68 - The Scorching Land - Part 4


'What-what?! What should I call this? Lava waterfall?'

A giant waterfall made of lava was flowing down in front of Ian.

It was a grand landscape, just like the Niagara.

'Uh… but the heat is so intense. It is getting hard to breathe!'

The dungeon was hot as Ian was right in front of the waterfall made of lava, so it was only natural that

he couldn't breathe well.

Ian was thinking like that when suddenly system messages appeared.


- You found the Falls of Heat and Flame, the Source of Lava, for the first time.

- Your affinity for Fire element increases by 5%.

- Your resistance toward Fire element increases +10.

- From now on, your Friendship with Fire monsters will never drop below 30.

'What?! I have never heard of something like this…'

While he was surprised, he also felt good.

'The first… even if this place was added with the update, there must have been some users who

came here first… hmm…'

However, that wasn't the end…

Suddenly, one side of the waterfall started to move and form a shape!


Ian stared at that. The lava started to change into something that moved toward Ian.

'What-what's this? Should I run away?'

The lava monster was huge, Ian was overwhelmed by its presence.

He thought about running away but he didn't move.

It was partly because he was curious about what would happen, but more because he knew he would

soon be get caught even if he ran.

The creature came near Ian and opened its mouth slowly.

- Ooh! Finally, a Summoner who is worthy of entering the Source of Lava!

Ian had feared that it might attack him, but he sighed in relief at hearing this.

'Just as I thought, a quest.'

One of his questions was also answered, 'Oh! it's a hidden place that only Summoners can enter!'

Ian could now understand why he was the one to find the Source of Lava first.

There was probably no Summoner who had a higher level than Ian's.

The lava monster had completely taken form. It was floating in the air and had a large scythe. It

looked a lot like a grim reaper.

'It looks a bit like a ghost… and a demon…'

Excited, Ian spoke to the NPC, he had met so many NPCs that talking to them no longer felt


"Um… is this the Source of Lava?"

The huge lava NPC answered.

- I am Hellyan, the guardian of lava, and this is the Source of Lava.

He continued to talk.

- What is your name?

"I am Ian."

- I see…

He took some time and slowly spoke.

- Ian, are you willing to solve the problem of this Source of Lava?

It was clearly an unknown hidden quest and Ian had no reason to refuse.

'Who knows what kind of quest it is?' Ian immediately replied, "Yes, Hellyan. I would like to help if I


Ian spoke politely at which Hellyan nodded with satisfaction.

- Thank you. Then, listen to my story first.

Hellyan started to tell the story behind the quest.

He talked for about 5 minutes but, to sum it all up, he wanted Ian to help him purify the polluted

Source of Lava.

When Hellyan finished, Ian asked, "Then Hellyan, what should I do to purify the Source of Lava?"

Instead of replying, Hellyan blew his breath.

Ian was surprised at that great heat.

'Oh! I thought he was using flamethrower or something.'

Ian sweated while Hellyan spoke again.

- First, I need to test you.

"Tell me what to do."

- Take this Binding Stone and capture more than 20 polluted lava monsters.

In the place where Hellyan had blown his breath, there was a fist-sized stone that glowed in red. It

was floating in the air.

Hellyan raised his hand and the red stone started moving toward Ian.

- The more you capture in time, the better. Can you do it?

As soon as Hellyan finished talking, a quest window appeared.


[Purifying the Polluted Source of Lava]

Hellyan, the guardian of lava, has asked you to capture at least 20 polluted lava monsters to purify the

Source of Lava.

Take the Binding Stone of Lava from him, capture as many lava monsters as you can and return.

(The Binding Stone of Lava can be used in the same way with the Scroll of Binding. Multiple polluted

monsters can be sealed in one Stone.)

Quest Difficulty Level: B

Quest Limit: Summoner of Lv. 50 or higher.

Time Limit: 3 hours

Reward: 42500 EP per one captured polluted monster.

Ian's eyes widened.

'42500 EP per one monster?'

Unlike the EP earned by hunting, EP earned through a quest wasn't divided.

Ian and all his pets would each get 42500 EP.

To get 42500 EP, Ian had to hunt about a dozen monsters in the dungeon.

Ian thought about the time he captured Clofia, a Rare rank monster of a similar level.

'It took me about 15 minutes to capture one Clofia… and that was a Rare rank monster, so capturing

Regular rank Lava Spawns would take even less time…'

With the Exploding Potential skill's cooldown time, Ian would have to spend at least 20 minutes to kill

a dozen Lava Spawns.

Ian thought quickly, 'I can capture at least 3 Lava Spawns in 20 minutes.'

Even capturing 3 of them would provide Ian the same EP he would get for killing about 40 of them.

For a hidden quest, the reward was quite ordinary. However, the huge EP was far sweeter than

anything else for Ian.

"I will capture as many as I can!"

As Ian answered confidently, Hellyan started to look doubtful.

- Let me explain it again, you have to capture 20 of them in total in three hours. It won't be easy…

Capturing a monster whose level was 3~5 higher took more than 10 minutes to an ordinary


So, capturing 20 in three hours was almost impossible.

However, Ian's Friendship stat was at least 1.5 times higher than ordinary Summoners.

The Taming Master hidden class would give more Friendship stat than ordinary Summoners and Ian

received more Friendship stat point as the First Finder reward.

Ian finished calculating and nodded confidently, "I can do it. Don't worry."

- Good. Then I will trust you this time.

A system message was announced.


- You have accepted the quest.

- Time left: 02:59:59

Ian hurried to get the Binding Stone.

Ian had to capture as many monsters he could, so every second counted.

"Then, I will be back!"

Ian left in hurry without waiting for a reply. Hellyan started muttering.

- I don't think I can count on him….

Ian returned to Hellyan exactly when there two minutes left.

Ian was breathing heavily as he ran toward Hellyan. Then, the monster asked.

- Have you captured more than 20 monsters?

"Pant… pant…" Ian caught his breath before answering, "Yes, Hellyan. I have captured 31 of them in


Ian took out the Binding Stone from his inventory and handed it to Hellyan, the monster's eyes


-Oh… oh! There really are 31 monsters sealed in it!

Hellyan couldn't believe it.

Three hours wasn't enough time to capture 20 of them, much less 31.

"Haha! I told you I can do it."

Ian was happy as Hellyan admitted the truth.

- It is truly remarkable. I misjudged you, I must apologize.

A system message came up.


- You have finished the quest.

- You have captured 31 polluted lava monsters.

- You gained 1317500 EP.

Ian stupidly grinned at seeing the 1,300,000 EP.

That much EP required at least half a day's restless hunting.

He looked at his EP bar. Now he had only 10% to go to Lv. 71.

'Good, good.'

Ian was proud of himself. Hellyan then spoke again.

- Well done, Ian.

"Thank you, Hellyan. Is there anything more I can do?"

Ian got excited as he asked Hellyan. He felt like he could do a dozen more quests this easy and


Hellyan spoke.

- Of course, there is.

With Hellyan's answer, a related quest was started immediately.

Ian didn't realize yet that it was the beginning of a fiery hell.

The imperial castle of the Luspell Empire.

Emperor Salias, the owner of the Empire, was talking to a man seriously.

The man's name was Hellaim, the captain of the Imperial Guard.

"Hellaim, haven't you heard from that pioneer of Summoning?"

Hellaim knelt and answered, "Yes, Your Majesty. Shall I find him and bring him here?"

Salias shook his head, "No. The great scholars of my court couldn't find the way for more than half a

year. It has been only a month. I am not expecting him to find the answer so quickly."

Salias was a generous emperor.

However, if he found out that Ian didn't even care about the empire quest and was focusing on

gaining levels, he would be enraged.

"Your Majesty, maybe you are putting too much faith on this man…"

Salias smiled at hearing this. He sipped from his teacup as he spoke again, "How much time do we

have left until the National Foundation Day, Hellaim?"

"About four months, Your Majesty."

"I see. Four months…"

Salias thought about something for a while then spoke again, "I would like to see the Griffin's egg

hatch before that day. If the Griffin, the symbol of this empire, appears at the event of the National

Foundation Day, my dignity will certainly rise."

Salias imagined the Griffin guarding the imperial castle in the air. He was satisfied, "What do you

think, Hellaim? Will it happen?"

Hellaim bowed, "Of course, Your Majesty."

Salias stared at Hellaim and added, "Find him if he doesn't report in two months."


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