Taming Master | Chapter 73 | The Magic Tower of Dimensions | Part 1

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Chapter 73 - The Magic Tower of Dimensions - Part 1


'I've never been here before.'

Ian hadn't been to the Magic Tower of Dimensions even before he reset his character.

No one had any business for them to come here, except for Teleporters, a hidden class of the

Sorcerer, who needed to get the class quests. Few people knew about the place before Ian reset his


'It is a desolate place. Well, only a few users have reasons to come here.'

Ian entered through the entrance of the Tower.

Then, he saw a mysterious place where a pitch-black light swayed.

"Is it a portal?" Ian stepped in.

Next, a system message came up.

- Do you want to ascend to the higher parts of the Magic Tower?


Ian was then sucked into somewhere.


With a strange sound, he arrived at the upper floor.

He could see another portal just like the one he had used simmering on the other side of the floor.

'Am I supposed to use that to go up?' Ian was about to move, but then...

The space right in front of him was distorted and a white light came out.

Ian flinched at the unexpected situation, "What?"

Then, he saw monsters that he knew very well, 'What is going on? Why are there trolls in here?'

A blue wall appeared behind the monsters and seeing that, Ian finally realized what was going on.

'That seems to be a barrier… should I kill all the monsters to go up at each floor?'

Once he found out what he was meant to do, Ian summoned all his pets.

Chirpy, who was summoned last, flew around Ian aimlessly, as usual.

'Uh… he is so noisy. Anyway, how many times do I have to use Lightning Spheres to make him


Ian had been using Lightning Spheres until he became Lv. 93, but Chirpy hadn't evolved even once


Now that he thought about it, Ian checked Chirpy's information.

- Chirpy: Spirit Power 975/1000

It appeared that Chirpy's Spirit Power would soon reach the Max.

However, Ian shook his head

'It had reached 950 ages ago and it's still 975…'

When he first got Chirpy, Spirit Power rose easily when using Lightning Spheres.

So, Ian had thought Chirpy would evolve soon but, as Spirit Power rose, it became very slow to


'Nevertheless, 25 won't take that long to get.'

Ian closed Chirpy's information window and ordered Rake and Ly, "Let's kill them quickly and go!"


Ly got ready to fight immediately, but Rake wasn't so enthusiastic.

It acted as if the trolls were so trivial.

That was true, as Rake was a Lv. 95 Hero rank monster, the trolls were just too weak for Rake.

The trolls were only Lv. 55~60.

Additionally, they were Regular rank monsters.

However, Ian didn't like Rake's attitude, "Hey, stop being arrogant and get them. If you don't work

hard, I will send you back to Hellyan!"

By chance, Ian had found out that Rake hated the heat, even though it was a Fire type monster.

As a result, Ian's threat of sending it back to the hot Source of Lava worked very well.

Of course, it didn't work as good as the meatball threat Ian used on Bukbuk.


At least, Ian's threat did the trick. Rake immediately pounced at the trolls.

It didn't even want to think about the hot Scorching Land.

At the same time, Ly lunged forward as well.

Rake used its Unique Ability, Breath of Lava, and the trolls turned grey immediately and disappeared.

They were so weak that Big Guy didn't have to fight.

When the trolls were all gone, the blue barrier disappeared as Ian had expected.

Ian smiled with satisfaction and moved, "Well, shall I go up?"

It only took about 30 minutes for Ian to reach the 14 th floor, the top floor of the Magic Tower.

The monsters got stronger at each level, so he had to fight Lv. 90 monsters to reach the top floor, but

that wasn't hard.

'It was easy because I have raised my level so much. If I had come right away, I would have suffered

a lot.'

When he received the quest, Ian's level was lower than 50.

It was a B rank quest, so he couldn't have come straight away. However, if it wasn't for the bet where

he was forced to hunt, Ian would have probably come when he reached Lv. 70.

'Now, can I meet that Mage of Dimensions?'

As he had expected, Griffer, the Mage of Dimensions, was in the laboratory on the top floor.

Ian went to Griffer. He was sitting in a corner focused on his research. He saw Ian and got up to

welcome him.

"Oho! I haven't had any visitor for a while. You were able to come up here, you must be a powerful


He appeared to be quite friendly. Ian muttered quietly, 'That's surprising. His look doesn't match his


With that, Ian saw a message.

- You finished the Trace of the Forgotten Ancient Monster quest.

- You gained 567500 EP.

That was not much EP, but Ian felt like he had gotten that for free, so he was still glad.

Then, he told Griffer why he had come, "Nice to meet you, Griffer. I am the Tamer Ian. Orkley the

Dragon Tamer asked me to come here."

Griffer's eyes widened a little, "Orkley? You mean the legendary Dragon Tamer Orkley?"

Ian nodded, "Yes."

"Haha! I thought I would never hear his name again."

"Do you know him well?"

"I cannot say I know him well, but I do admire him." Griffer took Ian's hand, "Come here. Let's sit and


The two sat in Griffer's laboratory and started to talk.

Ian was an interesting entity just because he had been sent by Orkley, so they talked smoothly.

Ian tried hard to remember everything Griffer said.

'He is capable enough to be called the Mage of Dimensions'

Griffer could open the door of dimension to any space and time.

Of course, even that ability had limits.

It required special objects from the time and space.

"So, to awaken this Spirit Stone, you must finish the research you're doing?"

Ian got the point while Griffer nodded, "Exactly."

As Ian took out the Stone of Spirit again, he was again excited about the God Dragon.

Ian was encouraged by it, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Griffer smiled and nodded, "Of course. That is why I have been explaining everything to you."

"I see."

"I assume you will do a favor for me?"

With that, a quest window appeared in front of Ian.

[Ancient Relic]

Griffer, the Mage of Dimensions, said he needed to activate the magic machine he had been working

on in order to awake the Spirit Stone of the God Dragon.

A few ingredients are necessary to activate the machine, Griffer wants you to get them for him.

Go through Griffer's door of dimension and get the pieces of the Ancient Relic he wants.

There are six pieces in total and you have to get one of each.

Quest Difficulty Level: A

Quest Limit: Unable to form a party during the quest.

Time Limit: 3 days

Reward: Unknown

You cannot refuse the quest.

The quest limit of 'you cannot refuse the quest' option was the same with Orkley's quest, probably it

was the next part of the quest.

Ian felt a little nervous, 'I am not going to give up anyway, but the you-cannot-refuse-it option makes

me feel nervous.'

The quest's difficulty level had also risen to A.

That wasn't impossibly hard, but not easy enough to be underestimated.

Ian scratched the back of his head, "Well, okay. So, I should gather the pieces of the relic and bring it

to you, right?"

Griffer nodded, "Yes."

Impatiently, Ian stood up, "I will go right now. Where should I go."

Griffer laughed and stood up as well, "Wait for a second. You don't even know how the relics look


Ian almost said that the game's system would let him know so it didn't really matter, but he barely

managed to restrain himself.

"You… are right."

Griffer went to the storage of his laboratory and came back with a thing that looked like a magnifying


"Take this."

"What is this?"

"It's a tool used to distinguish relics. You have to get each of the six different relics, however, they are

almost identical. You would not be able to distinguish them without this."

Ian put the tool in and answered, "I see."

Griffer spoke again, "The portal I am going to open will probably take you to the underground dungeon

of the Ancient Arnobil Empire. You should go there and kill the Souls of Grave Robbers."

"The Souls of Grave Robbers must have the relic pieces." Ian said.

Griffer nodded, "Yes. Observe the relic pieces you get from them with the tool I gave you, collect the

six different relics and return through the portal."

Ian nodded, it was a simple labor quest. Nothing hard.


Ian was about to enter the portal when Griffer added, "Ah! this portal will close after three days, so

return before that. Three days should be enough."

Ian didn't know if that was enough time before doing the quest but, as there was a time limit, he had

to move as fast he could.

"I will. Don't worry." Ian replied simply and stepped into the portal without hesitating.


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